The Congressional Hearing Initiative Is Launched

The Congressional Hearing Initiative Is Launched

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October 28, 2014

 Tweet Initiative

 The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure DVDs are on their way to the U. S. House and Senate. [They will be there by now-11/5]. Whether or not this video record is reviewed by any of the 10,000 staffers who serve the 539 congressional members in large measure depends upon how many tweets, emails and Facebook posts are sent to Capitol Hill over the coming days. It’s time to make it rain.

You are the critical component in this strategy.

Click on to find all the information you need to post tweets, emails, and Facebook messages to most or all of the House and Senate Members. Make it clear you want these DVDs reviewed and you want Congressional Hearings for military/agency/witnesses ready to testify under oath regarding events and evidence confirming an extraterrestrial presence. The website is:

The media coverage and interview schedule around the Congressional Hearing Initiative will be listed in upcoming PRG Updates and on the PRG website at:Interviews                     Media Coverage                     Press Releases


Interviews12/17/14 – Nature of Reality w/ Andrew Fisher, Blog Talk Radio, 5-7 pm PST11/18/14 – ROAM w/John Ilias, Dark Matter Radio, 6-7 pm PST
11/14-16/14 – Back to the Future Conference, Flamingo Hotel, Laughlin, NV
11/10/14 – The Lantern w/ David Weis, Talk Center America, 7 pm PST11/08/14 – First Contact Radio w/ Josh Poet, KCAA AM1050, pending

11/07/14 – Myth and Reality w/ Alan Plamer, KNXT, Las Vegas, 9-10 pm PST

11/06/14 – Mike Siegel Show w/ Mike Siegel, National, 9-10 pm, PST

11/06/14 – Universal Spiritual Connection w/ Lailani Graham, USC Radio/TV, 6-7 pm PST

Media Coverage


Press Releases11/05/14 (PRWeb)  Military/Agency/Political Witnesses Ready to Testify Before Congress Regarding an Extraterrestrial Presence Engaging the Human Race


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