Father God: On the New Ascension Path

Father God: On the New Ascension Path


Father God:

It has been an intense week for many of our Lightworkers on the ground. Energies

continue to flow in great waves from the Great Central Sun, our Source. These powerful

energies are specifically designed to help those on Planet Earth and elsewhere to

raise their vibrations as part of the Universal ascension program. It is especially

helpful at this time for humankind, as all DNA is being influenced in the conversion

from carbon to crystalline-based functioning.


You are probably curious about how this change in your DNA will affect how you operate,

how you feel, and what difference it makes. I will give you the not- too-technical

explanation. You are familiar with the power of a crystal to hold information.

Many of you are learning about the scientific uses for crystals as powerful storage

and transmission devices. Imagine the difference between creating a computer storage

or transmission device with a lump of coal, as opposed to the delicacy and intricate

capacities of an equal amount of diamond or emerald. This is the kind of transition

you will experience – a huge jump in the power of your brain, your physical health,

and especially your psychic abilities.


As your ability to receive and transmit psychic information, you will begin to access

the wisdom of the Universe – the Greater Soul which informs and guides all creatures,

large or small. In your case, you will, as human beings, become much closer to

your Galactic brothers and sisters because you will be able to communicate with

them directly, across great distances and across dimensions, as a few of your

“channels” are able to do now. As you raise your spiritual vibration, you will be given more

and more of the crystalline components which are awakening in your DNA stands.

It is not a matter of individually being given a gift from Creator, but rather it

is for you individually to claim the great gift which is available for all who reach

for it. Yes, you will need to elevate yourselves to a state of love, compassion,

forgiveness, empathy and kindness in order to open your body systems to the complete

shift. Those who are still at a lower vibrational level will be helped by the incoming

energies but will not be able to absorb as much or transition as rapidly, but all

will eventually experience the change.


What are the advantages of opening to the incoming catalyst and the effect it brings?

I will give you a few examples of the great advances you will experience. Not

only will you be able to communicate with beings throughout the universe, but you

will be able to harness the power of creativity and manifestation in far more powerful

ways. Where it now takes days or weeks to manifest the visions you create with

your thoughts and feelings, you will find yourself truly creating magic, as your

thoughts are manifested immediately.


The transmission of your Light energy will reach far and wide, as you have seen

depicted in the paintings of your powerful Masters with halos, radiating Light.

You will have the same power, and more. It is this personal power which has been

used in your distant past to elevate great stones, to build massive structures without

machinery, and to power and direct great spaceships. Yes, you, within the structure

of your human body, are truly a free energy generator.


As your body evolves into a more sophisticated and complex resource, it will become

far easier for you to understand and develop more advanced technologies. Just as

you now design cameras to mimic the human eye, and wireless cell phones to mimic

telepathy, you will understand the elegant principles behind our more advanced

technologies which are reflections of our individual and group states of being.


Your evolution has already begun, and with it you will see all around you the springing

up of new creativity, original ideas, and remarkable talents which have been unheard

of in your lifetimes. Already you are seeing the appearance of children who are

magnificent artists, precocious musicians and marvelous performers. You are going

to see a global burgeoning of the arts which will be far beyond anything that appeared

during the Renaissance in Europe. You will be filled with awe and wonder at the

delightful gifts you will receive in the form of inspiring song, elevating poetry

and painting to make your hearts sing with joy.


You will begin to see what it means to be “made in God’s image”. You will see

Architecture to reflect the marvels of the Grand Canyon, and gardens which will speak to your

heart of Eden. You will grow fruits and vegetables of such superb quality that

you will wonder at how you ever survived on the so-called food of “the old days”.

You will find yourselves developing skills and talents to a much greater degree

than you ever had the time or the ability to achieve, and you will live long years

to develop those talents.


As your bodies and brains evolve, some of you will experience leaps and bounds in

your development, as when you are able to ascend to the higher dimensions for “fine

tuning” as we have described – a makeover to complete your transition to perfect

health and youthful bodies, as you desire. All is possible as you raise yourselves

higher on the vibration scale. This process will move quickly for some, less quickly

for others, but all will eventually move into the higher dimensions, as you have

been promised.


The process I am describing does not sound like the all-or-nothing Ascension you

have been told about earlier, does it? This is because you have jumped across

timelines to a rather different ascension process – one which will be more beneficial

to the group as a whole. Those on the fast track will feel great benefits which

will bring them happiness and many delights along the way, while the slower class

will be inspired by their “elders” to pay attention and focus on their lessons and

the advantages which are in store for them.


Don’t be too disappointed, Beloved Ones, that the promise of being plucked out of

your chair and into the healing chambers to experience dramatic change in a moment

will not be happening in exactly that way. By raising the vibration on the planet,

you have created a new pathway – one in which your transition will be more gradual

and which will make drastic shifts and differences between you and your loved ones

less difficult. Those who are ascending will know who they are, and will detect

the higher state in others in their midst, but those who are less advanced will

feel but not fully understand the differences. It is a merciful and more beneficial

process, in the long run, and it will avoid the great disruptions and drastic shifts

that would have occurred on previous timelines.


Mother Earth herself is beginning to experience the leveling effect of a more joyful

and loving population, as the massive wars are dwindling, and more hearts are swelling

with the hope of peace and prosperity for all. All around the world, hope is on

the upswing, and where there is hope, love blossoms. The healing of Mother Earth

herself has created a new paradigm – the best outcome we could have hoped for.

You see, the healing chamber you looked forward to is right here beneath your feet.

You are being healed and changed moment by moment, day by day.


You will begin to see that the aging process has slowed, then halted, then it will

begin to reverse itself and you will see yourself getting younger. It will not

be the sudden transition you had been told to expect, because everything has changed

since we alerted you to those possibilities. You and your planet have jumped a

number of timelines in the past month. This means that everything will play out

differently, and better for the Greater Good.


While it may have seemed dramatic and perhaps glamorous to think of yourselves being

given an instant “make-over,” I assure you that this more gradual transition will

allow you to be in complete command of your own ascension process, lifting your

own vibration and acclimating to the new feelings and abilities as you go. While

this takes a bit longer, it offers you the advantage of learning and absorbing at

your own pace, fulfilling your destiny of becoming a member of the Creator Race

with all the powers and abilities that come with it. Reach to connect with your

Higher Self, and you will be in contact with the greatest healer and the most helpful

expert you could want.


These abilities you are growing into will develop gradually, something like your

growth and expansion from child to adult. However, you are being helped by the

incoming powerful energies of the Central Sun, so the process will flow quickly

for those whose hearts are fully open. Breathe, Beloved Ones, absorb the loving

energy, feel the Light pouring down on you, and open your crown chakra to let it


Everything is in flux now, you see. The moment of Truth which occurred a moment

ago is already past, and the future is wide open to higher and greater vibrational

events. It is not that the things we told you in the past are not true; it is simply

that they are no longer true because of the massive changes you have created by

raising your vibrations and by helping to heal your beloved Mother Earth.


You, Beloved Ones, are now the privileged inhabitants of a great healing ship:

Starship Terra! She is becoming a powerful healing force, as she recovers from

the trauma of earlier dark times. She is still sustaining drilling and fracking

injuries, but the shattering atomic testing has ended, and the great pain of feeling

her beloved children at war is subsiding. The Light energies you generate and the

healing force of the Central Sun energies have helped her to recover from the dire

state she was in just a few months ago.


You see, our rescue mission – swooping down to rescue our Lightworkers and to intervene

to protect dear Terra will no longer be necessary. You have jumped to a new, more

favorable time line, and in doing so you have left behind the traumatic Armageddon

scenarios which were possible just a few months ago. You no longer need to be rescued

because you have saved yourselves, and you have brought your dear planet through

to safety as well. Yes, we did intervene to neutralize nuclear weapons, but without

that being public knowledge, you have raised the vibration of the entire planet

and made it unnecessary for us to intervene publicly.


This has allowed us too to proceed more gradually. You will see our “Peek-a-boo”

program unfold naturally – a war-stoppage here, buzzing a city there, making our

presence known as the friendly and laid-back Brothers and Sisters who come only

to help you achieve peace on your planet. It is a role we thoroughly enjoy. It

also gives everyone on the ground time to reassess their priorities, to learn about

ascension, and to begin to raise themselves to move with others who are awakening


So, you see, it has been a win-win situation, as you say. Those who need it can

be given more time, and those who are on the first wave will continue to their

destiny in higher dimensions. All will proceed as you had been told earlier, but

it will be less jarring, and will give you the opportunity to continue to be completely

in charge of your own growth and progress. We are overjoyed about your courage

and your ability to forge ahead against difficult odds. You are admired greatly.


We are also celebrating the gradual and very effective revaluation of currencies

project which is going to unfold with as little disruption and chaos as possible.

All is moving along even more smoothly than we once expected, and you will be

receiving your blessings, along with our encouragement to continue your great good work.


It is truly a New Day ahead. As St. Germain has said, it is only a breath away.

I am with you always, and I send you my endless Love, looking forward to sunny days

and sparkling nights, I am your Father God, the one who is known in higher dimensions as Ra, and whom

you have known in the past as Yahweh, Zorra, Jehovah and Allah.


Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 11, 2014, 6 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its

entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and

to the website, www.whoneedslight.org.



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