THE POWER OF MUSIC Dr. Kay Johnson-Gentile


Kay Johnson-GentileDr. Kay Johnson-Gentile

  “I was always an extremely sensitive child, terribly upset by dissension and any form of anger.  Playing piano and listening to music was a godsend for me. I would later come to understand that music is an emotional medium, and as such, speaks to our emotions. But it not only speaks to them, the music can help create how we feel, without us even knowing it.

When I began taking piano lessons from Miss Emelie Goetze back in 1953, I had no idea the effect this woman and her philosophy would have on me. She would not only introduce me to the classical composers, but make their music come alive in magical ways. I would even begin to see the connection between music and our emotions. Much later in my life, while recovering from breast cancer, I would use music to help me get out of a severe depression.  Music would be THE key to my mental and emotional recovery.”


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