I am posting this description of The Event because it can be helpful to at least have some idea as to what The Event is and how to prepare for it. I am not saying ANYTHING but that this article will give you some idea about the coming events/EVENT. No one knows the date of the Event. I have been researching and writing in this area for 20 years. During that time attempts have been made to bring about major changes–which will characterize the Event–to no avail. 9/11–to prevent the announcement of NESARA that very morning–is one example.
What I know is that I am feeling a sense of anticipation that something BIG is about to take place. I am seeing people being brought together by Spirit, seemingly just in time to play their roles together. Divine Order is unfolding in marvelous ways! I am also aware of people whom I have known personally, as we worked together on one project or another regarding this area, appear to be inwardly activated to “get ready.”
It is for this reason that I post this article. You will see that some of it dates back several years. Thousands, perhaps millions, have been working for more than 2-3 decades to help bring about The Event, so from that point of view, the majority of the information continues to be basically valid.
It is time to educate yourself! Moving into a rapidly changing future with no idea as to what is happening would be stress that can, instead, be alleviated by having a basic concept of The Event.
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