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Flag of the Russian Presidency

 MY COMMENT ON LADA RAY’S BLOG REGARDING PUTIN: Although I intuitively knew Putin was not ill, I am glad to see your post. Dare I send you the post I just placed on my blog, facebook, and LinkedIn? Oh well, you can decide whether or not you want to post it. 🙂 When I posted on facebook from my blog, the picture that was shown as the one that would show on facebook changed from Putin in front of the flag to the one of the Avatar on a White Horse–bringing peace to the world. I consider that a message, simply confirming what I already knew.


I am posting the comment made by Rose-Marie Mukarutabana in response to my own blog post entitled: “Jesus Taught: ‘Seek & Ye Shall Find’” because she summarizes information about President Putin that I have seen in one phrase/sentence form in multiple places. In Rose-Marie’s summary, we see the Real President Putin step forward! Although I don’t know for sure, Rose-Marie sounds as if she is a reporter at CCTV—closed circuit TV.



Rose-Marie Mukarutabana | March 16, 2015 at 5:42 am

Hello, Nancy.
Lovely blog. A comment:
“I could feel the love energy in his being. I experienced him as a Love Being.”

Usually, people characterized by power and will (“Ray One” souls) do not emit that much Love energy you sensed (“Ray Two” energy). Except when they are highly evolved and have also developed Love (as we all must, whatever energy line our soul is on, for the very fabric of our solar system is built on Love.) We are lucky that Putin has developed both lines.

In fact he has the three Aspects of Divinity well developed (at human level, of course): Will-Power, Love-Wisdom and Intelligence. This was best expressed by Chinese journalist Shui Junyi (China Central TV), who experienced the three aspects of Putin’s psychological makeup.

Love: The occasion was a warm hug that Putin had given him at the end of a press conference before the Sochi Olympics. ( – read Shui’s questions) Western media had been particularly hateful at that interview, and an outraged Shui had done his best to show his own and the Chinese people’s affection for Putin, who responded in kind. Shui was deeply moved by Putin warm hug, which he took both for himself and his country: as “a message intended to signify his warm feelings towards China.” Shui’s blog msge on Putin’s “stunning a hug” earned him weeks of attacks from the Western MSM (the mildest:

Power and Will: “Putin is a very calm, self-controlled person … You feel him to be very tough. His eyes are very sharp, and very few people can look into his eyes for any length of time. At every interview, I try to interpret his heart from his eyes, but I find it is difficult to prize out any clue from them.

Intelligence: “His speech is always very logical. Our director [at the CCTV] says that Putin’s interviews are often most difficult to cut during post-editing. As a rule, clips make an interview more exciting, but with Putin, any word that is cut out takes much away, and changes the tone and feel of the interview. ”

Your analogy between Kalki Avatara – the White Rider who will save the world – and the St George figure on the flag of the Russian Presidency is very interesting. The basic idea is the same. The symbol expresses the soul potential of Russia, her programme, as it were: saving the world by killing the dragon of selfish materialism so as to bring us back to the path of spiritual values based on sharing and mutual respect and cooperation. Putin’s ideal of a “multipolar world” is based precisely on such principles. [Bold font by Nancy]

edgar cayce[EdgarCayce – photo added by Nancy]

Already in 1944, Cayce “saw” Russia moving from materialistic communism to spiritual-based sharing – Christ’s kind of communism”:
“For changes are coming, this may be sure – an evolution, or revolution in the ideas of religious thought. The basis of it for the world will eventually come out of Russia; not communism, no! But rather that which is the basis of the same, as the Christ taught – His kind of communism! (1930) No. 452-6

In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years to crystallise, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” (1944) No. 3976-29. (Similarly, China will demonstrate “Christianity as applied in the lives of men.”)

Hence Putin’s insistence on moral principles and values. Hence also his oft-repeatedly, but so far unsuccessfully, invitation to Western Europe to join Russia in “an economic and humanitarian community ranging from Lisbon to Vladivostok.”(

Humanitarian” here means a space where true human values are promoted – not just material wealth.

 Many have sensed that the current hatred of Putin and Russia is motivated by his standing up for such values, which threaten the very basis of the current Western-created world order. From this perspective, their ferocity is understandable. The saddest part of it is that they drag down otherwise innocent masses who would have loved Putin if only he was not so constantly demonized and vilified. Countering this horrible violence and oppression of humanity’s soul is the best service we can render today. [Bold font by Nancy]


 If you would like to know more about the SEVEN RAYS, you may go:


According to Esoteric Astrology, each individual is operating on either the:

  1. Totally Personality-Centered Level
  2. Awakening to Soul-Personality Relationship
  3. Soul-centered individual

At this point in President Putin’s life, he is operating from the Soul-Centered level of manifestation. Putin is a Libra. Note that this description of the Soul-Centered LIBRA fits Putin and his role as a World Leader.

Soul-Centered Individual – LIBRA has now balanced the lower self with the Higher Self/Soul.  His personality and Soul are in alignment.  LIBRA is now an active and conscious worker for the benefit of humanity.  LIBRA is the personification of the Law of Right Human Relations and strives to create unity between all persons.  He is busy in the outer world, bridging and fusing ideas and social structures in order to advance the Divine Plan.  Now, LIBRA is adapt at dealing with the chaos of a variety of opposing forces—to perceive a common thread weaving among them.  The shared vision of the group is now LIBRA’s goal.  The soul-centered LIBRA is a social innovator, the cohesive force in the world of finance, politics, and diplomacy.  The ultimate goal is to create a balance between his expression of Will, Love, & Intelligence in every situation of life.  LIBRA now perceives the One Humanity and views life through the 3rd Eye (the eye of the Soul).









For those who are believing the Western MSM’s propaganda that Putin/Russia are an enemy and must be up to something, consider first the following:

1. As the WSJ concludes, “western officials have criticized Russia’s frequent exercises as threatening and provocative, a charge Moscow parries with its own allegations that military maneuvers near Russia’s borders by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are destabilizing.” Oddly enough, they [western officials] have nothing to say about NATO parking tanks and armors and various other weapons just feet away from the Russian border.

2. “What  Are NATO Ships Doing In The Black Sea?”

The Dark Cabal is fighting to maintain control of Planet Earth by attempting in numerous ways to instigate World War III.

You may ask:  “But how do you know that?”

For starters, turn off the MSM TV news and do your own research.  American veterans are learning that their sacrifices were not for their country as they were told.  They and their families believed what they were told because the truth behind all wars has heretofore been withheld from Americans.  Instead, Americans who listen to and believe the MSM TV news are mind controlled by propaganda.  There is a constant mirage created on TV news to keep Americans in fear and hatred of our so-called enemies.

For this reason, Americans, who have not learned to think independently and to turn off the MSM TV propaganda machine, have trouble thinking or viewing President Putin and Russia with objectivity and awareness that things are not as they seem.  These non-independent-thinker Americans do not comprehend that they are being lied to Big-Time!

Once more, I say:  WAKE UP, AMERICANS!  You are being mis-led by those who will send you into World War III!