Revelations of Israeli spying on the Iran nuclear talks are far more “spin” than story

NOTE BY NANCY:  I post this article because it is published by Veterans who are seeking and finding the truth about those who have worked to create wars.  Americans innocently support many of these political figures, thereby allowing them to continue their nefarious activities.  Americans desperately need to wake up to what and whom they are supporting and the wars to which they are sending–in the name of patriotism–their family members to fight, with many of them being  killed or permanently disabled by the experience.  All need to educate themselves … support those who are working for a peaceful world, regardless of political party affiliation … and cease depending upon a tightly controlled mainstream media for truth.


Veterans Today

Revelations of Israeli spying on the Iran nuclear talks are far more “spin” than story

by  Gordon Duff,  VT Sr. Editor  …  with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

–  First published  March 31, 2015

Israel’s American spy network, elected members of the American senate, grown fat on cash from Afghan poppies and the whorehouses of Macao, are the real source of the leaks intended to sabotage talks and push the world to the brink of war.

The story was “spun” and “contained” to accuse unnamed Israeli agents “not in custody” to protect the real spies, “bought and paid for” American lawmakers and State Department officials that are easy to find, easy to prove guilty, but who may well actually be “above the law.”


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