It Is The NOW Message from the Arcturians – May 19, 2015

It Is The NOW

Message from the Arcturians – May 19, 2015

Channeled by Dr. Suzanne Lie


Flame Holder

 It is the NOW for ALL of you, our grounded ones, to BE your true Multidimensional SELF. We suggest that you document your experiences and share them with others so that you can facilitate their full awakening. Please “document” your experiences in any manner that best suites YOU.

We are requesting that you share your process because it is the NOW to release the protection of your forgetfulness. Yes, forgetting disturbing perceptions and experiences was often your only protection during the dark times of Gaia, but this reign of darkness is coming to a conclusion.

You, our brave emissaries to Gaia, have had to hide your light. But NOW, you can begin to BE your SELF and LIVE your Mission. NOW, that the light is brighter than the darkness, you can more easily perceive, and thus release, the illusions that you have had to tolerate and live through for myriad incarnations.


We will now look closely at Gaia’s choices of service to all life. These choices are the classes you are attending during your “time” on University Earth. The theme of these classes are to teach you how to:

(1)    Use your free will to…

(2)    Blend polarity into unity by…

(3)    Releasing the illusion of separation.


These ascending ones have found the power within their SELF to feel Unity with ALL life. “All Life” does not mean unity with only the life that resonates to the light. It does not mean unity with just other light beings. Unity with ALL life means that you unite with and unconditionally love ALL life—light, dark and all the shades of grey in between.



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