Rev. Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Many of you have joined Facebook or LinkedIn and we are technically friends. I want you to know why I seldom answer your messages.

I use facebook and LinkedIn more like blogs rather than for chatting or expanding a business circle, so I am actually working while on either network. When I say “working,” I don’t mean that I am working for pay or that I have a boss supervising me. I do not.

My Bridging the Gap Ministries is my own private ministry on the internet. I am affiliated with NO group and have no means of income such as a minister of a church has.

Bridging the Gap Ministries was created in 1995 when I realized that tremendous changes were evolving on our planet. Much hidden information regarding every facet of our planetary society was being slowly revealed. To characterize every segment of our planetary society in one word, I would use the word LIES—perhaps more so in Western Countries than in many other countries. However, as a planetary society, we are lied to in multiple ways and have learned to simply regard life as we know it as “that’s life,” seldom, if ever, questioning it. As the revelations regarding the ways in which we have been lied to become known, many are likely to experience upheaval in their lives. Time is required to adjust when the worldview we have been taught and accepted as Truth is suddenly torn apart. It is for this reason that I have spent the past 20 years researching and writing about the lies we have been told and the truth behind those lies.

Because I view Ministers or Clergy (regardless of the religion) as key persons within any community throughout the world, I have singled you out to address. In performing your duties as clergy/ministers/priests/rabbis, etc, you are attempting to guide your congregation in ways that will assist them in growing spiritually. For this reason, you are very likely to be the one to whom they turn when questions and a variety of challenges come up in their lives.

For that reason, I am assuming that you attempt to possess knowledge about a wide spectrum of topics that impact the lives of your congregation. This wide spectrum is also food for your sermons and teachings that can be applicable in their daily lives.

I’ve said all the above in order to explain to you: when you contact me on facebook or LinkedIn with a polite “Hello, how are you?” I do not have the time to carry on a polite chat. If you have a serious question, simply ask me. No need for the polite chat first. I will try to answer your question as long as it is not about me personally.   I will answer neither personal questions nor get into an intellectual debate. My writings are expressions of what I intuitively feel to be true—based on my research. When I write, I am simply sharing my findings in research. It’s okay if you do not accept what I write; although, I hope you will maintain an open mind because we are ALL about to have the foundations beneath us shaken with the forthcoming revelations. Just one example of the magnitude of what has been hidden from the people are the Secret Space Programs several major countries have. These Programs render our planetary society only one in many throughout the cosmos. We actually live in a cosmic community, rather than simply a planetary community and corporations on Earth have trade agreements with many of these cosmic communities. They are also traveling to and fro in the cosmos, developing very advanced technologies that are being withheld from the people. Earth humans are suffering needlessly as a result.

My Bridging the Gap Ministries attempts to keep up with the information being revealed and to post it on my website and blog—which automatically sends each post to facebook and LinkedIn. I am expecting that people read the information for themselves and accept what is meaningful for them; reject the rest for the time being.

I get many requests to chat about this or that, but I do not have time. Plus, one of my own beliefs is that nothing is solved by debate. I depend upon my Intuitive Powers for confirmation of Truth.

May each of us rejoice in the opportunity facing us to greatly expand our minds and hearts as we learn things of which we may have simply fantasized!

Hopefully, you understand my lack of response to chats. May our loving Mother/Father God richly bless each of you in your ministry!





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