Activating the Andromedan StarGate at Lake Louise, BC – A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 1, 2015

NOTE BY NANCY:  We are learning the truth about ourselves, our planet, and our cosmos in ever-expanding ways.  Little does humanity realize how restricted our field of knowledge has been … how restrictive our perception of the cosmos in which we live has been … how utterly simplistic our understanding of our own being has been.  As truth pours forth, we are very likely to react with disbelief because it differs so much from what we have been taught.  However, as our planet ascends into the higher dimensions of reality,  we cannot help but begin to perceive life in very different ways.  So maintain an open mind and enjoy the exciting ride into the vast as yet unknown!

Sananda is the Soul Name of Jesus.


Activating the Andromedan StarGate at Lake Louise, BC


A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 1, 2015

“Do You Want Your Ascension? Do You Want Your Freedom?

Then You Must Have The Truth.

Why is Earth Ascending now? Simple. It has been forced to. Those living in the future with great technological advances from lives millions of years in the future looked into this Timeline to find Earth and one third of the Milky Way Galaxy completely destroyed. A Plan was made for the Milky Way Galaxy and Earth as well as other neighboring Stars to restore them to their original Pristine Beauty. In order to accomplish this enormous task the damaged Timelines had to be restored and merged with the Timelines of the future.

What was it that did the damage? The small handful of dark cabal who mined and enslaved Earth took their profits, developed reverse engineered Extraterrestrial Craft and learned to go into deep space with propulsion and energy systems unknown to Humanity on Earth at that time. They then went on to mine and enslave other Stars and Planets. They were not stopped. Nuclear weapons, their means of control, destroyed more and more of the Milky Way Galaxy as happened to Niburu, to Maldek, the Earth crystalline Moon, and the surface of Mars including her oceans and rivers.

Nuclear War has been an issue going back through the history of your Solar System.”


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