Father/Source Soul Lessons: The True Story of Atlantis and Beyond

Father/Source Soul Lessons: The True Story of Atlantis and Beyond


“Henceforth, organized darkness will no longer be permitted in any form on Earth or in any part of your Universe. The systematically organized Matrix and its proponents will no longer be allowed to operate unchecked under the name of free will. We declare this the end of the dark experiment and the beginning of the New Earth in all her Light and splendor.

You will begin to see the gradual dissolution of the Matrix in all its forms. This process is being speeded by the unfaltering efforts of all who are reading this to raise yourselves out of the mindless immersion in the tricks and deceptions of the dark programs. As we have all seen, it requires moment-by-moment mindfulness and determination to remain centered in your brain and body, anchored in Light.”

map - Lemuria & Atlantis


It was a historic week on Planet Earth. This message through our dear Kathryn will begin to explain the monumental changes that were created above and below, bringing the inter-dimensional connections closer than ever, since before the sinking of Atlantis. I want you to have an accurate overview of your planet’s history and the part you have all played in its descent into darkness and her restoration to the Light. It is the story of your soul histories as well.

This account will include the true history of what happened in Atlantis, what plan the Company of Heaven devised to counteract the accelerating darkness on Earth, who the divine players were, and how this week was the culmination and the triumph over the forces of darkness that have held Earth captive for thousands of years.

Many of you are aware that Kathryn planned a workshop/retreat near her home in the Mid-Hudson Valley in New York State. The group stayed in a small eco-friendly retreat center on the Crystal Mountain – the site of the great, newly reactivated crystal which is the twin of the great Arkansas crystal deposit. The crystals were reconnected late this summer during a previous retreat, and serve now as the energy transmitters that carried the ascension energies from the retreat across the country and across the globe.

Participants came from around the world. Represented in the group were the incarnated twins of Jesus/Sananda, AAMichael, Sanat Kumara, Metatron, AAJophiel, along with AAGabriel and Sanaj Kumara. These are only the identities that have been revealed to the members so far. They will also find that AAChamuel, Kwan Yin, AAEzekiel and other equally powerful Masters will be identified when the time is right.

The meeting was protected and overlighted by Athena and the Ashtar Command. Note that I have used mostly the male names because they are the ones you are most familiar with as a result of your patriarchal society. Their feminine twins are equally powerful and active in the Company of Heaven, and always have been.

You see, we arranged this gathering carefully, so that the family could reunite at last, to fall in love again, and to re-enact the Last Supper, but this time with the culmination to be the fulfillment of the Jesus lifetime. They have laid the foundation now for the Resurrection and Ascension without having to go through the crucifixion.

You will see how the threads weave together, from the beginnings of Planet Earth, through Lemuria and Atlantis, to the present civilization of this day and beyond. I will start with the story of Atlantis and the beginning of the invasion by the Archon Alliance.

During the rise of the Atlantean civilization, Earth’s surface was very different from what it is today. Lemuria was still thriving, in the area of the Pacific that is now represented by its small remnants, the Hawaiian Islands. The landmass of Atlantis stretched south along the Atlantic coast for thousands of square miles, an enormous island continent larger than Australia and more lushly hospitable. It was blessed with great natural resources and was the home of the great crystal which provided energy for the entire planet.

Lemuria was a highly evolved civilization of 5th dimensional and higher beings. They were a peaceful, joyful people, close to the Earth and to us in higher dimensions. Their relationships with other civilizations, especially that of their cousins and friends on Maldek, were closely knit in love and trust. It was customary for families to incarnate in both places, and warm feelings of brotherhood ran deep.

Simultaneously, the Atlantean civilization was growing in a different direction. The latitude of what free will allowed was being stretched beyond what Universal Law prescribed. This included experiments in genetic engineering that defied the laws against creating whole beings without souls. Their creations were abominations, designed to provide slave labor and even entertainment for the powerful elite.

The culmination of this dark period and the story I am about to tell you occurred approximately 26,000 years ago in your Earth time.

There were a few of those in power in Atlantis who had made initial contact with the Annunaki and began experimenting with their questionable technologies, which the Annunaki traded for the rich natural resources, including gold, platinum and titanium. A number of the High Priests who were the Atlantean incarnations of the Company of Heaven became increasingly alarmed with the reckless and godless experiments, which they saw as extremely dangerous to the planet and the people of Earth.

As a sharp division occurred in the Council over the unwise use of these technologies, both sides began to align with powerful allies. The White Hats, as we will call them, were deeply concerned about the growing power of the those who favored the dark experiments and the economic influence it provided. They solidified their natural alliance with the Lemurians and Maldekians, with treaties and informal agreements, hoping to discourage the renegades from expanding their power base. This was a period of formalizing and strengthening the organization which you know as the Galactic Federation of Light in this area of the galaxy.

The dark-leaning Atlanteans saw this as a threat to be challenged, however. They were increasingly falling under the spell of the propaganda and seduction of the Archon Alliance of which the Annunaki were the most powerful force. It was a period of conflict and sadness for the High Priests who held the Light, as they saw some of their friends and loved ones being enlisted into darkness. The most powerful of these was the incarnation of Archangel Hope, the twin flame of Archangel Gabriel, who was increasingly fascinated by the lure of great power and glory being offered to her. She was, of course, a great prize in the eyes of the dark forces.

The dark faction argued that the Lemuria/Maldek alliance threatened their free will and endangered the security of the Atlantean people, and that they should harness the energy of the great crystal to provide defensive military power. To give credibility to this argument, the Archons secretly established a base on Maldek and laid the groundwork for an attack. The scheme was the first False Flag attack on Earth, engineered without the knowledge of any of the original Atlantean Council.

The use of the crystal was accomplished with the help of Atlantean insiders who had fallen for the paranoid, fear-mongering Archon propagandists, much as the cabal co-opted the population in recent years in the U.S. and Europe. Their “9/11” involved an attack from the secret base on Maldek, aimed at a small city on Atlantis where rich mineral deposits were being mined by Archon slave labor.

Horrified, the Council met to decide what to do. The dark ones argued for returning the attack, while the White Hats held to the philosophy that the sacred crystal could not ever be used for military purposes. Hope was one of those who voted to retaliate. Although there was a minority in favor of the action, the dark ones had no intention of abiding by the Universal principles. Unauthorized, the Archon infiltrators gained access to the crystal through the actions of a small group who betrayed the Council and instigated an all-out attack on Maldek.

They were somewhat ignorant about the power of the crystal and its potential. When the beam was fired at Maldek, it burned through the center of the planet, causing an implosion that destroyed the entire planet within minutes. Although the Maldek people were preparing to evacuate, the attack was so sudden that only a few thousand were saved. The weapon, like the scalar technology of today, had the ability to dissolve souls as well as material bodies.

Once the atrocity was done, and it was known which members of the Council had voted in favor of it, the dark ones had a weapon against them. They could then threaten and manipulate the hawks of the Council by reminding them that they had voted to use a weapon that destroyed souls, and therefore they would be severely punished if they tried to return to the Light. And so the modern-day cabal was born.

Once the die had been cast, the Annunaki then worked their dark program, using every lie and trick imaginable to convince the guilty ones to join them in their glorious stance of power and righteous patriotism. They were, after all, only protecting their homeland. Further paranoia was stirred up against the Maldek-Lemuria alliance, and the now-united Atlantean cabal, celebrated as heroes across the Archon alliance, decided they had no choice but to attack Lemuria in a pre-emptive strike. And so, Lemuria was also targeted, and the entire continent sank beneath the sea.

Some of the survivors went into the Inner Earth plane to establish the secret civilization you now know as the Agarthans. They have continued to evolve and to hold the Light until such a time as they could finally reunite with their surface brothers and sisters.

The High Council was devastated by the turn of events, and began to evacuate from Atlantis, fearing the result of such blatantly evil actions. A handful of the High Priests journeyed to the Himalayas, where they remained hidden for thousands of years, and a second group fled to Central America. There they established the early Mayan culture.

Drunk with power, and certain that joining the dark offered them a better chance of living a life of luxury and glamour, Hope and her group of defectors agreed to follow the Archons in their tradition of recycling through the 4th dimension rather than returning to God between lives. They had felt the power of defying God, and they had no intention of going back, and so the Earth came under the control of the Annunaki, the lead dark controllers, and their minions, the Reptilians. These were the same souls who then became the 13 families – the present day illuminati.

Earth was so destabilized by the sinking of Lemuria that she shook with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and within weeks the continent of Atlantis sank beneath the waves, also with great loss of life. Many of you have heard the story of the priests who remained with the people, singing to calm and raise the vibration of the people who were to transition, as Atlantis sank into the sea.

The Company of Heaven was stunned by these events, and met to devise a plan to counteract the power of the new dark elite, who were unfazed by the destruction, and immediately reincarnated on the surface in groups to establish their power on Earth.

And so it was decided that a member of the White Hats would volunteer to incarnate with them, as a double agent, to try to mitigate the damage and provide information to the White Hats from inside the cabal. Gabriel, who wished to balance the destruction of his twin and who hoped to find a way to convince her to come to the Light, volunteered to take the assignment, and so The Lucifer Project was born.

Gabriel told some of his story on last week’s call (Wednesday, March 11, 2015) on BlogTalkRadio.com/ChannelPanel, so I will not attempt to retell his perspective here. I do want to tell of our gratitude and great Love for our beloved Gabriel, who incarnated through the millennia, over and over through the 4th dimension with the cabal in the disguise of Lucifer, whom the dark ones saw as their leader. He maintained his deep connection with us, aligned always with our Love, and it sustained him in spite of his loneliness and longing to return Home to our embrace.

He also knew as the lifetimes passed, and his Twin fell deeper into the web of darkness, that he had lost the love of his life and that there was nothing he could do to bring her back. He saw not only that it was her free will choice, but also that he could not reveal to her that he was not really the Lucifer she knew, but that he had remained true to the Light. If he had, she might have exposed his true identity, jeopardizing the success of the entire project, for she had become drunk with power and blindly vindictive toward anyone who crossed her. You see, the Fallen Angel was not Lucifer. It was his twin, Hope.

You are beginning to learn, Dear Ones, of the extent of the service your loving Masters have performed during this entire descent and return to the Light. You have all been a part of that dedication and service, each in your own way, holding the Light as we moved step by step, through the twists and turns of the drama that was the struggle between Light and Dark on Planet Earth. You have all grown and expanded in your capacity to love and to feel the deep family connections you share with one another, and there will be more discoveries to come.

In just the past week, we saw our beloved Jacques, whom we call Trine, bring the keys within himself which allowed the healing and restoration of the integrity of the Tree of Life. Gabriel released the template of the dark cell he had carried, ending the Lucifer Project and the contracts by which all humankind were bound.

Also within the high vibrational setting of the mountain retreat, Kathryn led the final confrontation between Light and Dark, as she and her group challenged two members who had come to represent the embodiment of the Matrix programs. In their complete immersion in the dark programs, they re-enacted each phase, predictably expressing step by step the entire range of passive and aggressive moves which characterize the Program.

I will ask Kathryn to describe the Program elsewhere so you will all see how predictable and rigid it really is. Because of her many years of experience, she was able to draw up the flowchart that predicts each move, and where the one who is completely immersed in the Program will go in their attempts to defeat and derail anyone who questions the power of darkness. In the process, she became very skillful at finding ways to “throw a wrench” into the program with questions the Program could not answer, like “where did you learn mind control?” The result was always that the one being questioned would grind to a complete halt, unable to speak or think. This is the mark of a victim/perpetrator of a dark program.

As our dear Lady Venus observed, this gathering of Light souls, now in the command position, recapitulated the original Inquisition, in reverse. Light now is in charge on Planet Earth. That day, their resolute stand against the dark was observed by the entire Cosmos. The Temple of Light surrounded and observed our incarnated Masters as they held fast against the illusions of the Matrix, consciously restoring themselves and the planet to the new condition of Light and Love.

When their work was completed, Kathryn/Nada came to us with the evidence of what all had learned there: that the organized darkness which had been allowed to hold sway on Planet Earth was too much even for Masters of the Light to hold out against when they descended into the human form. The organized assault on the human mind, body and spirit, allowed to fester and expand unchecked, had created intolerable damage to the bodies and souls of humankind. It was a game that could not be won because the cards were stacked against humanity. The Experiment had proved that this kind of organized, systematic darkness should never again be permitted on Planet Earth or anywhere in our Universe.

The evidence was obvious and compelling. Even our great Master, in the body of one of the participants, in spite of a lifetime of effort and help from our best Lightworkers, could not free herself from the hold of the training she had experienced at the hands of the cabal. The group of questioners held fast, in spite of their compassion for her. No one must be permitted to send out dark, hypnotic vibrations to seduce or destroy others.

This resolute stand against darkness on Earth allowed us to make the final decision to confirm, once and for all, that we have concurred with the request of your Earth Council. Henceforth, organized darkness will no longer be permitted in any form on Earth or in any part of your Universe. The systematically organized Matrix and its proponents will no longer be allowed to operate unchecked under the name of free will. We declare this the end of the dark experiment and the beginning of the New Earth in all her Light and splendor.

You will begin to see the gradual dissolution of the Matrix in all its forms. This process is being speeded by the unfaltering efforts of all who are reading this to raise yourselves out of the mindless immersion in the tricks and deceptions of the dark programs. As we have all seen, it requires moment-by-moment mindfulness and determination to remain centered in your brain and body, anchored in Light.

I have asked Kathryn to create a log of Terra’s recent travails and triumphs, for she and Sanat Kumara are the Masters who joined together to become the soul of your beloved Terra. They have created a program to aid in her restoration, and your participation in her healing is greatly needed at this time.

Your part in this speedy movement toward complete Ascension into the Light has been presented here in great detail over the past months and years. Do not fall into any form of negativity – the depression, frustration, entitlement, despair, intolerance, anger, “skepticism,” impatience and lack of faith you were so used to feeding upon. It was the trap laid for you by the dark ones. It separates you from me and from each other. We have given you the tools, and we continue to give you more help each week. This is not a one-time shift. It is a way of life, a building of character that only you can accomplish for yourselves.

Come into my embrace, Beloved Ones. I hold the memory of your highest Light always in my heart. As you reach deeply into your hearts to ascend even higher than you have ever experienced before, know that we are here to receive you, to support you and to shower you with our tears of joy as you enter into the purest Light of Heaven. You, humankind, are truly our great and glorious Creation. Know that you are never alone.

We are your Mother and Father, the Creators of All That Is, in eternal Love.

Kathryn E. May, March 11-14, 2015, New York
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Rumors of Putin’s Death are Grossly Exaggerated

Futurist Trendcast

Putin winks

To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of Putin’s death are grossly exaggerated.

I got a number of panicked emails, tweets and blog comments from friends and followers, asking me where is Mr. Putin. I am flattered by everyone’s trust in my ability to see through walls and know exactly what is happening in the Kremlin. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a direct line to Vladimir Vladimirovich… and if I did, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

Here is what I can tell you today:

I can certainly see how Western governments, MSM and russophobes of all kinds would love for their wet dream of Putin being dead to materialize. After all, the Russian President is so incredibly inconvenient for some in the West. Nemtsov’s false flag murder literally next to the Kremlin Wall was targeting all of Russians and Putin personally. If they can’t kill Putin, why not compromise…

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Nancy, with Twin Flame, Uriel


Last night (3/14/15), the world speculated on “Where is Vladimer Putin? What is going on at the Kremlin?” Photos of a shirtless Putin abounded on the internet. Although Putin was dressed like many men are when enjoying a day off work, this photo has been used in a demeaning manner. In my view, to post a photo of a World Leader not wearing his shirt is to send a subliminal message, “Don’t respect this man.” activity - Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin – March 14, 2015

 Because I grew to deeply respect President Putin during my 24/7 week of researching him and studying his esoteric astrological natal chart, to see him demeaned saddens me deeply. “Why does our world insist on demonizing the very individuals who have incarnated with the Soul Purpose of leading our planet to a much higher level of life for ALL?”

I remembered a synchronic journey on the internet that another woman, Heather Mac, and I experienced regarding President Putin. I re-read my account of that journey, posted on my Blog, and pondered whether or not to re-post it while the world speculated on what is happening at the Kremlin. I hesitated and instead, retired for the night.

This morning (3/15/15), I turned on my computer to find this e-mail from Ruth, a woman who found my website in the same manner Heather and I were led by Spirit on our synchronic journey regarding Putin. I include the e-mail just to allow readers to see that, as Jesus taught, when we seek for truth, we find it.

Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you. For whoever asks, receives; and he who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, the door is opened.” (Matthew 7:7-8 –Lamsa’s translation from the Aramaic of the Peshitta)

We do not know “how” we find what we seek; the door simply opens for us and we receive invisible guidance.

I have never met or communicated with Ruth and, she had no way of knowing that I was pondering re-posting information Heather and I were guided to regarding President Putin. However, she is a member of our Universal Family and the Universe provides. We are truly ONE FAMILY OF GOD!

This morning, Ruth is the instrument thru which I receive Divine Guidance. She writes: I stumble upon your website on purpose because nothing ever happens accidentally. I want to thank you for my achievement of clarification. Your word usage allows anyone reading your material a profound sense of awareness and a level of understanding most presenters are unaware of. So I thank you from the depths of my soul. I send you love, light and abundance.”

Ruth asked for clarification, and it was given to her; sought and she found; knocked, and my website was opened to her. Our Universal Family is always available to us, even when we have never met on the 3rd dimensional plane. ALL IS ONE!

It was this same type divinely led journey that Heather and I took! The difference was that we were not consciously aware of Seeking before the journey began. Once we embarked, we became fascinated over being led to one source of information after another. Here is the account of our discovery regarding President Vladimer Putin.


***The Endnotes will simply lead to my full article, where the Endnotes will lead to the website from which the quote came.***

Although thousands, perhaps millions, have dedicated their lives to co-creating the New Golden Age on Planet Earth, I have written this article in the hope that we will henceforth peer beneath what appears to be happening on our planet and intuitively perceive the underlying path. Ask yourself: “what is really happening here?” After an objective look at Presidents Obama and Putin, we can comprehend that what we hear and read in the mainstream media consists of cabal propaganda and attempts to control our behavior by convincing us we have enemies around every corner.

Thankfully, Obama and Putin have been courageous leaders, adept strategists, and intuitively led by Spirit to guide the world along the path to the New Golden Age.

We are soon to learn the many ways in which the CONSCIOUSNESS OF ONE can manifest. For example, our multidimensional selves can be living parallel lives or be present in more than one location at the same time. As a result, many Ascended Masters and members of our Galactic Family now walk among us. Some Ascended Masters have incarnated as the Higher Self of some in order to offer a greater degree of assistance to those working in the Light. According to several channels, Sananda is working very closely with President Obama.

According to the prophecies of Nostradamus, July 27, 2014 was a very significant day, although I’m not sure either of us knew it at the time. On that date, a friend, Heather Mac, and I experienced information being revealed relating to the Kalki Avatar.  Neither she nor I intended the computer search into which we were guided.

The morning’s revelations began when I clicked on facebook and a video was the first thing I saw. The heading someone had placed on the video was “love, tenderness, softness … a matchless man.”


It reminded me of Putin’s love of animals and how that love is written on his face when he is with them.

(The video is no longer posted—3/15/15)

I had earlier spent a week researching Putin’s esoteric astrological birth chart, looking for examples in his life that illustrated each of the Sabian symbols activated in his chart. Sitting in his auric field, I could feel the love energy in his being. I experienced him as a Love Being. [xxi]

The next revelation came in the form of this photo. The symbol on the flag behind Putin caught Heather’s attention. Putin

kalki_mb2It is the Kalki Avatar… Maitrya … Mehdi … Rider on a White Horse.

Corrine Heline, in her New Age Bible Interpretation, Vol.VI, states: “the horse represents the mind linked to the desire nature. White is the color of transmutation. Regeneration is always typified by a kingly person going as a conqueror and to conquer.”

 Keep in mind that sacred texts are written in symbolic language. When we read the surface words of these texts, we often find a extremely violent God depicted with the many gory battles in which God took one side or another. When we seek the hidden wisdom within our sacred text, a God of Love shines forth. The surface battles symbolize the inner battles we fight with our desire nature.

The Kalki Avatar comes to lead our planet to peace … to Truth. The fighting men depicted with the Kalki Avator symbolize the facets of our lower nature that we need to transmute … to regenerate in order to ascend to higher dimensions. archangel-michael-angels-25549841-172-300

Archangel Michael carries his Sword of Truth. However, Archangel Michael is not killing a human being … this picture symbolizes the use of the Sword of Truth to rid the world of all that has caused suffering and pain. As Jesus taught: “The truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32)

 “I stated that in 2014, a cosmic power described as ‘Kalki Avatar ‘in Hindu scriptures, ‘Mehdi ‘in Muslim scriptures, ‘Rider on White Horse’ in Christian scriptures, and ‘Maitrya’ in Buddhist scriptures would emerge to save humanity. All this would happen before 27th July 2014, when His appearance will be known to all.[xxii]

Were Heather and I intuitively led on our July 27, 2014 search for the meaning of the symbol on the Russian flag behind President Putin as a message that Ascended Master Maitreya has now moved into closer relationship with President Putin to assist in leading our world to peace?

During the last year or so, we have certainly seen that Putin has no plans to assist in creating a WWIII. We now know that “It is common knowledge inside the Beltway that the current US Administration (USAD) has been resisting numerous creative and heavy-handed manipulations by the COL WZs, Israelis and BCC officials to become drawn into new major air and ground wars in Syria, Iran, the Ukraine and now Iraq (again)…. [xxiii] Putin is also familiar with these “numerous creative and heavy-handed manipulations.”

 Catholic Resources states: “The belief in a Kalki avatar who will come to restore peace to the world is alive in countries throughout the world. While many still await his descent to earth, many other believers have faith that he is already here on earth.” [xxiv]

Truth will be revealed in the near future. Meanwhile, I encourage all to practice looking beneath the surface words and events on our planet and behold the Divine Plan for Earth unfolding with the help of President Obama, President Putin, and millions of altruistic Lightworkers (or White Hats, as some are called) throughout our planet!

Let’s cease all demonizing and snide, knee-jerk remarks and learn to perceive the Good unfolding just beneath the surface. All things are working together for good as Earth leaves behind the plane of duality (3rd Dimension) and ascends to the higher dimensions of Love, Peace, & Abundance for all!






NOTE BY KAUILAPELE: This is a pretty astounding series of questions, sent in by Preston James, and answers from Duncan Rhodes. http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2014/09/08/time-to-get-on-your-duff-2-of-2-gordon-duff-vt-9-8-14-questions-answered-with-duncan-rhodes-and-preston-james/

NOTE BY NANCY: Although Goggle Search lists this article as on several blogs, I am unable to find the original URL.

Veterans Today[Gordon Duff] “Duncan is perhaps the best informed individual in a number of key areas. He is a longtime friend, confidant and advisor to me and a certain inner circle.”

Q: Is Putin now receiving top quality advice and consent of the Tall White Alien ETs and if so is this the reason he has been so politically effective in his recent actions?

A:  I don’t know.  But, Putin IS VERY much aware of the fact that mankind’s history is very different to the rubbish put forward either by science or Abrahamic religions.  Plus he KNOWS that an event is coming that Russia needs to prepare for – an event that he describes as:  ”One day Russians will wake up and find that the West is no longer there as we knew it”.  His preparation includes bringing the Russian masses up to speed about UFOs, ETs, and our relationship to them.  I’ve been to see for myself his scientists and institutions in St Petersburg.  Putin is in the loop.


***You may see the working Endnotes at: https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2014/08/14/as-the-divine-plan-unfolds-on-earth-thanksgiving-for-those-leading-us-into-the-new-golden-age/

You may see President Putin’s Esoteric Astrological Natal Chart at : https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/who-is-vladimir-putin-sabian-symbols-for-vladimir-putin-as-revealed-in-his-astrological-birth-chart/










Geoffrey West Announced on his 3/13/15 Cosmic Vision Newscast That “The Kremlin is preparing a major announcement, journalists are asked not to depart for the weekend.”

Geoffrey West Announced on his 3/13/15 Cosmic Vision Newscast


PanoramaMoscow Kremlin

Geoffrey West translating Russian:

“The Kremlin is preparing a major announcement, journalists are asked not to depart for the weekend.”

According to a source in the press service of the President, Russia in the near future is preparing a major announcement, and for this reason, heads of relevant media asked to be ready in the next few days for a possible press conference.