Paul Luftenegger

The more I listen to Paul’s Conscious Music, the more I hear the Council of Heaven speaking to me and to everyone!  August and September, 2015 are proclaimed as months of intense awakening and change.  I am including below a few excerpts from an article defining Conscious Music written by Heather of the The Conscious Music Movement.

Many very positive changes have an opportunity to take place between now and the end of September 2015, including the implementation of the NESARA LAW.

Listening to Paul’s music lifts the spirit into the heavenly realms and can be the stimulus needed to ensure humankind’s energy is positive, loving, and aware of our Mother/Father God’s love for each individual.  I have experimented listening to Paul’s music daily, then noticing the lyrics remain in my mind throughout the day.  The more positive and loving each of us feels in the midst of the energetic intensity, the more GOOD will manifest for our planet.  

We are at the brink of tremendous transformation–individual and planetary!  Paul’s music streams from heaven and I feel strongly that he is here on Earth at this time to act as a channel for the music of  the spheres.

Paul freely shares his music with the world.  You may listen to all his songs free on his Sound Cloud page:

***It seems songs or words by someone else are being attached to Paul’s music.   If this happens, you will soon notice the difference in music and know it is not Paul’s.***

Clicking on the picture to the left of each song takes you to his comments regarding the song.



What is Conscious Music?

“Music has the power to inspire and empower individuals, it can collectively help to create positive social change, unity and peace in the world… One song at a time, one voice at a time, one collective at a time….

Conscious Music is real, it’s human, it asks the listener to think, invites evolution and an opening of the spiritual heart. Conscious songs instill a positivity and deeper awareness that can be engaged with in our lives….

The awakening shift in the world is gaining momentum, and this shift is being mirrored in music….

Can you imagine if radio stations across the world played at least 50% positive music? Or 100% positive media, TV and radio? As more and more people engage with songs from the “conscious music movement” there will be a global decrease in people’s stress levels, anxiety, confusion, violence on each other and the planet… and there will be an increase in people’s general happiness, emotional and spiritual clarity, quality of life and well being.”


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