How Many Will Not Read This, Thinking It May Mean Focusing On the Negative?

How Many Will Not Read This, Thinking It May Mean Focusing On the Negative?

Nancy B. Detweiler


I have been to 3rd world countries and know this photo is very realistic.   I have looked into their eyes and seen their pleas for help … I have held their hands and listened, with my heart breaking, as children begged me to take them with me. I have talked with Palestinians whose homes, bank accounts, everything have been stolen from them. Still, they could smile and treat me kindly, when realistically Americans could easily be seen as “enemy” to the suffering Palestinians.

On the other hand, I hear and read people–whom I do not doubt channel from the Heavenly Realms–encourage us to focus only on the positive and not give energy to the negative. Do those in the Heavenly Realms not see the same people I’ve seen? Do they not perceive the ways by which DOING LOVE can alleviate the suffering? Do they not understand that every problem on Earth plane has a root cause that can be eliminated?

The major excuse I’ve heard for not focusing on the problem is that doing so energizes it. Also that to focus on the problem long enough to discern the solution is to interfere with the individual paying his karmic debt and we should not interfere. And yet, to BE LOVE requires DOING LOVE. WE ARE ONE … WHEN ONE SUFFERS, ALL SUFFER.

This dichotomy has puzzled me for years. As one who has spent almost two decades sweeping under our planetary rugs to bring to Light some of the root causes to the problems on our planet, I sincerely do not understand. My heart and mind demands a search for permanent solutions, not temporary fixes like contributing to charity organizations.

The fact that our planet is going through the process of ascension—an evolutionary leap in consciousness—brings this dichotomy to center stage. Do we ascend by ignoring the root causes of so much suffering and simply Being Love? OR … Do we ascend by joining hands as Love Beings in Doing Love and eradicating the root causes?

OR … do we truly not comprehend what the Heavenly Realms are saying to us? After all, we are striving to BE LOVE & DO LOVE in a far denser energetic field than they are; this would naturally require more hands on effort on our part.

I liked what Father God said thru Dr. Kathryn May on July 7:

We in the higher dimensions are not insensitive or inattentive. Neither do we

Misunderstand time. We created the concept of time; I assure you we have a good

understanding of what you are going through. There is not one of us in the Company of

Heaven who has not put in the hard work of living lives incarnated on Earth. This is

the reason we have chosen to work with you to create this prosperity program.

We do not blame you for not creating the atmosphere and the conditions which will

make it possible for your colleagues to safely implement the program. We do not

ask you to risk your lives to take down the banking institutions which were created

by masterminds who had years to weave the intricate system which less than a handful

of people on the planet can even begin to untangle.

 However, someone has to do it.”      (

That’s the only way I can look at the above photo … I know that some well known World Servers are DOING LOVE and that positive solutions are in the process of manifesting on Earth!  In the process, there may be a clash of the extremely negative with the very positive.

When that time comes, it will be a time to “focus only on the positive outcome”!



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