Mother’s Mini-Message # 13 Where Battles are Won With Laughter

Dr. Kathryn May

June 16, 2015

Mother’s Mini-Message # 13

Where Battles are Won With Laughter

Beloved Ones, it is a fast-moving time on Earth.  Much of what is happening in recent days is outside your view, but creating great energy shifts nonetheless.  I will give you a small update of the things that have happened in the Temple of Light in New York, as an example of the kind of massive changes that are flowing across the globe.  Lightworkers in various walks of life have set things in motion that are then completed by other Lightworkers across the globe, and they may not even know of their joint successes.
For instance, the closing net that is bringing arrests and legal prosecution to many of the leading bankers of the cabal has started a small stampede toward the Temple of Light on the part of the incarnated dark ones.  Many have worked in secret organizations where telepathy is used as a weapon, and have been trained as part of their cabal membership to use telepathic communication and remote viewing as a way of spying on Lightworkers.  They have used these methods to try to destroy Kathryn and Christine.



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