I am re-posting this blog in September 2015 because the awakening–or ascension process–has steadily increased since 2012.  At the time, many were disappointed because we expected to wake up on 12/21/12 and find a New World.  What we did not realize at the time, or maybe even now, is that our world did change, just not in the obvious ways we expected.

From our perspective in 2015, we can look back and recognize the myriad ways in which Earth Humans have awakened in conscious awareness.  Increasingly, we have awakened to the many lies we have been told and have begun to re-build our worldview around the Truth as we have learned it.

The Christian religion has been an instrument by which many Earth Humans have been controlled, even mind-controlled.  We are now at the point in our planetary awakening when we are recognizing that certain truths have been withheld from us.  For example:  that eternal life means No beginning, No ending; therefore, our Souls naturally re-incarnate thousands of times in a variety of places and nationalities, while changing genders in order to develop both feminine and masculine qualities that move us into the state of Androgyny (meaning qualities, not physical characteristics–qualities expressing both the feminine ability to nurture as well as the masculine ability to be self-assertive).  This movement toward androgyny can be seen on the global scale in the fact that Earth Humans are moving toward solving planetary problems through diplomacy rather than violence.  The fact of our ETERNAL SELF holds more meaning for many in 2015 than it did in 2012.

My Bridging the Gap Ministries has been oriented toward building a bridge between traditional Christianity and the awakened Eternal Self.  It is for this reason that I re-post this blog–to allow the Christian to evaluate him/herself and the progress toward awakening that has been made.  We are to soon be confronted with learning even more of the lies we have been told.  Knowing the Eternal Self gives the Christian, and everyone, the security that religion sought to take away by teaching a vengeful God that created hell as a means of eternal punishment..

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