Father/Source Begins a Program of Soul Studies Channeled by Dr. Kathryn May

Father/Source Begins a Program of Soul Studies

Channeled by Dr. Kathryn May


This series of radio broadcasts began on February 25, 2015, with Father God taking us “through the process from Creation to the present, in a general way, having to do especially with the creation and evolution of souls”

Planet Earth and her inhabitants are presently moving through the 3rd/ 4th dimensions as preparation to enter the 5th dimension. [i] This means that a vast amount of NEW INFORMATION is necessary to assist in an expansion of our conscious awareness. 3rd dimensional life has been based largely on intellectual knowledge—which can be proven by our 5 lower senses. Now that we are preparing to lift our consciousness to higher dimensions, there is much to learn.

Those who have heretofore been faithful to a particular religion may find NEW INFORMATON unsettling. As the Apostle Paul, best known within the Christian religion, explained: “I, my brethren, could not converse with you as with spiritual men, but as worldly men and even as little children in Christ. I have fed you with milk, and not with meat; for hitherto you were unable to eat it, and even now you are not ready for it; because you are still worldly; for as long as there is among you envying and strife and divisions, are you not worldly and still following the material things?” [ii]

 Father God is giving us meat through Dr. May. We have all known children who refuse to taste an unfamiliar food and we responded to them, “How do you know you don’t like it? You haven’t tasted it.“

Now is a time in which to taste NEW KNOWLEDGE, i.e. meat. Rather than refuse to read or listen to the NEW, let us open our minds to receive it. Sure, we have to chew meat, but just as solid food can satisfy our hunger more so than milk, so can the “metaphysical” – meaning “beyond the physical” better satisfy the gnawing questions we try to ignore lest we lose our faith. Faith that can be lost is based on uncertainty; Truth cannot be shaken!

As a 1st step, I suggest listening to at least the 1st of a series of radio programs concerning the Removal of the Sleeper Cell & Cancellation of our Contract to experience life on the plane of duality. The entire series is most valuable—if you have the time to listen—as this is our route to freedom. (My intuitive sense is that the symbolic story of Adam and Eve eating the apple in Genesis 3 is the biblical description of the Sleeper Cell and Contract.)



2nd – I suggest listening to the narration of the Removal of the Cabal from Earth. Their physical bodies remain on Earth, while their Souls have been taken to The Temple of Light on the 4th dimension. The silver cord (Essles. 12:6) attaching the physical body to the Soul has not been severed and continues to supply life energy to them. This show is especially important because—as you know what is taking place on higher dimensions—you can observe the changes in behavior of the cabal on Earth, as they begin to act in accordance with the positive transformation taking place within their Souls. This allows you to have visual proof of the changes taking place on the Soul level. Once their multiple life reviews work is complete, the Souls will return to Earth as Lightworkers. We also learn that Souls can be present simultaneously in more than one location.



While the Souls of the Cabal work on 4th/5th dimensions, Father/Source is conducting a series of Soul Studies for us. Father/Source describes this series: I will talk with all of you about the departure of the cabal souls and what that means for you on the ground. You will learn about the soul process that will allow the dark ones to raise themselves back to the Light and to redeem themselves after the thousands of years without my guidance or comfort.

It will give you a perspective on the deep connection we have with you.  The energies you now feel are helping you toward ascension, and part of that process is the growing flow of Love and support you are all sending to your Higher Selves.  For the first time, you are experiencing the possibility of an equal relationship with your Higher Selves and with the Company of Heaven….”



For many years, I have kept a wallet size chart of my Divine Self laying on my computer stand, where I can see it at all times. I treasure this pictorial reminder of who I truly am. You may order one from: http://tsl.org/2009/10/chart-of-your-divine-self/ This chart can be helpful in learning to attune to your Higher Self, or the I AM PRESENCE within you. The chart reminds you that you are ALL OF THIS, not just an individual on the Earth separated from the Kingdom of God within. [iii] Divine-Real-Self-Presence-WhyamIhere-ElizabethClareProphet-www-tsl-org


 Father/Source: “I will talk with all of you about the relationship between you in your incarnation, your soul, your Higher Self, and me.  It is important for all of you now to understand your true identities as Masters and as Galactic beings.




 “Father/Source will be here tonight with another segment on Soul Studies. We will receive the true history of what happened in Atlantis, including the plans the Company of Heaven devised and implemented to counteract the accelerating darkness on Earth. This account tells who the divine players have been, and details how this week was the culmination and the triumph over the forces of darkness that have held Earth captive for thousands of years.”



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[i]   See Jim Self’s article on Dimensions: https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/what-do-you-mean-the-3rd-dimension-is-going-away/

[ii]   I Corinthians 3:1-3 – Lamsa’s translation from the Aramaic of the Peshitta.

[iii] Luke 17:21.