Dr. Kathryn May

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kathryn May’s radio show will answer many questions for all of you. I will let the show participants, including two young people, explain. If you are not familiar with the concepts, just listen with an open mind and allow the insights you are ready to receive to penetrate your conscious awareness. Dr. May has worked with many teachers who were puzzled over the behavior of their students … young people have suffered because they have not known “what was wrong with them” … parents have been at their wit’s end attempting to understand their children.

As a former professional counselor who used the esoteric astrological natal chart (the Soul’s Map) as a counseling tool, I would suggest that young people/adults up to age 30 need to listen to this show. Age 28-30 marks the end of the first Saturn Return when each individual looks back over their young lives to determine where and how he/she wants to proceed for the next stage of life. This show will likely assist you in gaining understanding of your life thus far.

Dr. May channels Mother God and Sananda (soul name for Jesus) as part of the show.

Dr. May’s book, WHO NEEDS LIGHT? can be very helpful for understanding your life.


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