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on the 1/9/15 Cosmic Vision News Broadcast

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The seventh in a series of disclosure-related petitions brought forth by Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research group has now been posted on the White House petitions page.

The US government has been increasing the threshold of signatures required as time has gone on. This is likely due to one of two reasons. The first is that many petitions were not deemed to be serious enough in nature to be worthy of a response, and the government may not have expected so many people to participate in the initiative. The second reason is that, as the government saw that more and more were beginning to engage the serious issues, the government was going to be forced to address some very important questions that they may not have been expecting to address, at least not right away.

One of these issues is the issue of the disclosure of the existence of our galactic families, and the cover-up that has been taking place for at least decades, if not much longer.

The first petition reached the threshold of required signatures, and a representative from the White House chose, either intentionally or under force, to reply by saying that there is no known life beyond Earth, and that ET’s have not been interacting with humanity.

The wiser people have known better than to accept this response, for there are hundreds if not thousands now, who are beginning to share information and experiences that are contrary to that official response.

The response however, is now a part of public record, and this was the original intention of Mr. Bassett when starting his project to end the Truth Embargo.

The threshold kept going up, perhaps because they were trying to cut down on the number of petitions that they had to reply to, but also because they were attempting to screen out, the petitions that are not really serious and not really important.

Six other petitions were filed by Bassett to draw attention to the issue of disclosure. Bassett organized and promoted the Citizen Hearings on Disclosure, held in Washington near the end of April in 2013. In the autumn of 2014, a campaign was launched to send DVD copies of the citizen hearings to all members of the US Congress and the US Senate. This was followed up by a tweet-email-fax storm, designed to draw attention to the US members of government to these hearings and to watch the videos.

Over the years that Cosmic Vision News has been on the air, and even in the years before this, while offering lectures on global peace and healing, I have stressed the importance of getting to the ROOT SOURCE of all the problems.

The global cabal has done a fantastic job in creating so many ‘fires’ around the world for people to get passionate about, and thus send their money to promote this, that, or the other thing.

People get passionate about saving the dolphins, the whales, the rainforests, stopping chemtrails, ending fluoridation in water, fighting Monsanto, or protesting police brutality or austerity cuts. The list is literally ENDLESS and this has been by design. The global cabal has thrived historically on debt, on fear and on the separation that exists among humans.

Please understand that I am NOT saying it is ‘wrong’ to support worthwhile causes. If people are feeling called to support causes, it is part of the opening of the heart-chakra of humanity to learn compassion and to reach out in support of our brothers and sisters, our planet, or any aspect of LIFE upon this planet. This is not the point. Part of the point is that most have not been aware of how the global cabal has put their greedy hands into almost every facet of our way of living, and this has included charitable organizations, and good-will institutions. People have often believed that they were doing something ‘good’ by supporting certain charitable organizations, be they cancer-related, disaster-relief oriented, or whatever.

In the Haiti earthquake of 2010, numerous charitable organizations lined up to collect donations, allegedly in support of Haiti. Two of these organizations were set up by former presidents Clinton and Bush Jr. Millions upon millions of dollars were raised, and yet, years later, many thousands of people were still basically homeless and living in poverty. One has to ask where all this money went.

To millions, especially in North America where the ET cover-up has been the greatest, people will ask: Why is disclosure so important? I’d rather support the poor people or some other organization. There is nothing wrong with this, until one begins to investigate that one may not be supporting what one THINKS is being supported with his/her donations.

As people awaken more and more to the truth of how humanity has been enslaved and abused on multiple levels over multiple decades, this awakening leads to frustration about how one can actually do something good, without that goodness being abused or stolen for the benefit of those who have been enslaving humanity and destroying our planet for profit, power and greed?

So many might be inclined to ask: “What else can I do if my vote means nothing; I am a slave to system of debt and fear; and anything I do try to do is controlled by interests stealing my money anyway? Why would I waste time supporting a petition calling for something that has no meaning to me personally, nor will it change anything on our planet?”

It is understandable that many might feel this way. Many who are awake and aware however also understand that when the official news of the existence of LIFE beyond our planet comes more into the mainstream, it is going to mean significantly more to humanity and our planet than what many can even think about at this time.

Until one begins to see just how so many geo-political and geo-economic events are inter-connected, and how all of these interconnections lead to a small group of humans who derive their profit and pleasure from harming humanity and our planet, one may not be able to comprehend the significance that this ‘domino’ (that is disclosure) represents, until that domino falls, and the chain-reaction begins to be seen around the world.

The global cabal is losing its power, and this can be observed in the many whistleblowers coming forth to tell their stories, and they are still living. The world economy, dominated by the formerly powerful US dollar is now being removed; the criminal, legal system of admiralty law is being exposed for the tool of commercial enslavement and control it represents.

There are thousands of patents, over 6000 of them, that have been kept militarized, or otherwise hidden from humanity – technologies that can improve life upon this planet almost overnight. Some companies like Tesla and Toyota are leading the way in releasing their patents so technologies can become available much more quickly.

The final revelations that we are not alone in the universe, and that civilizations have been interacting with humans for decades will be a game-changer, especially when these families are revealed to be benevolent and peaceful. Not all galactic families have been peaceful – some have been helping the global cabal. This does not mean all galactic families are bad – just as it does not mean all humans within certain groups are ‘bad’.

This petition has the potential to force politicians to admit that their gig is up. With a unified voice of 100,000 signatures, the government that has been primarily responsible for one of the biggest cover-ups will be forced to hold hearings, and ultimately finally concede that we are not alone. As this domino begins to fall, so too will many other dominoes, the ones that humans have been hiding behind as their justification for their current worldview – a worldview that is in very rapid transformation at this time.

Many countries and many credentialed individuals have come forth to support and prove this existence. The world has just not heard about them, because of a controlled effort by the western media to keep this information as quiet as possible. Therefore, this petition does not represent just a simple announcement that has no meaning for humanity or our planet. It has the potential to start into motion a movement that will ultimately bring down the house of cards that the global cabal has built up over decades and arguably centuries.

Considering one of two futures for the children of our planet: to either remain as ignorant slaves to a system of debt and fear – which is not going to happen anyway… or to move forward as a birthing galactic star nation with the health, abundance and technologies to create a way of living that is no longer tied to this group of souls who have forgotten who they are – which had you rather choose?

The evidence is there, for those willing to look for it, or to just see it. It is our future, and it is our children’s future, and it is our planetary future that depends upon the removal of this global cabal at this time. This will only happen with conscious choices made by humans willing to stand and speak for this truth to be known. Let this domino fall, and watch what unfolds after this!

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of NOW!


IF YOU HAVE NOT SET UP A WHITE HOUSE ACCOUNT:  Look to the right corner of the above web page and click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT … once you have done so, you will be asked to check your e-mail and find one from the Petition site.  Click on the URL provided in the e-mail to verify that you have received the e-mail and your e-mail address is correct.  Then return to the above URL and sign the Petition.

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