BEST TO BE PREPARED FOR THE UNKNOWN by having plenty of food, cash, gas, toilet paper, prescriptions filled … “better safe than sorry.”

According to those who speak with Insiders, it’s looking like it will take something BIG to wake people up. From all indications, many sleep on.

I found it very interesting to see that Martin’s Grocery in Richmond had gotten in 20 rolls packages of toilet paper last week and placed them on sale. I had never seen them carry such large amounts. Multitudes are saying September and October will hold a flood of change.

We cannot create the Golden Age without allowing the old ways to crumble, including the debt oriented financial system. WE NEED TO PREPARE AND REMAIN CALM … THINK & BE LOVE IN ALL THINGS! THE QUALITY OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS DETERMINES WHAT WE EXPERIENCE!

Skip to around 32 minutes on the show to begin the interview.

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