Lucifer: Unconditional Love

NOTE BY NANCY;  Many of us have not been sure who Lucifer is … of the Light or of Darkness.  Lucifer explained in an earlier channeling:

Lucifer: Unconditional Love


I have been asked by my beloved Gabriella to speak about Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is a large topic, a Universal one in fact. You have been told that all is love, and yet you live in a world where little unconditional love is present. You have suffered the lack in childhood and ever after, and it has required that you turn yourselves inside out to try to provide something for yourselves that was not available from others.

This love gymnastics program you all experienced – even in the best of families – encouraged you to learn two things: One, you can’t trust anybody, and Two, you must trust yourself. It is a conundrum, isn’t it? If you continue a life without trusting anyone, you close down your judgment, thereby guaranteeing that you will always make faulty choices and end up hurting yourself. If you trust everyone, as some of you say you should, you will also not make good choices because you have blinded yourselves to the truth that there are still some on the planet who are truly untrustworthy.

Now, where does that leave us if we wish to love unconditionally? How do you do it and still remain whole, in spite of the rough and tumble life you signed on for? There is an answer to this, Dear Ones. Love makes you stronger, so even if you chose badly in the past, you are not weakened by it; you are stronger and wiser. You are sturdy adults, so you have nothing to fear from loving wholeheartedly, regardless of the outcome.

Be generous in your gifts of love, but you must also be unwavering in your standards for the way you will be treated. If your loved one betrays you or abuses you even once, do not stay and try to change him/her; you are entitled to end the relationship immediately.

Do not wait until you have married the person, had children, or started a business together. The rule of thumb is this: If a person is willing to behave violently or dishonestly once, they will repeat that behavior. Character does not change in a moment. Although outward behavior might change for a while, it does not “hold” because it comes from ego, not inner guidance. Leave and find yourself someone with integrity – someone you don’t have to change.

Of course I do not mean to say that people are not capable of change. Some are. You are, but why would you want to choose someone as your partner who will become a lifelong project in which you are in the position of correcting and admonishing them as if you were the parent and they the child? Or worse yet, you are suffering in silence, feeling hurt and confused? If the person in question is willing to change, they will do it of their own accord, without prodding, just as you have. Perhaps your leaving them will create impetus for them to change; perhaps not.

You see, the scenario I have described above would only continue for a second round if your ego is in charge, calling the shots. Egos love a challenge, even a deadly one. Your own ego (and his/hers) will lie to you, tell you that to “forgive and forget” and welcome them back is an honorable, superior way to live. Listening to Ego, you will want to be superior, above the one who has hurt you, and you will be tempted to prove it to yourself and everyone else over and over. Beware the seductive promise of Sainthood.

Now, take a deep breath and stay with me here. Resist the urge to deny any ego involvement until you look closely. Remember the earlier lessons you have learned in these messages. * If you find something in yourself you cannot bear to admit, be kind. Understand it is just a learned pattern, and you can change it. It is not YOU. It is just something you learned to do. Say your favorite “Oh, well” mantra and be ready to examine the specimen closely.

If you have remained in a relationship where you were frequently feeling hurt, frustrated or angry, there are three possibilities:

1. You are deluding yourself into thinking that your love will change the other person (bring out the best in them), and it is worth staying because there are good times as well as bad times.

2. Related to 1, above: You are taking the “I’m so forgiving” position, which means you have not forgiven at all, but you are taking credit for it, by suppressing all feelings of anger. This is what we think of as the Lightworker analogue to “I’m too sexy for my shirt…too sexy for Milan, New York, Japan.” ** *** (see footnote below)

  1. You are firmly ensconced in a child position (as described in Kathryn’s book, Who Needs Light?) and you are either imagining insults that do not exist, or you are imagining you are a helpless prisoner in this relationship, or you believe you don’t deserve better, or all of the above.Beloved Ones, Love does not hurt. If you have loved with all your heart, you have fulfilled your promise to love unconditionally. There is nothing more you could do, and if the relationship ends, either by death or separation, there is no reason to be devastated or bereft. You have gained the experience of feeling great love, and you come away ready to express that love toward everyone you meet. This is not a loss or a failure; it is a triumph.
    If you are feeling devastated, outraged and hurt, look closely at the thinking process you have applied to understanding the broken relationship. Are you blaming yourself for choosing badly or for not being able to “make it work”? Are you devastated that the other person doesn’t want to be with you any longer? Are you outraged at a dishonest, deceitful or unfair action on the other’s part? Let us look at these (Ego) responses.

We have already covered blaming yourself. It is unfair, unkind, and unrealistic – an old pattern put in place by Ego to protect you from pain at some early time in your life, when you needed to believe you were in control of everything that happened, because that is better than feeling helpless. This is an early childhood compromise: If I am to blame, then I can fix it, and they aren’t as bad as they seem. They are exonerated, so I don’t have to cry myself to sleep every night, realizing how awful they are. I am in control, so I will be okay. That works for a child who has no other option but to remain where s/he is and try to make the best of it, but it is simply not true, then or now.

If you are devastated about the break-up or loss, you are imagining you can’t live happily without the person who has left. Assuming it is a break-up, then either the other wanted to leave, or you wanted to leave, or you both wanted out. From an adult perspective where you have free will and so do they, what is so terrible about that? Why would you even give a second of your precious life to longing for someone who doesn’t want you? Would you really want someone to stay with you against their wishes? Why? If you were the one who needed to leave, then why look back with regret and try to convince yourself that you should have stayed? So that you both could suffer endlessly? Why not breathe a sigh or relief and move on? You are both free to find a more satisfying life. (If you find yourself resenting his new life, look to Ego for explanations.)

Now, let us look at the situation where you have been betrayed, snookered, hoodwinked, mislead, deceived, duped, cheated or skunked. You are probably trying to convince yourself you had no idea he or she could do such a thing, but deep down, you knew you were playing with fire. Think of the first time you met this person. What was your intuitive response? Did your heart go pitty-pat? That, Dear One, is fear. Did you feel the kind of attraction that made you want to melt? You were already giving up your good judgment.

Most people will acknowledge there was a moment when they felt a hesitation, a doubt, or even an outright knowing that this person was trouble. So, now you complain that you have been taken advantage of? That doesn’t make sense, does it?

Instead of gnashing your teeth and beating your chest about the unfairness of it all, congratulate yourself for your good radar. It was working then and it is working now. You needn’t fear that you will make the same mistake again. You only need to pay attention to your best faculties, and you will be safe and happy next time. That intuitive nudge came from your Higher Self and your Guides. They deserve a thank you, and now you can consciously connect with your Higher Self and have a good laugh together. In fact, you can apologize for not listening!

Now that we have removed the booby traps, you are ready to move on to the real thing: Unconditional unconditional Love. Knowing that no one owes you anything, and that there is no outward reward to be expected for your acts of love, go ahead and have fun. Spread Light around you with a broad brush. Give what you can, graciously accept what is offered, and expect nothing more than to have a wonderful time. You will end each day exhilarated, fulfilled, and eager for another opportunity to be loving and kind.

This is the key to unconditional love, Beloved Friends: Anticipate fun and enormous blessings in your life when you live generously, but expect nothing in particular. It is the work of God and the angels to fill the lives of those who serve with pennies from Heaven, sunshine and flowers. This is not payment for your good acts, because there may not be a one-to-one correlation between your goodness and your rewards. Much depends upon your soul contract and your lessons still to be completed.

You might even cultivate a new attitude toward those lessons if you want to maintain your sense of humor. Here is my suggestion: Every time you suddenly find yourself face down in the mud – or one of life’s equivalents – just pick yourself up, brush yourself off with a hearty laugh, and thank your guides for the clever fast one they just pulled on you. Then, look closely at what you can gain by thoroughly understanding the people, the conditions and requirements of this latest bump in the road. You will come away richer, smarter, and completely at peace, because you didn’t feel you had to blame anybody or get upset. This is what we mean by “rolling with it,” isn’t it?

You see, Unconditional Love means you love yourself unconditionally first, and God is right up there too. When you cultivate that state of your heart where you are in love with yourself, with God and with Life, then you will be surrounded by Love of your own making, and you will never feel alone.

If it is in your contract to encounter an unconditionally loving partner, it will happen. When it does, you will simply be “hooking up” with someone who feels the same way about you that you do, so there won’t be arguments or misunderstandings. You will love each other beautifully, with respect, admiration and wonder. There will be no need for bargains or deals or manipulations to get love. It is freely given, both ways.

So you see, Dear Ones, expressing Unconditional Love will never cost you a thing. It will fill you up, lift your vibrations and speed you toward your Ascension. It cannot exhaust you because you will be channeling the energy of the Universe, and you will be the recipient of it first. You will find yourself with a spring in your step and a laugh on your lips. When you are in Love, everything looks beautiful, even if it isn’t.

So, go ahead. Hug a tree. Hug a child. Be a little silly, and laugh about it. It is contagious. If you don’t know how to dance, take a lesson. Sing in the shower and admire the sound. Applaud others when they try something new. Notice the leaves changing, clouds floating by, and greet the rain with cheers and gratitude. Everywhere you look there is something to Love, to celebrate. Send out your Unconditional Love vibes to the sparrow in the tree, the bee on a flower and the dinner on your table. Don’t hold back. Then send Unconditional Love to all those people who are destructive, evil, lost. You, My Dearest Ones, are changing the world.

I love you Unconditionally, always.
I am your Lucifer, in service to God.

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 6 Men, 13 Tzotz, 11 Ik – October 7, 2014

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
6 Men, 13 Tzotz, 11 Ik – October 7, 2014


Selamat Balik! We arrive! Our earthly associates continue to make progress to prepare for the dispersal of funds. These funds are to be given only to encourage a global prosperity as well as the end to poverty and all want in this reality. It is agreed by us and our various associates that the old ways of hoarding money and denying the masses their due can no longer be tolerated. Those in the various elements of the dark cabal are to be divested of their ill-gotten wealth. Further, governance, long the realm of these scalawags, needs a complete house cleaning. Those who serve in government have long been beholden to these fiscal rascals. Hence, a broad coalition between them made banks and investment houses largely exempt from the degree of full retribution they truly deserved. This is to change now, as new rules for financial discourse are to end this illegitimate behavior. Arrests are to punctuate this and set the stage for a fresh way of conducting these affairs. This is to usher in a new age of transparency, fairness and worldwide prosperity. This is just the beginning for what is planned!

You require some heavenly and galactic wisdom about your reality and your distant origins as a people. In this regard, we, and your Ascended Masters, are to offer some sound advice and truths about the nature of this realm and limited consciousness. The dark, prior to the end of Atlantis, carefully watched colonies throughout the Atlantean empire. These colonies were eventually meant to serve as the source of slaves. These slaves were to be the basis for the Atlanteans and their allies to drastically change this empire’s societies. This concept was fought by those who understood the special “deal” Heaven had given Atlantis at the time of the destruction of Mu (ancient Lemuria). This conflict was to lead to the destruction of Atlantis some 13,000 years ago. At that time, the Anunnaki emerged as the dark successors to this lost empire. Initially, the Anunnaki filled your ancestors with a great stream of mistruths. The purpose was to forge a mythology to control the survivors of this catastrophe.

The story of your ancient societies is a tale of a growing dichotomy between the technology available to the minions and that given to the masses. A secret science gradually grew up which permitted the Anunnaki’s minions to perform what at first seemed to your ancestors to be magic. The minions were as well taught a vast arcane history, which showed why they were the rulers and how best to stay in power. This relationship between the minions and the Anunnaki lasted until the decree of Anchara was announced in 1994. At that time, the Anunnaki deserted their minions and asked them to surrender to the Light. The minions refused and began a global conflict to determine which faction was now to rule. The dark’s continued quest to retain its power was not checked until we made a number of special agreements with our various Earth allies. They wished to have only our support and to finish off the dark themselves. This last stage began in earnest in late 2006.

Since that time, we have used our offices to ensure their success. The Agarthans committed even more of their personnel to live in your world and advise these special allies on the best strategies to favor. In addition, we obtained data vital for their several strategies. This data, along with our added personnel, greatly aided these brave and courageous souls in their endeavors. Our purpose was to help them in order to see NESARA proclaimed. The new governance was to recognize us and finally end a most malicious cover-up that has prevented us from engaging in a more overt policy of support. We have instead monitored your world and done what was available to us. Our liaisons have been ferrying between these friendly groups for decades. We intend to take a more active role since new heavenly decrees now infer this. Heaven implored us to interfere in a most positive way and ensure that the forces of the Light succeed. Thus, this is the time when the dark is to fade ungraciously from the scene.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with more good news! The various allies from our secret sacred societies, as well as the various Ancient Families, are in the process of transferring monies to a number of distribution trust accounts. Those special groups are to pay out your global prosperity programs and foreign exchange accounts. The dark cabal has long used its positions of authority to prevent these payouts from happening. Agreements and the threat of force by the Ancient Families, as well as by us, finally liberated these accounts from their heinous grasp. Blessed be the ways of Heaven and the power of the Light! These funds are to be ready once a number of final steps are completed. Expect shortly to hear announcements on this very subject. We rejoice and prepare for a number of wondrous blessings for humanity. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

In other news, those in charge of bringing down the old reality are ready to start a series of legal moves, to lead to the rise of the new GESARA governance. We bless these actions, as they are the final steps that are to lead to your freedom and to the true declaration of your individual sovereignty. As the old powers fade, the Light is to emerge triumphant. Be prepared, dear hearts, for some amazing events. Remember this time of your year is to celebrate the end of tyranny and the return of those abilities that were lost during the time of Atlantis. The coming great white month in ancient times was when Atlantis reached its conclusion by overstepping its power. The Light showed that agreements made with Heaven are to be obeyed in joy and in the Light of divine service. The days of darkness are over! The time of the divine Light is indeed here!

We bless these times and prepare, dear ones, for our coming lessons. These are to teach you about the spiritual essence within you and its effects on consciousness. As you rise in Spirit, you gain in consciousness. The spiritual and physical realms here are to merge and forge a new blessed reality. The task we are assigned is to watch over you and give you aid and comfort within the bounds of your individual life contracts. We do this in joy and administer you as is righteously given to us by Heaven. All the Beings of this realm are greatly loved and appreciated by Heaven. In Heaven’s Light, all works in joy to alleviate pain, remove sorrow and seek sustenance for everyone. This moment is thus a sacred one as the tide turns against the dark. The time for this reality’s salvation is at hand! In praise, we gladly state: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we continued our messages. Be in joy and prepare yourselves for the final steps of this part of your journey. Magnificent events are happening. We are close to the landings. Let these final steps be indeed true and swift. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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