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President Putin is releasing information on Russian technology in order to maintain peace. He has not and will not be pushed into attacking anyone, but he will defend Russia if attacked. The only language the secret government understands is that of power. This video reveals the power of Russia to disable weaponry as seen by the US Navy in the Black Sea in the USS Donald Cook incident..

Futurist Trendcast


New Exclusive Video Earth Shift Report 4. ALIEN TECHNOLOGY & NEW RUSSIAN WEAPONS


Intro by Lada Ray

The United States of America undoubtedly has the largest, best equipped and best financed army in the world. USA spends more on military than the rest of the world combined. USA seems to dominate in every type of conventional warfare, be it on land, air, or sea.

Per the accepted global geopolitical theory, world powers are divided into sea, hybrid and land ones. USA today, like the British Empire before it, is the dominant sea power. As is fitting for such super-power, USA’s Navy is the most powerful, and by far the largest, in the world. Until recently, the US Navy, it seemed, owned our planet’s oceans and seas.

Since mid-2000s a rumor circulated that the reason US never attacked Iran from the sea was because they knew Russia could…

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Matthew Ward – May 23, 2015

Matthew Ward – May 23, 2015


Do I want to go to war in order to maintain the fiat dollar currency that presently creates such financial insecurity for me and my family? This is the question a discerning American must ask before allowing the secret government now controlling the US to instigate WWIII via disinformation.

Do I want to go to war in order to maintain the fiat dollar currency that presently creates such financial insecurity for me and my family? This is the question a discerning American must ask before allowing the secret government now controlling the US to instigate WWIII via disinformation.


Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel


Efforts to instigate World War III continue; therefore Americans must be discerning. An internet media article title caught my attention recently, indicating Russia is getting revenge by moving away from the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Instead, what President Putin is doing is assisting the nations of this planet to create a Win-Win relationship between nations in which all are sovereign and have the opportunity to prosper in accordance with their sovereign choice within the BRICS ALLIANCE.

First let me say, I make no pretense at being an economist. However, my own research has taught me that the dollar is fiat currency created by the privately owned Federal Reserve. According to the American Republic’s Constitution, the U.S. Congress is mandated to print money, not the Federal Reserve. (Article I, Section 8) What this means is that a privately owned Federal Reserve holds the power to issue the dollar in whatever amount it chooses, thereby knowingly creating inflation and depression.   The term Federal is deliberately misleading because the Federal Reserve is not a part of the US Government. (view “Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve.”

The dollar is fiat currency. Fiat money is defined by InvestorWords as: “Money, which has no intrinsic value and cannot be redeemed for specie or any commodity, but is made legal tender through government decree.   All modern paper currencies are fiat money, as are most modern coins. The value of fiat money depends on the strength of the issuing country’s economy. Inflation results when a government issues too much fiat money.” Read more:

The NEW ECONOMY, about which there is all sorts of disinformation, intends to do away with fiat currency and have the dollar returned to something of real value and to have it issued according to the American Republic’s Constitution.

In actuality, President Putin is exchanging the fiat dollar for gold. (I feel sure this is a simplistic statement, but it is up to each of us to research and discern for ourselves.)

Which would you prefer? A fiat dollar that lacks any intrinsic value and controlled by a group of private individuals interested only in their own wealth … OR … a currency backed with precious metals that will remain stable in value—meaning no more deflation, inflation, or depression?

In order to decide:  Find a dollar bill of your own. Let’s study it.

  1. Across the top of the bill, we are told that the bill is a Federal Reserve Note. It was not printed in accordance with Section 8 of the Constitution of the united states.
  2. To the right, under the seal of the Federal Reserve system, we are told that the Federal Reserve Note may be used as legal tender for all debts, public and private. The Federal Reserve system is based upon debt. Your bill holds value only as you use it to pay a debt, even though Section 10 of the Constitution of the united states declares: No state shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.”
  3. The Federal Reserve Note is paper and cannot be exchanged for anything of value. In fact, you hold only a piece of paper.
  4. The Federal Reserve is owned by eight private families … it is not an institution created for the people.

IN CONTRAST, LET’S LOOK AT A $20 BILL PRINTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH OUR CONSTITUTION SHORTLY AFTER THE PASSAGE OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT IN 1913 & BEFORE OUR CURRENCY WAS CHANGED TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. Americans holding gold or silver backed currency were required to turn it all in and to, instead, begin using the Federal Reserve Notes. I have samples only because I found them hidden in an old family dining room chest of drawers. I use them for illustrations of the past.

Gold backed DollarWe are told across the top of the bill “This certifies that there has been deposited in the Treasury of the United States of America … (move down beneath the picture of Washington) …Twenty Dollars in Gold Coin … Payable to the Bearer on Demand. This piece of paper is actually worth $20 in gold coin! The Constitutional Financial system is based on equity, not debt. This piece of paper actually has value for YOU.

  1. There could be no huge national financial deficit, crippling our society, with an equity based economy. Basil III—the new system—is equity based.
  2. Currency based on precious metals will eliminate inflation and deflation. The value of a $20 gold certificate and a $1 silver certificate will remain stable. There would be no threat of another depression because precious metals based currency is not impacted by the strength or weakness of the issuing nation’s economy.

A Silver CertificateSilver Dollar Bill

The question a discerning American must ask before allowing the secret government now controlling the US to instigate WWIII via disinformation: Do I want to go to war in order to maintain the fiat dollar currency that presently creates such financial insecurity for me and my family?

This is how we are fooled into taking actions that are harmful to all, except for the wealthy few who finance both sides of a war in order to become richer themselves! View this documentary: “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars:


Humanity’s awakening is happening right now! John Smallman channeling Jesus

Humanity’s awakening is happening right now!

John Smallman channeling Jesus


NOTE BY NANCY: This Divine Self Chart can be helpful as you read this message from Jesus. This chart shows us who we truly are—multi-dimensional, eternal beings. Go to: for an explanation of the chart and to order your own wallet size chart to remind you of your true identity.


Humanity’s awakening is happening right now!

May 24, 2015 by John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday May 24th

Humanity’s awakening is inevitable. Of course you have heard that many times before, but within the illusion doubts and anxieties assail you almost constantly. That is why it is necessary for me to keep reminding you, so that you hold your course regardless of the apparent lack of physical evidence within the illusory environment on which you focus most of your attention, to confirm that God’s plan is unfolding just as He intends.

The illusion is a place in which inconsistencies flourish, new information arises that displaces previously held beliefs by demonstrating their inadequacies, and the pace at which that is happening is constantly accelerating. No wonder you feel so assailed. The illusion is an environment of almost constant change – peace to war, love to hate, trust to betrayal – and reversals of those states. At this point in your spiritual evolution – and everyone physically incarnate on Earth is here to evolve spiritually – an enormous effort is being maintained through prayer, meditation, and through humanity’s intense desire for positive change, to move from violence to non-violence, from endless states of war to lasting peace, and awareness is growing that this can only happen if people trust each other and absolutely refrain from betraying that trust.

The briefest moment spent considering what is required to bring a state of peaceful and harmonious coexistence to all on Earth makes it quite clear that no progress can be made without first establishing trust, and to do that it is apparent that all cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, religious and political beliefs must absolutely respect all others. The intense egoic need to be right that so many have, the need to belong to the right religion, the right political party, the right nation, the right . . . (fill in the blanks!) is, as history never fails to demonstrate, an unmitigated recipe for disaster, because it spends its time making others wrong, and thereby making others its enemies.

Worldwide, as children are born and start to grow, they have egos that need to grow and mature to enable them to live on Earth as wise and balanced individuals. Initially they have needs that they cannot fulfill for themselves, needs that require acknowledgment and fulfillment by someone other than themselves, and so they have to learn to attract the attention of those who are there to provide for those needs, and that attention seeking behavior strengthens their egos. This is normal.

What is not normal, but in fact always happens, is that these egos, the egos of nearly every individual human without exception, are hurt and abused to a greater or lesser extent by their caregivers during their years of growth to adulthood. Generally the caregiver’s intent is to teach and not to harm, but because of the damage that the caregivers themselves have experienced, they teach fear, not love. They unintentionally betray the trust of those for whom they are responsible, mostly believing that “it is for their own good!” The result is that the little ones growing up experience betrayal of their trust by those who are there to nurture them, and they are consequently conditioned to expect betrayal and thus learn to be forever on their guard. Consequently trust is not something they will offer lightly to another once they have lived through those unavoidable human growth experiences and had it betrayed.

How can humanity move forward then? The only way forward is by trusting one another, and yet to do that seems at best insane and at worst a total denial of reality. Your experience shows you that trusting individuals are gullible, unwise, immature, lacking intelligence, and are almost always betrayed. And yet reason and logic make it abundantly clear that without trust progress towards lasting peace is impossible. It would seem that humanity is caught in a “Catch 22” situation. There appears to be no way to escape from an absence of trust because, as experience shows most clearly, those who trust are always betrayed.

Nevertheless, the only way forwards is by choosing to trust. The vast majority of humans want only to live in peace and harmony with everyone else. When that state is achieved, as it has been many times in small communities, amazing cooperative creative ventures are undertaken and brought lovingly to fruition. However, the success of those communities arouses jealousy among those whose environments are less loving. If you look closely at what happens you will see that only a very small number of badly damaged individuals are needed to unsettle a harmonious community by spreading rumor and gossip.

That is the point – only a very small number of damaged individuals are needed to unsettle a community, BECAUSE others listen to them and believe their embittered gossip.

If that gossip is ignored the gossipers move somewhere else. They seek egoic satisfaction in destroying the harmony and peace that others have established because they themselves are so damaged. And because they are in such intense pain, which is mostly denied and buried deep within them, they wait attentively for an opportunity to project that pain on to others for the slight relief it brings to them. When individuals are that badly damaged their only pleasure is found in hurting others. When you meet or interact with someone as hurt as that do not judge or condemn them, just intend for them to be healed, and send them love or blessings. That is one of your earthly tasks.

The way forwards therefore is to ignore all gossip, and instead to trust your own intuitive sense which tells you that others can be trusted, and then to trust them! Yes, within the illusion, your present apparent “home” environment, your trust will be betrayed occasionally. But, being an illusion, those experiences cannot harm you, they are the just unreal dreams from which you will awaken. The way forwards towards your awakening is to forgive those who betray you!

As I said above, only a very small number of damaged individuals are needed to unsettle a community. However, if the community refuses to be influenced or manipulated by those in pain then those efforts are ineffective.

Each and every human, each beloved child of God, is permanently connected to the divine field of Love in which all of creation is eternally maintained, but the illusion, which seems so real to those living within it, is ego-driven and fear-driven, and it does every thing it can to convince you that you are an insignificant life form whose existence is short and meaningless. And of course that is its purpose. It was conceived of and built to allow you to experience separation from your Source, the infinitely loving God who created you in joy and for joy.

Your real state of existence – eternally present in the field of Love that is God – is unalterable. You are there always, and you have never left. You could never leave because there is, as you are constantly being reminded, nowhere else. Therefore there is nothing to fear!

As we in the spiritual realms keep telling you, through the various channels that we use to make contact with you, and through the divine intuition that you each have access to in every moment, there is only Love! God, the divine Source of all that exists, the sole Awareness, the One Sentient Consciousness that permeates every individual mind is Love. You are never absent from God, and therefore Love is your true and inviolable nature. What you experience within the dream, within the illusion – fear, conflict, betrayal, suffering, pain, and constant confusion – is unreal.

When you detach from the illusion, even momentarily, by going within to that sacred place where the flame of God’s Love burns constantly within you, then you will find peace. By going within and intending to know God, your divine Source, the place from which you arise renewed in every moment, you spread and extend Love to all with whom you interact in any way at all. That is your purpose during this incarnation. You chose to incarnate as a human this time around to help others to awaken, because the Love that you share with God motivates you most powerfully to bring all of humanity home to their natural state of awareness that all are One with God. You know that state, and being Love incarnate you want everyone to experience it permanently. You are in truth perfectly in alignment with the divine Will, and you are walking on Earth to shine the Light of God’s Love so brightly that no one can fail to see It.

That Light is shining brilliantly all across the world because so many of you chose to be on Earth at this time to awaken humanity. No other options are available, humanity will awaken, and the chaos and confusion that seem to be intensifying all across the world are clear indications that humanity’s awakening is happening right now!

Your loving brother, Jesus.



PENTECOST – MAY 24, 2015


by Patricia Cota-Robles
patricia-cotaroblesMay 21, 2015
On Sunday, May 24, 2015, over two billion Christians around the World will celebrate Pentecost. This was an event involving the twelve Disciples, which took place in the “Upper Room,” 50 days after Jesus’ Resurrection. During that event, the Disciples each received a Baptism by Sacred Fire from the Holy Spirit. That Divine Intervention elevated the Disciples into an awakened state of Christ Consciousness and secured the archetype and the template that would insure the return of our Mother God, the Divine Feminine.
After our fall from Grace, we closed our Heart Chakras so that we would not feel the pain we were creating through the misuse of our free will and our creative faculties of thought and feeling. That fateful decision blocked the flow of our Mother God’s Divine Love and catapulted us into a distorted patriarchal consciousness. That fragmented and fear-based consciousness erroneously convinced us that even though we were Sons and Daughters of God, we had a single parent and that parent was a masculine Father God. Well, what child is ever born without a Mother and a Father? “As above, so below.”
Because of our distorted patriarchal perceptions, for aeons of time we have mistakenly thought of the Holy Spirit as a masculine aspect of our Father God. We understood that the Holy Spirit is the Love Nature of God and the Holy Comforter, but we forgot that the Holy Spirit is actually the Divine Feminine, our Mother God. Now all of that has changed. During the past several decades, through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, our Mother God has returned to her full Divine Potential within the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity. Now it is time for us to take the next step in this Healing process.
On Pentecost Sunday 2015, through the collective consciousness of more than two billion Christians, and millions of other Awakened Sons and Daughters of God, a Chalice of Light, a Holy Grail, will be formed that will cradle the entire Planet Earth and ALL her Life. On that sacred and Holy Day, the Holy Spirit, our Mother God, will bless every particle and wave of Life on Earth, and all of the spaces in-between the particles and waves of Life, in the most intensified frequencies of Transfiguring Divine Love Humanity can withstand. This will be accomplished through a Baptism by Sacred Fire that will be ushered into the physical plane of Earth on Celestial Tones that have been nurturing and Healing Humanity and the Earth for the past four years, since Pentecost Sunday 2011. This Gift of Music from the Spheres of Light is known as Musical Rapture.