Integrate Divine Government First In Our Hearts and Then To The Planet

Integrate Divine Government First In Our Hearts and Then To The Planet

man on mountainNew Earth Magnetized by Our Hearts

Message from Sananda thru Elizabeth Trutwin

May 26, 2014

Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 Very High Beings have incarnated to Earth to assist in Her Ascension. Souls who have prepared themselves and are coming from the Highest Forces of Light agree to incarnate into other species on their home Planet at specific times to effect change. It is prime time for Earth to change. This brings in the Higher Teachings and helps the home Planet evolve to Higher Levels at particular times in their history. Often it is argued in religious discussion the meanings of the Ultimate Supreme knowledge. There are the real, the esoteric and the mystical meanings in the Higher Teachings. Sometimes Gurus or Teachers only obtain the esoteric knowledge and their pupils do not realize they do not grasp the highest mystical meanings and only a portion of truth is being revealed to them.

When reading the Ancient Texts one must understand that the carefully chosen wording is an energetic transfer or a download. Without exposing yourself to the Ancient Texts your chance of receiving Shakti from a High Being of Light is greatly narrowed. Likely you will spend years if not the rest of your life complaining that you are not ‘getting anywhere’ or moving forward on the Path. That’s OK after you die you may reincarnate on another Planet and start all over again.

Each Planet and her inhabitants goes through a very similar Ascension Path process. Many of the Ancient Texts have particular cultural flavors and language. That is because the Highest Teachings are Universal and are designed to invoke shifts into higher light and intelligence. Many of these teachings focus on the Human experience between the Soul Awareness and the Physical Body and how to integrate the two in harmony. The teachings focus on the Ultimate Supreme Awareness and the Human Instrument. This evolution process is psychological, spiritual and social.

As each sovereign Soul Awareness animating a Human vehicle they begin to emanate Unity and Equality in a very deep state of emanating transmissions to Humanity and by extension all life forms on their Planet. In this state of consciousness, from this level of understanding we learn to work together to make the human experience more fulfilling for all involved.

Our old truth is no longer satisfying because we have experienced that our old belief system leads to an unfulfilled life experience. This includes working for money to survive instead of working to expand our creative force. Also living within a human instrument which continues to age becoming diseased and finally gives out without any warning.

As our wake up to a new way of living happens we become a sponge and read or experience everything we can from videos, teachers, seminars, rituals and nature as we realign our knowledge to Source energy. This is always a very expansive period. A purification process happens naturally often changing diet, health practices and what we are exposed to. This leads to the end of old habits and old relationships in pursuit of experiences which support new and expanded beliefs. Another aspect is the deep desire to share the new beliefs and discuss it with new friends. This makes channeled messages and social network friends a very important part of the unfoldment.


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