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For the past several years, we have talked a lot about ascension. We say we want to ascend, but do we really?

Are we willing to approach new information about the cosmic community in which we live with an open mind? Do we really want to learn more enough to set aside our intellectual, rational mind that is dependent upon our 5 lower senses to reveal truth? Are we willing to envision the top of our head (where the crown chakra is located) as open wide to receive Truth from our own Higher Self as well as other Higher Beings? Are we willing to open our heart chakra and attune to the Community of Love that exists in the Higher Dimensions? OR, do we insist on viewing life through our two physical eyes that see life from the 3rd dimensional perspective as either black or white, without the loveliness of the brilliant colors within a rare rainbow? Do we notice a rare rainbow in the sky and respond, “I can’t accept that colorful scene because it does not conform to the black and white world to which I am accustomed”?

Western cultures, in particular, have stressed the rational or intellectual mind to an almost complete exclusion of the Higher Intuitive Mind. This emphasis on the rational mind has heretofore been very successful in blocking Truth that can only be revealed by the Intuitive mind.

We readily accept the fact that 12th grade material cannot be understood within the framework of 1st grade information. We would laugh at anyone attempting to read a science textbook with the vocabulary and reading comprehension of the average 1st grader. And yet, when we hear or read metaphysical (meaning beyond the physical) information that we don’t understand, the tendency is to immediately reject it rather than embark on the exciting adventure of learning more about life beyond the physical.

We are taught in Western elementary schools to read with a dictionary close at hand … to look up a word we do not understand. How many of us do that? Do we really want to learn more about what we do not know in this moment? Are we afraid to learn more because we cannot unlearn what we learn and to learn more requires developing a new worldview?

I ask these questions because I find the work that Dr. Kathryn May does presents an abundance of information about our cosmic community that is not widely known. I perceive that she, through her channeling, is revealing the story of how our planet is being transformed into its Golden Age. A loving community of Higher Beings are present with us, working hand in hand with us to transform our planet from a dark, prison planet to a radiate Showplace for our Solar System and beyond.

The following radio show is an example of the more advanced teachings that are now being given to Earth humans as we move toward ascension to Higher or Christ Consciousness.

It might be helpful to write down the new or expanded information you hear on this show. An example is likely to be that the Twin Flames of those Higher Beings, with whom we are familiar, will choose to incarnate into physical bodies in order to work with us on 3rd dimension to help transform Planet Earth.  We can expand our understanding of how members of our cosmic community—who live on higher dimensions—work with us. We can begin to comprehend that we are never alone—that we are one of many—seen or unseen—working together!


Tonight! Father/Source, begins a program of Soul Studies. All Welcome! Wednesday February 25, 2015 on Channel Panel BlogtalkRadio at 5pm PST / 8pm EST

Father/Source, begins a program of Soul Studies. All Welcome!

Wednesday February 25, 2015 on Channel Panel BlogtalkRadio at 5pm PST / 8pm EST – with Father/Source, Host & channel Dr. Kathryn May, Co-host Meg Davis.

Dr. Kathryn May


“I will talk with all of you about the departure of the cabal souls and what that means for you on the ground. You will learn about the soul process that will allow the dark ones to raise themselves back to the Light and to redeem themselves after the thousands of years without my guidance or comfort.

It will give you a perspective on the deep connection we have with you. The energies you now feel are helping you toward ascension, and part of that process is the growing flow of Love and support you are all sending to your Higher Selves. For the first time, you are experiencing the possibility of an equal relationship with your Higher Selves and with the Company of Heaven.

This new partnership is possible because of the lifting of the quarantine that has been in place around Planet Earth since the fall of Atlantis. No energies from the surface of Earth have been allowed to be transmitted into the higher dimensions because of the danger presented by the cabal. This quarantine is being gradually lifted, as safety permits.

This will be the first of a series of programs to teach you more about your destiny as souls, and how you fit into the Great Plan. Please join me this day, as I send you all my Love through Kathryn and her beloved team of Lightworkers.

I am your Father/Creator, the one you call Source.”

Call in to listen or to speak with the host (760) 683-2637

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 3 Men, 13 Zac, 11 Ik – February 24, 2015

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
3 Men, 13 Zac, 11 Ik – February 24, 2015


Selamat Balik! We come carrying good news! The process of unwinding the gross influence of the dark continues. The Light through proper prayer and divine actions is very close to unwrapping the final obstacle put forth by the Anunnaki many millennia ago. This set of divine actions is to free the numerous funds and permit them to be graciously delivered. The Agarthans have in their possession keys to special chants and decrees made for this exact purpose. These acts can only be performed when the right divine time is before us. This special moment is now. Hence, Heaven instructs when and how to execute these final hymns. Gaia reaches the point in her travels when such hermetic devices can be successfully applied. Our liaisons are thus working with those of the Light who were selected long ago to perform this most sacred task. This time is indeed special and all the required chants are being executed. Heaven’s chosen emissaries are providing these divine wordings. Their actions are to reset this reality’s matrices and to permit the many events needed to turn this reality toward manifesting the start of your freedoms and grand prosperity.

In this new environment, you are to meet first with your Agarthan cousins. The long separation begun by the destruction of Lemuria some 25,000 years ago is formally to end. You are learning about your ancestry and learning to see that you are indeed special aliens to Gaia’s surface world. Once you learn a new geography, your thoughts about who Gaia is are to take new directions. These changes in your perceptions become a most auspicious time for us to appear before you. In essence, you have lived through one full great year, and now with this wisdom in hand you are ready to begin anew. NESARA is only one of many tools that are to stir you toward resuming your full conscious reality. Gaia is to use your time of restoration in your Crystal Light Chamber to reunite her surface and inner world realities. This reunification is to return her surface to a new and pristine state. Then, the deadly duality of the surface is to transform into one where fauna and flora coexist. The world of a primitive and open atmosphere is to be altered into one where the two firmaments are again in operation.

As you can imagine, this new reality comes with a plethora of new responsibilities. You are to join with your inner Earth cousins and create new governance. This model is to spread across this solar system as you forge your new star nation. This new star nation has been given a mandate by Heaven to assist the former Ancharan states to realize their wish to become fully conscious Beings of Light. In addition, as a part of this divine mission, you are to aid in the reforming of their numerous star nations. This mission is eventually to slide into one in which you successfully help in fulfilling one of the initial purposes of this organization, to bring peace to and unify this great galaxy. This grand mission is to help turn your star nation into one of the most respected. However, you as well have a mission to work to bring even more galaxies into the fold. At present there are over 10,000 nearby galaxies that form a grand union with each other. Our joint mission is to spread peace and Light throughout physicality. We are to join with others to unfold the divine plan of the Creator (Great Creative Force).

As you move into the first manifested time of change, be ever ready for new knowledge and imparted wisdom. Keep in mind that long ago, when you were forced into limited consciousness, you were lied to and manipulated first by the Atlanteans and then by the Anunnaki. You require the truth as you prepare for a new reality. This galaxy is broad, and to you enormous in scope. Yet it possesses a divine order, which you are in need of knowing. All of us recognize this and sincerely wish to explain your true ancestry and history to you. Once you are fully conscious, we advise you to study your many Akashic records and be able at last to get a full grip on where you stand in this wondrous Creation. This wisdom along with that provided by your numerous experiences can be added to your own personal “Book of Understanding.” Use this acquired wisdom to guide you and be ready to collaborate with others to creatively resolve any problems that may arise in your star nation. Indeed, you are at the beginning of a most wondrous new life!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Many wonderful events are preparing to manifest! Our associates are most happy about the events that are finally ready to happen. The dark has long prided itself on its ability to keep our various deliveries under wrap. This is really the last thing their loyal minions can continue to do. This set of delays is to end as the Light has obtained the necessary documents to conclude this dilemma. Hence, various projects long missing the required funds can soon begin a proper start-up. This is as well the case with the prosperity funds. A series of preliminary deliveries were completed. However, it was incumbent on our helpers to stop and shortly this complicated process can start again. The completion of this process is designed to replace the current governance and permit you to put an end to a long history of worldwide debt slavery. This process is not only to bring you prosperity, but as well to end discriminatory and unfair taxation.

What is most vital at this time is to use these financial resources to carry out your dreams and make this realm a better place to live in. Much needs to be done. We intend to use our coming teachings to not only increase your knowledge, but to give you numerous insights into how you can best improve your lives. The most important thing is to better understand how you got here and how, as a collective, to ready yourselves for a new reality. This realm is truly a dark one that is just beginning to shine. Each second of every day, Heaven sends you blessings. Use these multitudes of blessings and decrees to improve the vision of what you wish to do. Be inspired to work with others and learn at an even higher level to create community filled with Love and God-driven responsibility. Use this sense of purpose to forge grand plans to change this world for the good.

Long ago, we came from many distant lands to help this planetary system and to lovingly provide the general guardianship this world so needed. We bless our mutual experiences and take these as a wisdom, which we are about to use to make this land a true paradise. You are close to transitioning to abilities that mirror our own. Our process is to guide you and, in wisdom’s grace, lead you gently to a new realm. We were chosen for this task only by living countless lives. These lives pointed us to what we eventually became. Likewise your heavenly guides are now pointing each of you in a sacred direction. We assist them and have instituted programs to produce the foundations for this new realm. We therefore ask that you constantly look inside and use these insights to keep you on the path to your dreams. Remember, Love and Light is all that is! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we continued to assure you that good news is around the corner! Soon, this realm is to change. Until then it can often look like the same old story. So stay positive and focused even though it may appear as if there is nothing new. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.


One result of having been born in America just prior to WWII is that I remember.

 I remember when Americans were serious about serious things. I grew up sitting quietly—on a daily basis–with my parents and relatives, listening to the evening news and the serious discussions that followed. Adults studied the political issues and regularly held knowledgeable discussions. The men of the small town where many of my relatives lived met regularly at the country store … sat around the wood stove located in the middle of the store … and held serious discussions about our country, its people, and how things could be improved. I remember my grandfather walking two miles along Highway 74 to Peachland to join the men’s discussion. Americans were serious about creating a better country. They cared.

I was reminded of the old days this morning as I read articles recently published about what is actually a very serious issue—the federal government’s decades old Truth Embargo regarding the presence of and its involvement with extraterrestrials.

Although it appears some world leaders at the time attempted to cover up the fact, the news media regularly reported on the flying saucers encountered during WWII. As a child, I watched the skies hoping to see a flying saucer. Adults discussed the presence of flying saucers and what they could mean.

UFO and planes - WWII[ii]

What was different in the old days is that President Eisenhower did not settle for not knowing about the extraterrestrials. He conducted his own investigation. Although he did not make an official announcement regarding his findings, he, as president of the US, demanded to know.[iii]

How does this differ from today?

Now families have allowed themselves to be dumbed down. Serious debates have been replaced by hasty tweets that most often reveal lack of knowledge rather than profound thought. cell phones

Researchers and lobbyists have attempted for decades to convince the US Congress to hold Hearings and listen to the eye-witness reports from top level military and government officials regarding the extraterrestrial presence. Recently, a group of Americans made a serious and prolonged attempt to convince Congress to hold a Hearing and end the Truth Embargo. This people’s campaign continues. Yet, there has been no response from the US Congress or President Obama. Other nations have also urged the USA to make an official disclosure.

Still, no Congressional or mainstream media response! And, the people are silent………

Russia’s Prime Minister Medvedev has stated that if President Obama does not announce Disclosure, the Kremlin will. DiscloseTV reported on February 11, 2015 – “A stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) report on Prime Minister Medvedev’s agenda at the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week states that Russia will warn President Obama that the “time has come” for the world to know the truth about aliens, and if the United States won’t participate in the announcement, the Kremlin will do so on its own. [iv]

Still, no Congressional or mainstream media response! And, the people are silent………

I learned for the 1st time in December 2014 that “The U.S. Government Has a Secret System for Stalling Patents.” [v] This means that Americans and the people of the world are suffering in unnecessary ways, such as having to pay for, or live without, heat during this very cold winter. In fact, the end of the Truth Embargo and the release of 6000+ patents for very advanced technology could transform life as the people know it almost overnight. Extraterrestrials and our own scientists possess technologies to produce free food,[vi] free energy,[vii] and much more. However, these patents are withheld from the people.

Still, no Congressional or mainstream media response! And, the people are silent……..

Then, today (2/24/15) I am alerted to two articles that have been published regarding Disclosure. Not that the reporters seriously approach the subject. They do not.

The first article appears in ROLL CALL in the gossip column.


 The second article appears in the NEW YORK MAGAZINE. new_york_magazine


Although it contains some truth, it is approached in a tongue-in-cheek style, holds no resemblance to investigative reporting, and makes no demands on Congress for a Congressional Hearing or on President Obama for an official Disclosure.

white-house-ufo Regardless of what one thinks about extraterrestrial life and politics, UFO motorcades would do wonders for D.C. traffic. Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images (White House); Shutterstock

“In 1997, CNN found that 80 percent of Americans thought the government was hiding information about aliens. Ninety-three percent of respondents had never been abducted by aliens or known someone who had been kidnapped and taken to another universe.” [Note the psych ops message in CNN’s report: “kidnapped and taken to another universe.” Abductees are beamed up to a space ship near earth, not “kidnapped and taken to another universe.” Being beamed up has a familiar ring; being kidnapped and taken to another universe creates fear. When confronted with the Unknown, the human mind is most prone to lock onto the fearful scenario and thus become more vulnerable to manipulation.]

Still, no Congressional or mainstream media response! And, the people are silent……..

President Obama made a recent plea to the American people: You have to push for what you want!

And still, the people are silent………..

 America’s most valuable resource is no longer functioning as CITIZENS—the only permanent office holders listed in the Republic’s Constitution.

America’s voice for the people—the MAINSTREAM MEDIA—no longer functions to offer freedom of speech and the right to know to America’s citizens.



















 Close encounters of a biblical kind -

Close encounters of the biblical kind


Earth humans have walked with extraterrestrials for thousands of years. It is only the modern Earth human that knows nothing of our galactic brothers and sisters. Many spend hours reading the Bible, yet have not the understanding to recognize the biblical encounters with extraterrestrials.

 For years, biblical scholars have puzzled over the Book of Ezekiel and the vision he describes. Why do we not make the connection with Ezekiel’s vision and the UFOs we hear so much about? Are we not curious? … OR … Have we allowed our minds to become so empty that we no longer ask questions?


Cedric Leonard was curious. His analysis of Ezekiel’s vision is well worth the time to study and hopefully expand our minds! Do we really want to settle with knowing far less about our galactic family than our ancestors did? Do we willingly choose to continue living in the past with its antiquated ways?

 Why do we not absolutely insist that the US Congress hold hearings to listen to the testimonies of those who have encountered extraterrestrials who far exceed Earth humans in spiritual maturity and technological advances? Why are we choosing to remain in the 1st grade when we could be advancing in knowledge and evolving into a galactic human and join the cosmic community that exists behind the veil of our ignorance?

 Enjoy Dr. Leonard’s exploration of Ezekiel. May it stimulate your mind and cause you to want to know more!




  I am sharing this story of a trans-gender child because I once knew a trans-gender individual. We became close friends and I got to know the psychological conflicts with which she lived. As Zay says in this article/video, it feels like I am locked in a cage with no way to get out. Tears fill my eyes just to think of my friend being imprisoned. I could not settle for “that’s the way things are.” Never could … I have to do all I can to find the answer to “Why?”

My friend and I both studied metaphysics and accepted the fact of our ETERNAL SELF. I also studied Esoteric Astrology, which is based on the concept of reincarnation. As we view our lives from the perspective of our ETERNAL SELF, we come to realize that our individual Soul has experienced thousands of incarnations in many nations, as many different Personalities, and on many planets. One of the ultimate goals of each Soul is to achieve a balance between the masculine and feminine energies–the state of androgyny, one of the most advanced stages of spiritual evolution.

In order to accomplish this, the Soul incarnates as a male for numerous lifetimes and as female for numerous lifetimes. It is within the incarnation during which the Soul makes the transition from one gender to another that problems in adjusting can occur. The trans-gender individual has vivid memories of having lived as the opposite sex. It is possible that the Soul re-incarnated into the opposite sex physical body shortly after returning to Spirit, so the Soul memories are very vivid. The cells of the physical body may also retain these memories.

The same can be true of the individual our society calls “gay.” That Soul has also lived and loved as one sex and in the present incarnation is making the transition to the opposite sex in order to achieve androgyny–the balance of masculine and feminine energies.

Remember the Soul is the spiritual, Eternal Self that has incarnated as any number of “Personalities.” Identifying–through past life regressions–the Personalities we have been can be very healing in that it assists us in understanding our Eternal Self. Physical and emotional healings have been known to occur almost immediately. (Read Dr. Brian Weiss’ books) The individual making the transition to an incarnation as the opposite sex gains an understanding of why he/she feels caged in a body that feels uncomfortable and sets up a variety of “bullying” scenarios in a society that teaches “only one life to live.”

Within a belief system that teaches “only one life to live,” the trans-gender or gay individual is made to feel and is often treated as “perverted.” This is just one of the horrible repercussions of religions and the medical professions resisting or forbidding an acceptance of reincarnation as Truth. Hence, all of life is explained in terms of the physical; whereas, the Truth is that 99.9% of life is within the spiritual realms. Not accepting reincarnation is to deny the ETERNAL SELF and its multitude of experiences. We, therefore attempt to understand others and ourselves by looking at a miniscule part of who we truly are. This creates vast pain stemming from being forced by society to repress the glorious magnitude of our true identity as made in the image of our Mother/Father God, thus child gods.

As a very talented musician and song writer, Paul Luftenegger, sings of his incarnation as a gay man, “It’s Only Love.”

Understanding the concept of the Eternal Self can solve a multitude of personal and societal problems. Instead of feeling caged in, the transgender and gay individuals could understand why they made the transition from one sex to another and make the adjustment choices that best suit him/her and the lessons the Soul desires to learn. Parents can explain to the child and allow her/him to choose how they can best adjust.

The Eternal Self has eternity in which to develop the state of androgyny.








Benjamin Netanyahu

 The Republican Congressional leadership’s invitation to Netanyahu to speak before Congress in March was made without the agreement of the Democratic Congressional leadership or the White House and has set the stage for what looks to be a huge drama.

In order for Americans, as well as the world, to understand what is happening, I am listing several articles that seem to me to relate to the approaching scenario.

 “Historic Speech in Damascus sends Shockwaves around the World”

Posted by Preston James, Ph.D on December 13, 2014


“Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11

Pravda: US fears Russian publication of satellite photos of the tragedy of 9/11”

Posted by Gordon Duff on February 10, 2015


REMEMBER: the US = the Corporation of the USA – an unconstitutional secret government, i.e. the cabal.


“Putin set to drop “truth bomb” on USA – Will Russia Blow 9/11 Wide Open?”

Posted by Kevin Barrett on February 12, 2015


“Obama Leaks Israeli Nuke Violation Doc Before Bibi Visit

US helped Israel with H-bomb – 1980s report declassified”

Posted by Gordon Duff on February 14, 2015


Are “Brer Barak” and “Vlad the Fox” having the last laugh?



On August 14, 2014, I wrote, on the basis of my extensive research on both Putin & Obama, whom I have believed are secretly working together to bring to fruition the Golden Age on Earth:

In the very near future, my intuitive knowing is that President Obama and President Putin will emerge as honorable men who continue to stand tall under intense adversity.