FALSE FLAG EVENT AFTER FALSE FLAG EVENT BEING STAGED! Includes a video of media staging false flag in Syria


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2014 is the 2nd year of life on OUR NEW EARTH. If we observe life with our heart, we will be aware that LOVE is increasingly evident in our world. As a result of people waking up to Love and seeking Truth–instead of routinely accepting whatever the mainstream media and authorities tell us–those working behind the scenes to create World War III are pulling out all the stops in an effort to accomplish their destructive plans. Thus, on the surface, our world appears to be falling apart.

However, the times are different now. Things no longer work as they use to. We live on NEW EARTH and DIVINE ORDER IS UNFOLDING. As a result, we must learn to view life differently–from the perspective of Divine Order Unfolding.

As Divine Order unfolds, we would expect that the Divine has foreseen the need for Lightworkers in positions of power on NEW EARTH. It is up to each of us to observe world events and listen with our hearts/intuitive minds to news of what is happening. We need to discern intuitively which leaders are working for the Good of humanity and which persons are seeking to destroy humanity.

It is my intuitive knowing that Presidents Obama and Putin are working for the Light and good of humanity. In order to do so from a position of earthly power, they are forced to work alongside those working for the dark. I have confirmed my intuitive knowing via the most accurate ancient science in existence –esoteric astrology.

Here again, the people have been taught to laugh at esoteric astrology. For if we understand esoteric astrology, we cannot be fooled. Instead of believing the lies we are told, we can look at the soul of an individual in question and know why he/she incarnated on this planet. It is the most objective, accurate means of truly knowing an individual. If you need convincing of the value of esoteric astrology, you can read the history of astrology: https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/many-of-the-great-names-in-the-history-of-our-world-civilization-were-astrologers/

The next article begins with some of the same information as the previous article. Be sure to scroll down to the photos included in this article.

You may study the esoteric astrological SOUL MAPS of both presidents at:
President Barack Obama: https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/who-is-barach-obama-as-seen-through-esoteric-astrology/

President Vladimir Putin: https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/who-is-vladimir-putin-sabian-symbols-for-vladimir-putin-as-revealed-in-his-astrological-birth-chart/

Both men work under tremendous pressure and resistance. We need to intuit beneath the surface and support these men in their work to bring about World Peace and Disclosure of our Galactic Family, thereby enabling our NEW EARTH to unfold in all of its glorious potential for every man, woman, and child!


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MUSIC – UNIVERSAL LOVE, by Paul Luftenegger




5 Cauac, 2 Mac, 10 Caban** – March 25, 2014


Dratzo! We return! We come with more news about what is happening around your world.

At present, a worldwide reset is going on that is swiftly to bring you a number of
important gifts. The global financial system is nearing a state of stress where
those who wish to maintain the old are finding out that their former dominance is
rapidly fading. Our liaisons are reporting that this process has reached a point
where the new system is beginning to manifest. The dark cabal now understands that
the new system is to manifest fully and that their stalling is at an end! In other
areas of import, we are nearly to the level where new governance can be officially
announced. As this galactic month of Mac winds down, know that a new reality is to
appear brightly before your eyes. In the new reality, you are to hear clearly of
our benevolent mission to your world, and of our mass landing on your beautiful
shores! We then intend to address you and give you an overview of how you are to
return to full consciousness. At that time your Agarthan cousins are also to
introduce you to the lands of Inner Earth.

Gaia has told us that the time for our mission here is nearing a point where it is
necessary to bring those matters delaying contact to a head and open channels to
contact. The present cabal-controlled government has hesitantly permitted only a
brief mention of what happened over the past years since Roswell. This degree of
non-cooperation needs to be stopped as she dearly wishes to reunite her inner and
outer halves. Every so often, dimensional glitches occur that create anomalous
situations. These can lead to tragedies. We understand what her elementals are
expressing. It is at times difficult to keep an ever-changing surface world totally
isolated from a much higher dimensional reality. This interference can cause effects
that forge odd environmental catastrophes. Major areas for these anomalous
inter-dimensional events are found off the shores of Southeast Asia, off the coasts
of southern Africa, North America and Western Australia.

Such an event happened around a passenger plane just off the coast of Malaysia. This
passenger craft was caught in a suddenly open portal which caused many electrical
devices to either fail or behave strangely. The crew did not know what to do or even
where to go. The craft was swept literally out to sea. It finally returned to
normal and found itself in Agartha. You can probably guess the rest. We only mentionthis since this particular flight was kept a mystery for a long time. We say this because these various points of dimensional intersection are shortly to become more active. We have been watching this closely and wish to make you aware that your home world needs to reunify itself. The forces led by the dark cabal need to be defeated and the pressures to drastically transform your reality need to be victorious. We have therefore instructed our liaisons to use whatever force is required to bring in a new reality on Gaia’s surface.

At present, the dark is being told to surrender and to allow a new prosperity and a
new governance to take hold. Events are ready to manifest that can swiftly bring in
this governance. We ask all of you to use your vast collective energies to bring
this about. Your global societies have reached a point where a great deal of change
is decreed to occur. We are assisting our Earth allies to push this evil cabal from
power. We ask them to take control of your surface world and bring you to a welcomed
victory. The various other phenomena that are ready to intensify show clearly the
wisdom behind such a move. As you grow in consciousness, it becomes more and more
difficult for the dark and its numerous minions to maintain any semblance of a
status quo. This spring is indeed an ideal time for the rise of a new group that, in
the name of the Light, can introduce you to the freedom and sovereignty that each of
you truly possesses. In this new realm you can at last meet your spiritual and space

**Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters!** We come, knowing that many things in
your realm are in limbo. These are due to the final aspects of a secret conflict
between the leaders of the dark cabal and those pledged to much overdue changes in
the financial world. The global economy is in need of a massive transformation.
These alterations are blessings that need to be implemented. Our associates and
other like-minded groups are determined to institute these changes now! Once these
things are formally announced, we can move forward with the rest of the divine
agenda to replace the current corrupt governance with a newer one. This makes it
possible to permit us in Agartha to come forward and freely explain many things to
you. Our associates firmly state to us that these various financial items are
underway. This is to open a road that is to end your current difficulties.

You are all in the midst of changes to your physical bodies that are to be the
prelude to returning to full consciousness. New governance can give you a plethora
of new technologies, as well as a release of information on your origins and
history. All of this combined together is a wondrous beginning for what we intend to
teach. Its basis is that we are all part of a vast interlinked unity called Life,
formed from the great Love and infinite Light stemming from the Creator. Physicality
just is! It has no true beginnings. Part of this is due to the realities expressed
by the Supreme Energies that are the Creator. It is this grand Love that brings us
together. You live in a world of horrible illusions that appear real! Our service is
to alter these and together change these illusions to ones filled with Love Light,
Freedom and Prosperity!

Often, you have to face a terrible dragon. This horror-filled illusion can cause
grief, ill health and a massive fear to appear suddenly. Be strong and realize that
you are not alone. Supporters and a grand Love of the Divine Light surround you.
Take this time to go inward and feel your inner strengths. Take succor from Heaven
and know in your heart that this realm is indeed changing. The events of this day
are to bring in a new Light that is to shine and expose the dark. Their time is
ending. A new era for humanity is well underway. Take heart from what is happening
and be prepared to share your great Love and grand gifts with all. Our message is to
rejoice internally and be ready to do the same with each other. Good times are
manifesting! A wondrous prosperity is truly here! Our reaction is one simple phrase.
Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we continued with our message. You are surrounded by a world filled with Love
and Light. Yet, you see only the dark and its numerous manifestations. Together, we
can transform this darkness into freedom and prosperity! The time comes for all of
us to alter this darkness into Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and
never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat
Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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