On March 3, 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, spoke to a joint session of the United States Congress.  Afterwards, I perused the facebook timeline of a newly elected representative to the House.  Although, I am acutely aware of how dumbed down Americans are, I was stunned to read the comments regarding Netanyahu.

Here’s what a new representative to US House had to say:  “I was thrilled to have the opportunity to hear Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu address a joint meeting of Congress this morning. This event served as a powerful reaffirmation of our nations’ joint allegiance to one another.

As a democratic outpost in an often hostile and fragile Middle East, Israel is key to U.S. national security and a strong national defense. In the midst of anxious and tumultuous times on the world stage, we must remember who our true allies are.”

After working for Disclosure of the ET presence with us and perusing almost every facebook timeline belonging to the US Congressional members, I am not surprised at the lack of awareness of congressional members; I am appalled!  The mainstream media is tightly controlled; true investigative journalism no longer exists within the MSM.  Our congressional members are as dumbed down as American citizens.  It is the blind leading the blind.  No wonder America is crumbling!

Comments by constituents on this timeline centered around “Oh, to have such a statesman as Netanyahu as the US president.”

Americans truly appear to know nothing about what is happening in our world.  Instead, they support political parties like they support a football team.  Matters not what the party is doing … they cheer anyway out of loyalty to the party..

Do Americans really want another World War?  Do Americans really want to send their children and grandchildren to war so they can be killed or maimed/psychologically destroyed for life?  If the answer is “NO,” then why cheer for those who are determined to start WWIII?

The veteran journalists at Veteran’s Today are working hard to get the truth to the American people.  They have been to war; they have been injured  in war; they know first hand the horrors of war.  They also have access to irrefutable Intel regarding the geopolitical events on our planet.

Please read this article by Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, presently the  McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, and writing for Veteran’s Today.  Rather than rejecting the parts that do not conform to your  political party’s rhetoric, do your own objective research and attempt to prove Fetzer wrong.   You are very likely to find just how misled Americans are!

Personal opinions and objective facts are two very different things!  When a potential world war is at stake, only facts matter!