Israeli Nazionist regime doomed as fuhrer Bush negotiates surrender – Benjamin Fulford’s 11/10/15 Report

NOTE BY NANCY: Although we will celebrate once the chaos of the tremendous shift now taking place on our planet is over, we will need to remember that Universal Law is: LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. To respond to revelations of the truth regarding the Matrix of Lies, in which we have lived for generations, by seeking revenge in any number of ways will attract more chaos. Instead, we can be joyful that we are free while being kind to those who have imprisoned us. Dr. Kathryn May allowed one, who had been a member of the underground, trained since age 2 to work for the dark cabal, to tell his story on one of her recent Channel Panel Radio Shows: Listening to this show will allow you to gain an understanding of the life experiences of those who have a part of the cabal … to walk in their shoes for a moment and acquire some empathy for those who have been forced to live a life without knowledge of the Way of Love or Kindness.

I am posting a portion of Benjamin Fulford 11/10/15 (Fulford lives in Japan where it is 11/10/15) to give you a preview of the kind of truths that about to emerge into the Light of Truth. As a way to prepare: Think in terms of “How would I behave if I had enslaved away from all contact with love, kindness, consideration, helpfulness since very early childhood?”

Let us respond from the heart, with empathy and kindness. Dr. May’s radio show reveals an example of LOVE BEING THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE COSMOS!


Israeli Nazionist regime doomed as fuhrer Bush negotiates surrender

benjamin_fulford_4Posted by benjamin

November 10, 2015

“George Bush Sr. and his Nazionist faction are negotiating surrender, according to CIA sources. The Nazionist regime of Benyamin Netanyahu is also doomed, as are their Saudi proxies.

The storm of information poured out by the Internet, the new Guttenberg Press, has made a critical mass of people aware of the enormous crimes of George Bush Sr. and his Nazionist cohorts. The result is that, at age 91, Bush, who said he was retired and no longer talking to the press, felt obliged to put out a new auto-biography where he tried to throw henchmen like former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and former Vice-President Dick Cheney under the bus, essentially trying to blame them for the excesses of the George Bush Jr. regime.



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