Life Is So Much More Than We Know, or Can Suspect, With Our 3rd Dimensional Worldview!

Life Is So Much More Than We Know, or Can Suspect, With Our 3rd Dimensional Worldview!


What I am increasingly learning is that “we know nothing.” I’m not convinced that any metaphysical book we may choose to read now is anything more than one person’s grasp of truth. Life is so much bigger than our finite minds can conceive. Asking questions seems irrelevant, because the questions are so lacking in knowledge.

I’ve never been one to ask questions of the person speaking. Instead, I have researched until I found an answer that satisfied me for the moment. Now, I am learning, “Just listen.” I’ve known that anything that can be thought and verbalized has to exist in some form, somewhere in the multiverse.

Understanding other dimensions thru 3rd dimensional concepts is not possible.

It’s a weird feeling, but I am learning to simply listen and let go. For example: How did my hand get cut from another dimension, without me knowing it as it happened and without pain? Yet, I had the physical proof of blood, a visible cut, and the soreness that lasted several days. The scar is barely visible now, but I don’t want it to go away completely. It reminds me there is so much more to life than we can begin to comprehend with our present level of conscious awareness.

(The cut on my hand appeared one day in February, 2015, while I was working at my computer. It was only later that I learned the reason for the cut was taking place on the 4th dimension. I’ve had enough otherworldly experiences with my Twin Flame to not be frightened–I knew intuitively that someone needed healing.  We are One Family of Mother/Father God.)

My explanation likely sparked a question for you, but remember our High Self is far more conscious of what is happening than our 3rd dimensional self is.  I had given permission for the cut to be made on the soul level, even though my intellect was unaware.

Life truly is so much more than we know, or can suspect, with our 3rd dimensional worldview!