Moscow’s 868th: Historic Reenactment and Concert on Red Square

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Today we celebrate the Day of Moscow. Watch live now: massive historic reenactment and concert on Red Square, marking Moscow’s official 868th birthday.

I have to mention that this date is counted from the so-called first official mention of Moscow in the Russian chronicles. However, the date isn’t accurate, as recognized by many historians. Moscow is much older and the reason no prior mentions are found is because history was diligently re-written and true records burned on more than one occasion. For this reason it’s so hard to prove the real age of Moscow, which may likely be thousands of years.

But even the known 868 years of history aren’t so bad. From the ancient times to Ivan and the Time of Troubles, to Peter the Great, Napoleon war and on to WWII and modern days – check out Moscow and Russia’s rich, turbulent and colorful history with the amazing…

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