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Preparing to ascend into the Christed, or Higher, Consciousness requires working on ourselves with the intent of purifying all negative energies within our auric field so that we are free to become the unique and beautiful beings we truly are. In order to assist all of us in this ascension process, I choose to post the work of 3 women whom I consider to be spiritually advanced and professionally trained to help.  They are:

Dr. Kathryn MayDr. Kathryn May, a Clinical psychologist

Dr. LieDr. Suzanne Lie, a psychotherapist

patricia-cotaroblesPatricia Cota-Robles, a former Marriage & Family Counselor who has offered workshops throughout the world.

 All 3 women work with Higher, very advanced Beings. Based on their education, professional experience, and intuitive abilities, they possess the skill to offer information that can guide us in our ascension process.

Each of us must do our own work because we are child gods in the process of spiritually evolving into creator gods–in the image of our Mother/Father God Parents. No one can walk for us–we must learn to walk on our own!

I give this explanation because it is time to be serious over our growth process. One of the blackest of lies we have been told is that “Jesus, or another Savior Figure, did it all for us.” I hear Christians say, “I’m saved … I don’t need to do anything else.” This lie is a link in the chain that discourages the Christian from awakening to who he/she truly is–a magnificent being possessing an integral role in the unfolding Divine Plan for Planet Earth and the Cosmos!

We can glean much assistance by regularly reading the posts of these 3 women, who are giving us messages from Higher Beings with the intent of guiding Earth humans in lifting our conscious awareness to a much higher level.

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