Dr. Kathryn May’s Channel Panel Radio Show – September 2, 2015

Dr. Kathryn May’s Channel Panel Radio Show – September 2, 2015

Dr. Kathryn May

Kathryn and Christine share their journey of healing, which can be very valuable for all of you who need healing, I consider one of the most valuable lessons while listening to these shows to be learning just how the Company of Heaven works with all who ask for their assistance.

I consider this show to be a most valuable one!

Sananda also announced that the dark have signed contracts and will be giving up power. As a result, we will see many changes occurring as the eons of darkness come to an end on Planet Earth.

Mother God tells us “the story of how darkness began in the Multiverse, and how we are ending it now.”

“Prince Reginald and two of his top Generals offer their humble assistance, as they work to make up for the damage they caused in their earlier days in the dark Archon Alliance.”

It was “a historic program, with new information not before revealed, but necessary to our advancement toward Ascension.”



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