Mother’s Mini-Message # 11 World War III Will Never Happen

 Dr. Kathryn May

Mother’s Mini-Message # 11

World War III Will Never Happen

This will be short and sweet.  I have a monumental announcement to make, dear children.

Today was a historic moment in the history of Planet Earth.  World War III will not occur.  The conditions that were laid down by the secret governments of the world cannot be put into action.  I will tell you what they were, and why it will not happen.

There was a massive plan in place, which the cabal has spent years in organizing.  No, it was not to be nuclear warfare, or mass warfare of any kind you are familiar with. It consisted of a concerted global effort to cover the Earth in a multitude of parasites and nano devices that would invade the bodies of everyone alive, causing pain, heart attacks, cancer, and most forms of disease.

These insidious devices are activated by the transmission of specific frequencies that stimulate their growth or initiate specific programmed actions. The cabal has blanketed the Earth over years with aerial spraying, by dumping them into water, into processed foods and of course, GMO crops.  It was to be the most massive and sadistic false-flag event ever devised, and it has been averted.

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