I love this depiction of the unicorn and angel. The unicorn is the soul-centered symbol for Capricorn. “A CAPRICORN incarnation is one of initiation—the “gateway through which the Accepted Disciple, having walked the Path of life through nine tests (or zodiac signs), is now ready to culminate her journey and ascend to the Mountaintop.” (Alan Oken) ” An AQUARIUS INCARNATION is one in which he is to be the [Angel] “Waterbearer” to humanity…. the whole of humanity is operating with an Aquarian Ascendant” as we move into the NEW AGE, i.e. the next roughly 2000 yrs. period. AQUARIAN ASCENDANT “reveals the individual incarnated to assist in ushering in the New Aquarian Age…. We all incarnated to assist in ushering in the New Aquarian Age. AQUARIUS ASCENDANT answers to a higher vibration and law than the current binding concepts that create separation. AQUARIUS ASCENDANT incarnated to work toward the unification of all nations, all persons into the One Family of God. This work will be done in whatever occupation AQUARIUS ASCENDANT chooses.” (Alan Oken, Soul-Centered Astrology)

INTERPRETATION: All of humanity, consciously or unconsciously, has traveled the path of Initiation. All are operating with an Aquarian Ascendant, which reveals how our souls intended to find expression on our planet during this incarnation. “We all incarnated to assist in ushering in the New Aquarian Age.” (Oken) We are the Angel Waterbearer to Humanity riding the unicorn–the symbol for Christed Consciousness.


NOW, It is up to each of us to express this Christed Consciousness–the energy of Love For the entire Family of Mother/Father God!

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