Retired Congressional Members’ Responses to the 2013 Citizen Hearing for Disclosure

Retired Congressional Members’ Responses  to the

2013 Citizen Hearing for Disclosure

In 2013, Stephen Bassett, director of Paradigm Research, brought together 40 outstanding witnesses representing 10 nations into a week-long Citizen Hearing before 6 retired Congressional members and under oath regarding the presence of extraterrestrials with us. At present a major effort is in progress to convince the US Congress to hold a Congressional Hearing for Disclosure, to the American people and the world, of the truth regarding an extraterrestrial presence with us, some of whom have worked with the US government, as stated in a deathbed testimony of a former CIA agent, given to UFO researcher, Richard Dolan.

Heretofore—according to the official government statement—Americans have lived in a vast cosmos, housing only 1 planet with intelligent life. Listen to retired congressional members’ response to the Citizen Hearing.

Constituents: I am encouraging all of you to tell your state’s US congressional members that you want to see a Congressional Hearing.

Senator Mark Gravel


Rep. Darlene Hooley

Rep. Merrill Cook

Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett

Rep. Lynn Woolsey