Mother’s Mini-Message #9 Where Your Foot Is, That’s Your Path


Dr. Kathryn MayChanneled by Dr. Kathryn May

Mother’s Mini-Message #9

Where Your Foot Is, That’s Your Path

 Did you know that cats, whether living wild on the plains of Africa or curled up in your basket of socks at home, have individual and group assignments?  Many cats have the responsibility of walking the Earth when they are frolicking outdoors to help clear and energize the ley lines that are the meridians of Earth.

Of course, as I have shown you, many cats also have personal and individualized lifetime assignments and projects and missions as well.  For instance, a cat may also be entrusted with helping their human who suffers from seizures to be alerted when a seizure is coming and to remain calm and safe when it happens.

The same may be said of Lightworkers.  At this important moment in Earth’s exciting story, ALL are entrusted and trained to bear the Light that is to carry and emanate the Love of Father and me throughout every occurrence of their lives.

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