You Are Cherished, Beloved, Safe and Called to Unite! Archangel Michael – Channeled by Christine Burk The Company of Heaven Bows to You, as We Celebrate The Day of Revelation!

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You Are Cherished, Beloved, Safe and Called to Unite!

 Archangel Michael – Channeled by Christine Burk

 The Company of Heaven Bows to You, as We Celebrate The Day of Revelation!

 “Good Day bright family!  It is I, your adoring Brother Michael, coming to you today at the request of our Mother Father God and on behalf of your Councils and the Company of Heaven.  We come with exciting news, assured confirmation and an irresistible invitation.  

 With celebration here in the higher realms, we are calling what happened this week The Day of Revelation.  Our Mother and Father would like you to receive a clear description of what has transpired along with understanding of what this exultant turn-of-events will mean in your lives. 

 Many of you felt something happening on Wednesday, 27 May 2015, and a number of you, our shining steadfast Lightworkers, responded immediately.  All of your Higher Selves and Twin Flames participated with great focus and might in triumphant assistance for the event that unfolded.  Whether you were aware or not that something tremendous was happening is unimportant.  What is essential to comprehend is that the momentum – of all of your lives, of all of your choices – was the vital contribution that brought about this awaited shift.

 You see Dear Hearts, while mired in the day to day experiences of your lives, you often lose the perspective of just how much your thoughts and feelings truly matter to the impact you are creating as a whole.  Let us now describe to you what you have achieved, so you may understand what your tireless efforts have accomplished.”

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