The New Earth Times – Issue #9 – July 28, 2015

New Earth TimesIssue #9 – July 28, 2015—Tuesday–July-28–2015—Edition–9.html?soid=1114135227078&aid=j_wdGEcQbZg

 You will find The New Earth Times very helpful as we travel the Pathway to Ascension. As you open your minds to being ONE with the Council of Heaven, you will thrill at the new adventures awaiting you. Life takes on much more meaning as we come to know absolutely that we are never alone! This issue talks about our High Self and Twin Flames. Sananda is speaking: “A Higher Self is the living memory of all you have been as well as the primary energy source for you here on Surface Earth.

It takes eons to build a Higher Self, and there is much a human body cannot carry into the lower dimensions. All of you are the expression, but not the fulness of your Higher Selves. This is why it is so helpful to be in conscious connection with this higher dimensional part of yourself, and to be in constant and intimate communication. Your Higher Self and your Twin Flame are your Guides, your Guardians, your conduit to the wisdom of the ages, and your direct connection to Mother and Father.

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