The dark cabal, under a variety of names like the US, UK, EU, and others, is attacking or planning to attack the churches in Odessa, Ukraine. The photo is the UNESCO World Heritage Site – 800-year-old Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra, the ORIGINAL seat of the Russian Orthodox Church –a site the mob would like to destroy. Crazed nazi right sector and ultra-nationalist mobs have been threatening priests in Russian churches and vandalizing the church property for months. However, this is something new. Tomorrow, they plan a streamlined action, in which they want to take control of all Russian Orthodox church property everywhere in Ukraine. Russian Orthodox is the traditional faith of the people here since about the 10th century. In fact, it was in Kiev, the Kievan Rus, where Christianity started on Russian lands. (

UNESCO World Heritage Site,  Kiev Pecherskaya Lavra


Odeaas's pincial streetOdessa’s principal street

Odessa Opera and Ballet TheaterOdessa’s Opera & Ballet Theater

potemkin-stairsPotemkin Steps, or Potemkin Stairs (Potemkinskaya Lesnitsa) – also part of the UNESCO Heritage Site. The Steps, leading to the Odessa Seaport, are distinguished by their superb architectural harmony and balance, and are considered one of the world’s highest stairbuilding achievements.

Just as in Israel, American tax monies are used to pay those willing to perform this destruction. Although I don’t know for sure, I feel sure it is possible that a portion of $2 billion yrly. income from the sex trafficking of children is also used to sponsor the destruction.


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 13 Ik, 0 Tzec, 11 Ik – October 14, 2014

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
13 Ik, 0 Tzec, 11 Ik – October 14, 2014


Dratzo! We come with much to tell you! The fundings continue to move forward as the process moves from one group to another. While this is taking place, we are overseeing the security forces to ensure that no shenanigans occur as monies are transferred from place to place. Those involved with the arrests and the transference to new governance are likewise completing the evidence trails to be used to isolate these rapscallions from the public. This procedure is nearly ready to yield results. Meanwhile, the dark is no longer able to use its various secret operations to start a major war. The dark realizes just how weak it is becoming. Nevertheless, it is doing little annoying things to stretch out the actual funding process with the revaluations of currencies, and preventing the start of the global currency reset. We wish to intervene on a much grander scale but the interferences built into the financial system continue to slow down the dispersal of funds. These unforeseen delays are soon to be moved aside so the new financial system can be readied.

On other fronts, our liaisons are reporting that the Galactic Federation medical teams are currently monitoring you, as well as the health of Gaia’s diverse eco-systems. The increasing displacement of Gaia’s magnetic fields is also responsible for your individual health issues. The localized fields are affecting your new chakras, and especially your heart. We are observing more and more cases of either rapid or irregular heartbeats. Your brain is likewise being affected. Our medical teams report that we are entering a time for increased headaches and blurry vision. Your brain is having a hard time of it, as is the global surface of Gaia. These problems are also leading to blood pressure anomalies in many of you. Be mindful of this and “baby” yourself more. Heaven informs us that these difficulties are to increase as Gaia moves closer to the major events that are to greatly change the appearance of her surface realm. It is therefore the perfect time for your present reality to shift toward the divine.

While all this is happening, we are preparing our fleet for the landings. At times, it seems so far away. Yet the moment for these events is fast approaching. Your current financial system is on the verge of total collapse. The American military is quickly losing its taste for never-ending war. Hence, we desire only to land when it is safe to do so. This fleet waged an unrelenting war for nearly six million years. The last few decades saw the end to these conflicts and peace formally declared. We rejoice in this and wish you to get on with a formal end to the belligerence of these governments to our presence in your skies. It is to be wondrous to hover freely over a large city and take photos and accurate measurements of the area. Then we can truly get a complete picture of your world. We intend to turn these vital images over to your geologic scientists and be able to compare notes on this and other closely related data. Gaia needs to be loved and cared for by you. There is much for you to learn about this world, and indeed the entire solar system.

You are being readied by Heaven to become the prime stewards for this solar system. Soon, you are to be able to journey on our ships throughout this most beautiful planetary system. When the four water planets are again operational, you are then to see just how unique your home truly is. The Sun is a perfect spiritual presence and a true nurturer of this planetary system. Her love shows in how she gently keeps each of her daughters alive with freely given energy. Mercury is a transponder for these energies and gladly guides them to her more distant sister worlds. Venus is to be reborn when her huge oceans and seas reappear. She is the pioneer of the water worlds. A great, lost civilization is to be seen and to join you in populating these numerous worlds. This society inspired ancient Egypt and populated the ancient societies of Mesoamerica. Their tales are soon to be made known to you. We are to add to what they are to tell you! The story of ancient Mu is to become known as well.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with a most fervent message. The time is now for the beginnings of a new reality to appear. It is to manifest and give you reason to rejoice. Take this energy and use it to participate in the forming of a new political, governmental and financial system. Put your spiritual joy into this process. Remember who you truly are. Be ready to exercise your true inner desires and forge a realm rich with heavenly and wondrous desires. Support each other and seek the truth about what is happening. Use this to find your special part in this most marvelous play. We are to come and instruct you on some truths that can further this most necessary spiritual education. The heart of Gaia is you. So take yourself deep into this heartfelt reality and experience it in the fullest of measures! Together, we are One, and determined to restore this realm to its previous and highest spiritual reality.

As you begin to feel the wondrous energies of Heaven bless you, use the higher consciousness and vibrations that it gives you to visualize a better and better world. See how your energies heal both Gaia and yourselves. Our guardian angels are daily increasing the living fields that surround you. These fields are making you more and more aware of the blessings you receive from Heaven, and from us. Colors that exist in your environment are becoming more vivid, and able to inspire you. Be in love with nature and bless her and her many living beings. The elementals follow you every day in your skies and in your surroundings. Be ever grateful for the healing they offer you, and the blessings of good health, which they send to you. See this realm as a Oneness that is now emerging from the darkness and manifesting into a truly grand Light!

We are here, dear Ones, to aid you in this process. We come gladly to be the means whereby you become more and more aware of who you really are. You are a true heavenly power. You possess the divine will to collectively transform this reality. What you lack is a divine focus. Limited consciousness altered your primary belief in your spiritual abilities. You are in the process of recovering this and searching diligently for the means to restore it to its former potential. We bless you for this and send you daily energies to move closer to this divine goal. You are all magnificent Beings of Light who are coming closer to the moment when you can again fully realize this grand spiritual potential. Bless you, my Loves; such a sacred moment approaches! This realm is transforming and preparing to again become an instrument of divine change!

Today, we continued our message. Great things are indeed readying to alter this realm. Many forces for good are winning a long struggle and the power of the dark is steadily waning. The time for disclosure draws ever nearer. Prosperity is likewise ready to manifest. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Omara: The Last Roundup – Channeled by Dr. Kathryn May

Omara: The Last Roundup

Omara: (Ohara is with me)

Every day has brought you closer to building the “dream team” you desire, to help you accomplish the wonderful projects ahead. Those of you who have big plans for helping others are feeling the sense of increased trust, enthusiasm and inspiration that is ignited when you speak with others about your dreams for a better world.

It is very important now that you move ahead with your plans, with creating the network you will need to execute your plans, which will require careful planning, organizational skills, diplomacy and great imagination to bring to fruition.

Many of you have dreams of helping others in distant countries. You may have a special connection to the land of your parents’ birth, or a past life locale. In those cases, you will need a good working knowledge of the language and a close partnership with the local people and their leaders.

Above all, do not design a plan for any project if it does not draw on the wisdom and participation of local leaders, elders and elected officials. Remember: a gift is not a gift unless it fits exactly with what the other person(s) would specifically ask for. Without their specific request, you are not giving them what they need, but what you want to give. This is not a gift – it is an ego trip.

Secondly, do not expect to be celebrated as a hero. Give what you can, but do it anonymously, especially where money is concerned. Go to help out, join hands and roll up your sleeves, but do not be the one who offers the huge check for the local media to photograph. Your gift of concern and friendship will have a much deeper impact than a hit-and-run pot of money dumped in the laps of those who may or may not have the expertise or willingness to use the money wisely.

Many of you have asked over the years, “What is my path? What am I here to accomplish?” We remind you now: You have already done what you came here to accomplish. You have raised your vibration; you have participated in a family life; you have made friends and developed relationships in every area of your life. This is why you are here, Beloved Ones, to get to know each other, and when you can, to bring out the best in one another. As you have done that throughout your life, you have learned which ones are trust-worthy, which are still asleep, and where you feel most comfortable being your authentic self.

We have strongly encouraged you, with daily messages and constant encouragement, to take this opportunity to dive deeply into your own less-than-conscious mind, to uncover any and all residue of unfinished business – leftover feelings of resentment, impatience or anger – to identify their sources in this life, find a way to accept and forgive all feelings, no matter how distasteful it might seem to you to see them in yourself.

This is the final challenge, Beloved Ones. We are helping you with the massive shifts in energy which are taking place in the Cosmos and within your own DNA makeup. You are now prepared in your physical and etheric bodies to adapt completely to the 5th dimensional plane of existence, but there is one necessary shift on your part to complete and hold the process. You must be an active participant in the final phase of your rehabilitation from darkness into Light.

We have told you about dark thought forms. They are all the negative feelings from irritation to anger to rage, including jealousy, depression and anxiety. All these are on the fear spectrum – the feelings that energize and strengthen ego defensiveness. These, Dear Ones, are the feelings you are responsible for in yourself. You are the shepherd of your own feelings and thoughts. They are yours to keep or leave behind. We have given you the level playing field, the energy of Love to surround you and ease your way out of the old hallucinations and illusions.

Be scrupulous in your examination of your own feelings and thoughts. Measure and scrutinize the atmosphere of your inner world, with an attitude of good humor and loving acceptance. They are just the teachings you came into adulthood with. They are not a measure of who you are. They do not have anything to do with your worthiness or intelligence. They are just ideas, nothing more.

Do not become attached to ideas in any way. If you discover an idea floating around in your brain, question it. You don’t have to believe something just because you think it. It doesn’t matter who taught it to you or how much you believed it at the time. It is only a collection of ideas. Compare it to your old marble collection or the socks that no longer match. An idea is only as good as its usefulness in the present, and even then it must be seen as simply a convenient tool, to be discarded when its time is past.

And so, Beloveds, look now at every “opinion”, attitude or belief you hold. Do you still need it? If you are truly anchored in your heart, nothing you say will sound like an “opinion.” It will simply be a deep conviction of basic Universal principles, gently and graciously applied. You will not find yourself in debates or arguments about what you believe or what someone else believes. It will not matter to you what others believe.

Actions are to be addressed, yes, especially if they are cruel, intolerant, hateful or destructive. You must of course protect yourself and those you love, but if you find yourself acting out of fear, stop and reconsider. For instance, the fear mongering about ISIS and its supposed “threat to your way of life” is just nonsense. ISIS is a profit-oriented, Western-inspired cabal. They have managed to recruit desperate young men to do their dirty work, once they have been brainwashed into radical beliefs, but it is anything but a homegrown movement. Eliminate the cabal and the “rebels” will return to their families and their more heart-centered beliefs.

Ebola is a patented bio-weapon. The U.S. holds the patent for it. There is no vaccination that will protect you, but you may very well contract the disease if you submit to being “immunized”. There is a cure, however. It is nano-silver, similar to colloidal silver, which is also effective in eliminating the disease. If you wish to help, join the effort to make these substances available to those who are affected or in danger of exposure. No one needs to die of this primitive man-made concoction.

You see, these are dramatic examples of the difference between those who act out of fear (and ignore the truth), thereby putting themselves into the care of the cabal, and those who accept the truth and look for a real solution. Be the “warriors” for Light, Dear Ones. This means you apply your energy and inspiration to creating solutions, calmly and joyfully, and with Love in your hearts. All challenges can be overcome, all difficulties resolved in the loving company of your beloved human traveling companions.

Be fearless, be loving, and be joyful as you do your final housecleaning within. We have created the environment and given you the tools to complete the job. We have pointed out the small excavation that needs to be done inside yourself. We promise to stand with you, lovingly cheering you, embracing you and covering you with kisses as you carry yourself through the last mile of this marathon challenge.

We are filled with love and admiration for your courage and determination. Accept our love as we fondly accept yours.

We Are One.

Your Omara, together with Ohara, Prime Creators

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 13, 2014

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