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Mother’s Mini-Message # 14 Surfing Rough Seas

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Dr. Kathryn MayDr. Kathryn E. May

Mother’s Mini-Message # 14

Surfing Rough Seas

My dear children, I am here to assure you that we are watching over you as you go through these last throes and gasps of the desperate cabal.  Our Lightworker children are under attack from every direction, even as the enslaved workers from the underground bunkers are streaming into the Temple of Light.

Some call to Kathryn or Christine, using their theme song, “Hit me with your best shot…”  Just a few minutes ago, Kathryn heard the song and asked who wanted to come to the Temple.  She heard, “I will tell you who I am after we are safe in the Temple of Light.”  So Kathryn said, “Come on!  Run for it!”  She then saw a family, mother and father carrying their children and holding other little ones by the hand, running for their lives down the angelic corridor, into the Temple, safe and protected.  He turned and said, “I am the one who runs the nano program.  I directed them to attack you.”  Kathryn said, “Then call off your dogs!”  He agreed, and also agreed to send out the word for all to come to the Temple of Light.

He and his family are now with us, being restored and healed, along with many of the underground workers who had originally been kidnapped as babies and forced into working for the cabal.  This latest defection was followed by a tremendous wave of sound frequency attacks.  We have warned our beloved daughters that this afternoon would be extremely difficult, and I want to warn all of you, too.  Kathryn volunteered to send out this message to help her and all of you to remain steady and resolute as we ride out these latest vicious technological manipulations.

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