COSMIC VISION NEWS – October 31, 2014

COSMIC VISION NEWS – October 31, 2014



 Tonight’s newscast felt especially meaningful! So much is happening that holds the capacity to transform our world. I also felt an even stronger appreciation for the days of time Geoffrey dedicates to researching and writing for Cosmic Vision News. Thank you, Geoffrey, for anchoring a newscast that presents a valid picture of what our world is doing and becoming! Your newscast is absolutely a one-of-its-kind show. I feel sad for those who do not listen and have no idea what is actually happening on our planet. There is great probability for good, while few are aware of that potential!

A newscast done with love and for love of this planet and its people!

Likewise …

Each of us is needed to help, support, and create the good the citizens of our planet can achieve!–news-around-upon-within-and-beyond-our-planet


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