Mother’s Mini-Message # 12 The Lost Children of the Underground are Coming Home

NOTE BY NANCY: As we increasingly come to know the truth of what has really been going on in our world, the natural tendency will be to dismiss the information, especially when children are concerned. We don’t want to believe it.

But……..first, stop and remember the news stories that have been reported about children being forced to fight and kill in Africa, the work of the International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church & State regarding the horrors perpetrated on children, the genocide of indigenous children now being recognized in Canada, sex trafficking of children in the U.S. being 2nd only to drug trafficking in revenue.

That we may not have known of this abuse of children does not mean it doesn’t exist.

This #12 Mini-Message from Mother God reveals the compassion with which each of these children are being treated in the Temple of Light—a multi-dimensional Temple.

Synchronistically, this morning I stared at a little battery fan that I keep on my desk during the summer months. When turned off, the spokes of the fan are plainly visible. When turned on Low speed, a faint hint of the spokes is visible. When on High speed, the spokes are invisible; however, that does not mean the spokes are not present.

This is a perfect example of the various dimensions of life—the higher the energetic vibration (or speed) of a dimension, the more invisible events on that dimension are to our physical (Low Speed) eyes. Clairvoyants possess the ability to see through their third eye (located over the pineal gland) at higher speeds, meaning on higher dimensions. Just because most humans, at this point in time, cannot see what the clairvoyant is describing does not mean it doesn’t exist. Turn the fan OFF and we see the spokes that are invisible on HIGH SPEED.

As you read this Mini-Message, remember the spokes of the fan.


June 15, 2015

Dr. Kathryn May

Mother’s Mini-Message # 12

The Lost Children of the Underground are Coming Home

My Dear Ones, I was not able to send a message yesterday because our dear Kathryn has been working hard in the Temple of Light every time she has a break from the healing sessions with her Arcturian team.  Both she and Christine are working to overcome the parasite and nano infestation problem, as surrogates to pave the way for complete recovery and an end to this heinous plot to subdue all mankind.
Several wonderful events have occurred in the Temple of Light.  Members of the cabal have begun to contact Kathryn, Christine and young Jade, who is beginning to learn how to channel.  First came a very high official in the cabal who saw that the end was near for his department, which oversees all the drug dealing organizations that have funded the cabal and their secret technology programs, including the nano weapons.  Shortly afterward, a former political leader sheepishly entered the Temple.  Later, children began coming, asking to speak with Kathryn and Christine, wanting their own “Kathryn talk.”

One of the children, a young man named Roger who had contacted Jade initially, asked what Kathryn has meant when she said they would all be “safe” in the Temple of Light.  They were unbelieving at first, but were reassured when Kathryn explained that there is no punishment, ever, for anything, and they would see wondrous things, like sunshine and beautiful gardens, and be treated with kindness and be given endless hugs, and yes, they could talk with Mother and Father anytime.

The underground workers asked questions like, “What is happiness?” and “What is a garden?” and “How do we know we can trust what you say, that we won’t be hurt?” It was explained that they would be treated just like Jade is, with love and respect, and that Kathryn would carry the little ones, and Christine and Jade would hold their hands as they went up the steps to the Temple.

The children described how they had been taken to be trained as young children, and they lived underground in Wisconsin, the Southwest, and Oklahoma, and they were trained to send out the high-pitched frequencies that activate the weapons.  Although there are some mechanical weapons that send out blanket frequencies, the most effective weapons are the minions who send telepathic attacks on specific individuals.

Those who came to the Temple this week acknowledged they were sending the frequencies that were causing Kathryn and Christine pain.  In the process of sending these attacks, they were assigned to watch them.  This is when they became curious, and one by one they decided to turn themselves in because they saw how much love and fun and laughter was shared by the family.  They had never seen anything like it, and they wanted to understand it.

A very large group of children, who had been in contact with one another telepathically, decided to come today, and Roger put out the call to other groups to come too.  They have learned to use their telepathic skill to communicate with each other, and are aware that there are many of them hidden underground across the country.  Waves of children began to come to the Temple, asking for hugs, wanting to see God, and angels, and wanting to be free of the slavery they had experienced all their lives.  Understand now, these are the incarnated souls, who come telepathically by leaving their bodies behind, coming to us in the way they have trained to do telepathically, like an out-of-body experience.

Now I will tell what provisions we are making for these beloved children, many who were the victims of kidnapping.  They will be able to leave their bodies behind, like a normal death with no pain, and we will take their tired little souls into our arms and help them to heal and be restored completely.  They can then return to incarnate in much happier conditions after the world itself is in a higher vibration.  A few of the older ones may wish to return to their bodies to escape, and possibly to help put an end to the kidnapping and horrific abuse of babies and small children.  It will be their choice, once they have recovered completely.

It is a triumphant day in the Temple of Light, as hundreds of children have already come, and thousands more are expected within the coming days.  It is a victory for the children, and it leaves the cabal programs without their skillful minions.  We are celebrating the beginning of an end to all slavery on Planet Earth.

With a song in our hearts, we send this message of freedom to you.

I am your Mother
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 15, 2015
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