Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel


THE TIME IS NOW FOR US TO CHOOSE: Do we want to create a world of Loving Relationships, knowing that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE BEGETS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? … OR … Do we choose to respond to the revelations of the nefarious activities of the Dark Cabal by demanding AN EYE FOR AN EYE and continuing to live in our disharmonic world?

Eons ago, Earth humans chose to incarnate on a planet of duality, as the symbolic Genesis story of Adam, Eve, and the eating of the Apple reveals. In order to have duality, it was necessary for some souls to volunteer to play the roles of darkness. Now that it is time for the Age of Duality to end on Earth, we are faced with an array of choices:

Do we choose to forgive those who played the dark roles? Do we choose to appreciate the dark ones for providing a world in which we had the opportunity to learn to overcome darkness with Light? Do we choose to forgive ourselves any mistakes we may have made along the way–mistakes such as buying into the false information told us? … or, refusing to Open Our Minds and consider the New and Different?

Many Intuitives have perceived that Earth humans will tend to react to Truth being revealed by questioning our own behavior: “How could I have responded in this or that way?” … “How could I not have recognized Truth?

As a result of both the Dark Cabal’s activities and our failure to recognize the Truth of what we allowed to be done to us, FORGIVENESS OF ALL, FOR ALL, IS A PARAMOUNT NEED FOR THIS STAGE IN OUR SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION.

Asking for Mother/Father God’s forgiveness is not sufficient. “WE” MUST FORGIVE OURSELVES & THOSE WHO HAVE PLAYED PAINFUL ROLES IN OUR LIVES!

We could not have known the challenges of overcoming darkness with Light, and the subsequent spiritual growth that resulted, without those who agreed to play the roles of darkness. CAN WE APPRECIATE THEM IN RETURN?

I am re-posting a message from Jesus thru John Smallman “Forgiveness Is the Best Medicine for Healing Available to You”:…/forgiveness-is-…/


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