Tolec Update 7-4-15… “Clarifications” (or, “The Multi-Layer Cake of Disclosure”)

I reblog this message by Tolec because he does an outstanding job of explaining why there appears to be so much contradictory information being reported. Life is expanding and our knowledge of it is also expanding. We are left with needing to intuitively sense who is sharing truth to the best of their present ability and who is not. Learning to use our own Intuitive Power is one way we evolve from being a child god (created in our Mother/Father God’s image) to an adult god.

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tolec_andromeda_council_home_image35Today it came to mind, with all these “Disclosure Data” things coming out from all over the place, including “The Corey” and “The Wilcock”, and others, that we are really dealing with many views of “things”, and that there are very likely many levels where “work” is being done, and many levels of disclosure. I realized that Corey is very likely getting his own level of information. And others get theirs. I get my own level(s).

Then I saw this July 4 information from Tolec which has information from his level, and I felt it fits in well with all of the disclosure “thangs” going on.

To me this is very much an inner journey anyway. See what your inner discernment tells you.

“…Many times in scenarios like this when considering the ‘big picture”, information is withheld and/or compartmentalized… with only the very highest level people having complete…

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