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 Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne

 In 1955, Lorna Byrne was born in Dublin, Ireland to a poor family. She has seen and communicated with angels since she was a baby.  Due to her lack of interest in the physical world, she was diagnosed “mentally retarded.”  She was, in fact, dyslexic and could hardly read.

Lorna has always seen angels just as you and I see another human being.  As she looks out over an audience, she can see each individual’s guardian angel standing behind her/him as clearly as she sees the human being.

Lorna had great difficulty learning at school.  The angels taught her everything she knows.  She has not been influenced by reading books (which she can do only with difficulty); mainstream would consider Lorna uneducated.    

 So when we listen to Lorna, we are listening to a woman who was raised by the angels, taught by the angels, and guided by the angels. 

Lorna is the author of three international best seller books, including Angels in My Hair, Stairways to Heaven, and A Message of Hope From the Angels.  She lives in Ireland.

I am especially interested in what the angels have told Lorna in the two YouTubes below.   AMERICANS, THE WORLD IS LOOKING TO US TO LEAD THE WAY TO A NEW WORLD!



Mountain God - observed by Geoffrey Hodson (Author of Kingdom of the Gods) in the Drakensberg Range in NatalA Mountain God observed by Geoffrey Hodson (author of KINGOM OF THE GODS) in the Drakensberg Range in Natal, Brazil. The central form in this case is at least 60 feet tall.



This video also shows what appear to be angels visible on SOHO Solar & Heliospheric Observatory

Because a question has been raised in this video comment section about angels needing wings, I am including paintings/photos of angels. They do not need wings to fly; instead, the wing-like formations are a part of their energy field.

Angel of Celestial Music

Angel of Celestial Music (Hodson’s KINGDOM OF THE GODS)

 A Rose-colored angel

A Rose Angel

“Rose angels” may be thought of as incarnations of divine wisdom and love, qualities that bring them into intimate contact with the Immortal Selves of Egos [Higher Selves] of humanity. Association with such beings is indeed a privilege and their cooperation in the service of humanity can be of greatest value.” Rose is the color vibration of Love.

profile of rose angel

Profile of A Rose Angel revealing the higher consciousness force centers (or chakras) … the throat, 3rd eye, and crown chakras. These 3 chakras are also among the 7 chakras of humanity and represent our higher consciousness force centers. (Hodson)

Healing Angel

Healing Angel – Note the child on the stairway (Hodson)

 Healing Angel 2

Healing Angel (Hodson)

 Angels of World Mother

Angels of the World Mother overseeing the birth of a child. These angels hover around the mother and unborn child as the time for birth draws near. (Hodson)






Hilarion: A Love Bomb to End All Darkness

Hilarion: A Love Bomb to End All Darkness

A love bomb - Hilarion
Archangel Hilarion:

Greetings everyone! It is a great pleasure coming through this channel for the first time, although I am not a stranger to the work that is being done here. I am delighted for the chance to speak with all of you. Mother God let us know that we would have a special opportunity to come through, since Kathryn has agreed to do a message every day until the Revaluation of Currencies. I suppose you are aware that the purpose behind these messages is to provide a challenging lesson for you every day, one which will help you to clear away an old remnant of darkness and replace it with Light. I am happy to be a part of such an uplifting project.

We are all interested in the path of humankind toward their Ascension. We watch carefully as the dance is acted out – the thrust and parry between the Light and Dark on your planet. Of course the deck is stacked in favor of the Light, since the appearance of darkness (and what you sometimes call evil) is really just an illusion. Are you really in full understanding of how that is possible? Perhaps I can give you another perspective on it.

Let us take the example of the minions of dark ones who are now carrying out the terrible assassination plots against the bankers who have worked for the largest of the corrupt financial institutions. Of course these 38 and counting bankers whose deaths have been counted as “suicides” are nothing of the kind. Not one of them had any psychiatric problems, they were all successful and highly paid, and had absolutely no motive for suicide, unless you consider the possibility that they all suddenly had a fit of conscience and could not live with their own participation with the cabal systems. That is highly unlikely, since the kind of high life they were all living generally becomes addictive and difficult to leave – all the more likely that it was not suicide.

Most of the deaths were people who worked in the area of IT or communications in their banking companies. They therefore are the ones at high levels of responsibility who had access to the information about the fraud being committed every day. Is it not obvious to you that these would be the ones who need to be eliminated, just as the Treasury Department comes searching around looking for evidence of the extreme and unethical practices they know are epidemic in recent years? These are the men (they are all men) who have the evidence needed to shut down all the major banking corporations on the globe.

Now, why do I, Hilarion, who is usually concerned with the natural world, bring up this issue right now? Because I am also interested in the new governance coming to the Earth which will allow many of you to be free to support your Mother Earth and the precious Kingdoms of Elementals, Animals and Plants which have suffered along with you for so many years.

Do you see the fundamental connection between the kind of greed that drives a cabal leader and the ongoing devastation of the natural world? Of course you do. Where there is a connection between power and money there is greed, and where there is greed there is corruption, and where there is corruption one of the first things to go is any concern for protections for Mother Earth’s health and well-being.

This is why we who are the protectors and healers of the non-human Kingdoms are so involved right now with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters who come to work with us on removing toxins and nuclear waste from the environment. We are watching hopefully as the humans who were trained – brainwashed, really – by the Reptilian-controlled cabal, to see how they will carry forward now that their leaders are gone from the planet. We continue to hope that in spite of the ruthless programs under which they were trained, they will gradually find their hearts and begin to question the use of murder, blackmail, extortion and threats when they deal with the threat to their power base, which is dwindling.

As the energies of Light on the planet increase, the pressure is on for everyone, even those who have prided themselves in being completely immune to feelings of compassion or generosity, which they consider weakness. As they go through their days priding themselves in being callous, others around them are beginning to soften, awaken, and question whether they wish to continue on the path they were seduced into when they were young.

There are developing schisms between the most powerful leaders, who formed the tight-knit family connections by calculated marriage and business arrangements, not out of Love for one another, but because of the power they could accrue by creating tightly-controlled secret organizations. There are cracks forming in the foundations of their structures, as younger family members begin to defect in opposition to the status quo. Just as in the natural world, it is the young who are the promise of the future for their parents, and the Universal Laws which govern all are beginning to be felt, especially by those who still have a glimmer of connection to Creator.

A few have “slipped through the cracks” by pretending to be interested in the dark religious practices they were raised in, while secretly exploring the internet sites which have proliferated like this one, offering a different view of what Life can be. You see, Light will out, always. Once one begins to question and absorb these lessons, there is no turning back. Have you not noticed this? The more of these messages you read, the more it all begins to fall into place, to form a larger understanding of the Universe than you ever dreamed of a few years ago.

Now, let me sketch the rest of the picture for you. The military-industrial complex is owned and operated by the same people who control the financial institutions. The military-industrial complex is the source of the worst toxins and invasive practices which harm the beautiful beings who have always lived in peace with humans, doing their service of nurturing and protecting the natural world. So you see, the war between the banksters and their minions is going to soon spread to the military leaders and their officers and troops.

The U.S. Navy has resumed their irresponsible testing of sonar technology, even after the people’s letter-writing campaign which brought a halt to the testing and a supposed “rethinking” of destructive practices. When the cetaceans begin leaving in large numbers because they cannot stand the pain and hostilities toward them, it will create an even greater outcry from the people, and it will become difficult for even the previously hard-nosed bureaucrats to maintain their indifference.

Whales, dolphins and even merpeople are considering a mass exodus from the planet at this time. The attacks on them will no longer be able to be kept secret when they begin washing up on beaches. It is difficult to hide or quickly dispose of a dead whale, and there are activists everywhere watching the beaches and creating protests around the world to protect their Brothers and Sisters of the oceans.

So you see, Beloved Ones, everything hinges on all of you raising your vibration to a point so high that it sweeps everything before you in a great upsurge of Light, making it impossible for the banking/military leaders and their troops to continue their dark practices. In doing so, you will rescue the Kingdoms of the Earth from the destruction they are suffering right now. In creating this powerful tsunami of Light, you will reach the tipping point, beyond which no destruction will be possible because the higher dimensions are completely intolerable for anyone invested in darkness.

The dark minions will be forced by the simple physics of Light to drop their weapons and close the doors of their greed-fueled establishments. They will experience exactly the same overwhelming, painful vibration which has driven the cetaceans to beach themselves. A whale cannot cover its ears and scream, but the humans who harbor destructive energy will feel that way.

So, Dear Ones, here is my challenge to you: Envision your friends and fellow travelers in their ocean, air and forest habitats. See them close to you, joyfully swimming, flying and bounding toward you to greet you and look into your eyes. Feel your exhilaration and joyful laughter as you see emerging around you the fairies, elves and other nature spirits who are so gentle and filled with Love. Watch in your mind’s eye the playful leaping and splashing of the dolphins with their young. Revel in the sense of intimate connection with these beautiful Creations of God.

Picture in the distance the scheming and calculating managers of money and power, engrossed in their dirty dealings. See their sallow skin, their hollow smiles and contrived gestures. Notice how empty of joy or real camaraderie they are. Do not draw close to them; they are not of your vibration. Instead, focus your attention on the overflowing Love you feel in the company of your Brethren, and create a Light channel to focus and direct your joyful and loving feelings toward them.

See the Light and Love wash over them, seeping into every pore of their being, pouring directly into their hearts. As they fight against the onslaught of Light, see them stiffen and try to fight off the feelings of Love they are absorbing. Some will double over, others will cover their ears and close their eyes, others will cry out in pain as they fight against the Light.
Soon, it will be impossible for them to fend off the great power of Love, and they will find themselves, weak and overcome, helplessly falling to the floor, submitting to the feelings of joy that fills every part of their soul, their bodies and minds.

They will feel themselves hopelessly in Love, weak in the knees with the deep and powerful energies which course through their veins, opening all their channels to receive Light. They will arise from their faint with the sound of a song in their ears and in their hearts. It will be a song of joy and celebration for the deep and abiding connection with All Things.

They will be brought to tears by the emotions of compassion, gratitude and Love, and they will fall to their knees to ask forgiveness for the pain they have caused their precious Brothers and Sisters. God’s great Light of forgiveness will fill their souls with relief and happiness, and the gratitude they feel will remain with them as the new and permanent feeling which will guide their actions henceforth.

You, Beloved Ones, are going to change the world. These newly-awakened people will become the next wave of impassioned activists, and they have the skill and know-how to change all the things you have prayed would be removed from your world. You. You have the power to create this massive shift.

Join with your friends on your internet Facebook site, Healing for Ascension Tour,* and set a time for all of you to create a meditation such as I have described above, and create a Love Blast so powerful that you will bring on the immediate announcement of the RV, and drive everyone to who has been playing on the dark side to make the leap into the Light.

What fun you have ahead, Dear Ones, you who are gladiators and warriors for the Light. Exercise your great power of Oneness. Feel the thrill of conquest, as you vanquish all darkness with your great tsunami of Love. Know that in doing this, you will create a new energy on the planet which can never again be defeated. You are on the upswing, with powerful help from the blast of energies from the Central Sun to buoy you up and carry you across the line into the New Golden Age. You will arrive hand-in-hand, so to speak, with all the beings, all the humans and all the spirit world into the loving embrace of our Great Creator.

Hallelujah! Let the celebration begin!

I am your Hilarion, in great joy, savoring the Vision of Life we have just created together.

*Facebook: Healing For Ascension Tour

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Aug. 1, 2014, 8 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,





This newscast contains news regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. In his Final Word, Geoff explains the true meaning of Peace.–news-around-upon-within-and-beyond-our-planet