by Patricia Cota-Robles


October 7, 2014


This is a monumental moment on our beloved Planet Earth, and each and every one of us has been preparing for lifetimes to fulfill our individual, and very unique, facets of the unprecedented Divine Plan that is unfolding daily and hourly during this Cosmic Moment. In September 2014, we experienced miraculous influxes of Light that have changed the course of history for ALL Life on this Planet. Now you and I are being called to a higher service than we have ever rendered to any part of Life.

The Divine Intent of this service is to integrate the amazing Light we received in September into the physical plane and the lives of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom, and the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Mother Earth. Throughout the remainder of 2014 we will receive assistance from On High that will amplify a thousand times a thousand fold, the service we are being called to fulfill. This opportunity, which will build in momentum for several years, will begin with the Lunar Eclipse on October 8th. This Eclipse will bathe the Earth with new and unfathomable frequencies of our Mother God’s Transfiguring Divine Love. This gift from our Mother God will build in momentum through the Solar Eclipse on October 23rd. At that time, the Earth will be bathed with new and unfathomable frequencies of our Father God’s Divine Power.

These two Sacred Fires, our Mother God’s Pink Flame of Divine Love and our Father God’s Blue Flame of Divine Power, will merge into higher frequencies of the 7th Solar Aspect of Deity, which is the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame. This glorious Violet Flame will be the predominant influence on Earth during the 2,000-year cycle of the Aquarian Age we are now entering.

I AM imploring you to invoke your I AM Presence and to enter the Flame of Truth pulsating in the Divinity of your Heart as you read the information in this newsletter. The time for you to be the full Divine Potential of who you truly are is NOW.

During the Spring of 2014, we experienced a greatly amplified influx of Light through very powerful Lunar and Solar Eclipses, a rare Grand Cross Alignment, and the most powerful influx of the 5th-Dimensional Frequencies of the Crystalline Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection that we had the ability to endure. That glorious influx of the Violet Flame occurred under the auspices of Saint Germain, and was gifted to Humanity throughout the entire month of May. Those events cleared the way for a Healing that the Legions of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have been tenaciously working to help Humanity accomplish since the initial impulse of our fall from Grace on the continent of Lumeria millions of years ago.

The Company of Heaven said that they were not allowed to reveal this problem or this facet of the Divine Plan until Humanity en masse had reached a frequency of vibration that would allow this Healing to be successfully accomplished within every single man, woman, and child on Earth. That critical mass was reached after the influxes of Light that took place during the Spring of 2014.

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The Company of Heaven: Breaking Through to the Light

The Company of Heaven: Breaking Through to the Light
Company of Heaven

Dear Ones, we wanted to send you a brief message today, since our channel, Kathryn was traveling and was not able to work with us yesterday. We want you to know that there is a great flurry of activity around the world concerning the Global Currency Reset, which is going to create a tremendous change for everyone.

It has been a long and difficult road for our representatives on the ground, but the gentle arm-twisting for God, as we jokingly call it, has had a real impact, and one by one nations have fallen into line. Even the old cabal leaders are feeling completely outnumbered for the first time in recent memory. They have not been able to railroad their programs through or bully others into doing their bidding.

You have seen the tremendous shift in power from West to East just in the last few weeks. We want to reassure you that this will not mean the end of prosperity for the Western world. Just the opposite. The Chinese Dragon Family – the great Lightworkers who have guarded their part of the St. Germain trust until this historic moment – are intent on helping to create a humane and prosperous world for everyone, and they have proceeded carefully, with deep thought for all involved.

What a triumph it is to see the pieces fall into place. How we wish you could see what we are watching! The Lightworkers on the ground who have worked for many years in secret and in silence will soon be able to come forward to receive your blessings and thanks, and they will be able to join in the celebration at last. We are endlessly grateful for their dedication and their long service. You will be astonished when you learn what they have managed to accomplish in spite of the cabal control of nearly every institution on the planet.

It has reached a point of no return now. The New Golden Age we proclaimed this year is coming into full flower, and when the curtain opens for the first act, you will not believe your eyes! Such dedication, such resourcefulness and Love has gone into creating this pageant for the enjoyment of all! Every soul has played a part. Some have labored behind the scenes for a lifetime to nurture and shape the outcome you will see bursting forth on the world stage as if by magic, out of nowhere.

Ahhh, how we enjoy the anticipation of your astonishment and awe when you learn the truth of how enormous this Great Plan really is, and how many thousands have played an important role in its success. Yes, of course, we are sounding a bit mysterious and vague, but that is still necessary for a few more days, for the successful roll-out of the first wave of blessings.

We have worked with you every day for months now to help prepare you for this time. Some of you have opened your hearts and your minds to drink in the Love and information we sent you to set you free. Most of you have taken some of it and used it sparingly. A few have rejected it outright under pressure from naysayers, family “skeptics” and the weight of cultural blindness. The trouble with these few is that they try to take all of you with them, but you have held the line. You have refused to be discouraged from following the energy of Love and Light which lifts you ever higher, away from fear and doubt and into a new way of life.

We applaud you for withstanding the pressure and ignoring the fear-mongers who would have you stay at home taking endless medications and feeling old and worn. Arise, Dear Ones! Stretch your legs, shake off the doldrums of waiting for life to get better. Get to work now on what you are building to make the world the Paradise you saw in the back of your mind since early childhood. Gather your team. Be an effective coach and organizer. Help others to envision their own parts in the good work you will be doing together.

You are all discovering your special talents. You all have them, you know. Perhaps you are a “get-it-done” kind of person who loves to arrange things and lay the groundwork for others. Perhaps you are one who loves the hands-on details of completing a job when others become distracted by grand plans. You see, you will all be needed, and no project will be the work of one person, or one person’s vision. You have already begun the new era – the shift from yang to yin, from individual superstars to group consciousness, and you are feeling the power of joint authorship, joint ownership and joined hearts.

You are moving into a phase when all competition for resources and even for fame and wealth will melt away into the distance, never to return. The new entrepreneurs will be team players, and the leaders of your new age will be connected to their hearts, or they will not be permitted to lead. Falseness and pompous threats and promises will be baldly revealed for the ego manipulations they really are, and you will be freed from having to observe the nastiness of attack ads by desperate political hacks. A new era of genuine statesmanship will emerge when money and politics are completely disentangled.

Yes, you have so much to look forward to, the lists would be endless. We hope you are getting a taste of what you can now reasonably hope to achieve when you set out to improve things around you. You will be amazed how doors will open, where impermeable obstacles once blocked your way. Much of this is due to the new vibrations of Love you have all been immersed in. It is working, Beloveds, it is truly working.

We will return to keep you informed, to give you new details when you need them. We will ask Kathryn to continue these messages on a very frequent basis, although they may not be every day as they have been for months now. We have a few other assignments we wish to ask of her, to use her channeling skills to help bring in new programs, to share information with others on the ground to make their work come to fruition faster, and other foundation work to help bring in the new. You will be included in the family of Lightworkers who will be helping with these new beginnings as well.

We wish you a pleasant and restful day and evening, to restore your energies and lift your hearts for the next great adventure together.

We are the Company of Heaven, your Masters and Guides who are here with you every step of the way. We continue to send our endless Love to you, eternally. Namaste, all!

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 10, 2014, 11 pm, New York

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COSMIC VISION NEWS – October 10, 2014

COSMIC VISION NEWS – October 10, 2014


  Cosmic Vision News


An underlying theme of this newscast seemed to be to inform the people of our planet of the many ways by which we are taught to view life the way the dark cabal wants us to view it. A journalist whistleblower tells how journalists are taught to lie to the people. He is now sorry for having done so and is blowing the whistle on the routine practice of news media manipulating the people to view and accept life as they told, not by independent study, seeking Truth. [How often have you heard the question: “What do the authorities say?”]

In his Last Words, Geoff reveals how the cabal has so thoroughly infiltrated almost every fragment of society with their own propaganda to the point that some do not know they are spreading lies instead of truth.

Geoffrey also talks about true peace, which is very different from a very prevalent misunderstanding that Peace = No War.  Geoff earned a Master’s degree in Peace Education, but differs from the standard teachings regarding Peace.