When Will We Say, “Enough is enough!”

When Will We Say, “Enough is enough!”

Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel


This question always haunts me on Memorial Day. When will we say with heartfelt determination, “Enough is enough!”

Little do we realize how we allow the loss others have suffered to silence our heart cries for Peace!

A friend and I participated in a March for Peace in the early 2000s. I was shocked when people began to tearfully plead with us to stop marching for peace. There was actually a group standing together to protest our Peace March.

Why? Because they had experienced loved ones being killed in war and did not want that loved one to have died in vain. I silently wondered how continuing in war and having others be killed would give meaning to their loved ones’ death. I wonder that every Memorial Day.

We explain to ourselves that we are honoring those courageous souls who gave their lives to protect our freedom—so dumbed down are we that few recognize we are far from free.

Are we also honoring those children who grew up never knowing their fathers? … those children having their mother’s comforting arms snatched from them? … those Mothers left to raise children alone on inadequate incomes? … those families left homeless because their homes were destroyed by bombs? … those left without a means of income because their home town was destroyed? … those children left to raise themselves, whose vulnerability very probably ended up with them being kidnapped into sex trafficking? The horrors of war are innumerable!

Why, on Memorial Day, do we not demand, “Enough is enough!” Why do we buy into the equation with which we have been successfully manipulated for generations: “More suffering and death = confirmation my loved one did not die in vain.” Why do we deem it respect for the fallen ones not to speak of Peace as the means to end the needless suffering and death?

Our children grow up seeing those who were killed in war being honored as heroes who fought for their country and many want to be a hero too. When do we wake up and begin to question: “Why do we so willingly accept war as the stated means to a peaceful world? … as the means to maintain the freedoms few Americans realize they have never experienced?

Why do so many accept life as it is and say, “That’s just life.” Have we never considered that change is possible and very desirable?

I remember the puzzled facial expressions when I suggested: “Honor our military by bringing them home.” Why would we willingly send our loved ones to war and take a chance on them being killed?

Why would we not, instead, sit down together and figure out how to create a peaceful world?