by Patricia Cota-Robles

 April 2014


 Patricia CotaRobles


At the beginning of this year we were told by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth that 2014 would be a year like no other. It seems like that was an understatement. Powerful Activities of Light have taken place this year involving the entire Company of Heaven and the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth. These events are literally catapulting Humanity and the Earth forward in the Light. The results of these events have helped reverse the adverse effects of our fall from Grace, including the schism that was created between Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom when we fell into the illusion of separation and duality.

One of the most tragic things that occurred with the “fall” is that we lost awareness of the Divine Intelligence associated with the Elemental Kingdom. In the midst of the chaos that we inadvertently created through ignorance and the misuse of our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, our fragmented and fear-based human ego came to the erroneous conclusion that the Earth is an inanimate object that Humanity has the right to use and abuse as we choose. Most of the atrocities we have inflicted on this Planet are the result of that distorted belief system. The gross mutations of disease, aging, degeneration, famines, plagues, pestilence, and all of the inclement weather conditions are a reflection of Humanity’s fallen consciousness and the result of our human ego’s lack of awareness of the Elemental Kingdom. Even death, as we know it now, is a human miscreation and not part of God’s original Divine Plan.

For a very long time the Elemental Kingdom has been thought of as a mere fantasy by the masses of Humanity. Periodically there have been groups and cultures that awakened to the reality of the Divine Intelligence within the elements and nature, but that has been rare. Now we are in the midst of the greatest shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness the world has ever known, but it cannot be accomplished without the conscious and deliberate cooperation of Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom.

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Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel

 A Heavenly Grand Cross configuration indicates April 2014 as a challenging month, reaching its climax on April 23/24. With each of the four planets involved located in Cardinal signs, the days of procrastinating … of clinging to the familiar … of sitting on the fence–waiting to see what happens, will be over. Cardinal energy initiates action. Rendering this Cardinal Grand Cross extremely powerful is the fact that it is exact–all four planets are located on the 13th degree of a Cardinal sign.

The number 13 contains the 12 and the 1.

Corinne Heline, in her book SACRED SCIENCE OF NUMBERS, describes the energy vibration of 12 as leading to inner strength through many varied experiences. Writers of the biblical text were attuned to the forces of self-mastery within the vibration of 12, especially when in relationship to individuals and locations of high spiritual significance, such as: the 12 sons of Jacob representing the 12 signs of the zodiac … the 12 loaves of shew bread placed on the table in the inner court of the Tabernacle signifying the opportunities for soul growth presented by the 12 solar months of the year … the Temple described by John in Revelation with 12 entrances or avenues of service to humankind. Jesus surrounded himself with 12 disciples to initiate the New Piscean Age–the 12th zodiac sign, which governs the 12th house in which humanity seeks to blend all of life’s experiences during the Soul’s journey on Earth into a meaningful whole. The Piscean journey completes one cycle of 12 and the Soul prepares to begin a New Cycle–the Aquarian Age–with the 1.

Metaphysicians teach that 12 forces grouped in a circle around 1 form a Unity that vibrates to 13, thus 13 contains a mystic formula to the Christed Consciousness. The 12 notes of the chromatic scale are focused on a 13th which sounds the basic harmony of the octave. The book of Revelation vibrates to 13, as does the Woman in Revelation 12:1–“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the Sun, and the Moon under her feet, and upon her head, a crown of 12 stars.”

My own intuitive sense is that this woman describes the heavenly vision of April’s Grand Square resting on the 13th degree of each cardinal sign in the zodiac. In astrology, the Sun represents the Soul; the Moon, the past. Clothed with the Sun, this woman is now functioning on the Soul level, where her motivation centers on “Thy Will, not mine, be done.” She stands on the Moon, revealing that she has conquered her past through the experiences represented by the 12 stars or zodiac signs now adorning the crown of sovereignty on her head.

During our 2nd year of living on NEW EARTH, April 2014–with its focus on the vibration of 13 within the challenging configuration of a Grand Square in Cardinal signs–may feel and be chaotic; but, from the ashes of the Old Earth, the wonders of the New arise!

As a result of successfully managing the challenges entailed within the Grand Square and the coming months of transformation, may each of us become the man or woman who is clothed with the Sun (our Soul). Standing on the Moon (our past) and wearing a crown announcing that by successfully meeting the challenges involved in each of the 12 zodiac sign energies, we qualify to wear the crown of 13– denoting our individual sovereignty in Christed Consciousness!

With the return of the Christ within our consciousness, may we the people–the 12 in Unity with the 1, proceed to co-create our NEW EARTH with Love, Peace, & Abundance for All!

This is the message of the vibration of 13!



COSMIC VISION NEWS – April 11, 2014 – Tonight is the 2nd anniversary of CVN!

COSMIC VISION NEWS – April 11, 2014


Tonight is the 2nd anniversary of CVN!


I’m always amazed at Geoff’s talent for researching, writing, producing, and anchoring his own newscast. That’s right, Cosmic Vision News, easily the most outstanding newscast on this planet, is a one man show! It is Geoff’s gift to all of us; he earns nothing but our love and deep respect. It is the only newscast that reminds us there is only One Love.

One Love flag designDesign by Heather Mac

 Tonight, Geoffrey covered the many transformative events taking place on our planet by reminding us that every individual incarnated to fulfill his/her Soul Contract–our individual role to play within the overall Divine Plan for Earth. Some roles may appear negative on the surface, while actually being the very action that must take place in order to bring about Good for All.

As Geoff closed his show, he played two songs: “Universal Love,” by Paul Luftenegger and “You Lift Me Up To Be All That I Can Be,” performed by the Celtics. He gave thanks for all those who have supported his show and encouraged him when he was weary. Obviously, his listeners have showered him with love energy because some of his best shows have been when he felt the most exhausted.

Listening to the closing music, tears flowed as I gave thanks for my Soul Contract granting me a role to play during this magnificent Cosmic Event … for the privilege of working with so many talented, dedicated, marvelous people … for the gift of experiencing firsthand the support and thanksgiving of so many across this planet … for knowing that we truly are One Family!

May this 2 years anniversary mark the beginning of a fabulous future for Geoffrey and Cosmic Vision News! CVN has been present with the truth, as best it could be presented, when all else was a jumble of half-truths and disinformation. Thank you, Geoffrey! We celebrate CVN and who you are!