Operation TruthOut – Flight 370 Update from St. Germain – March 22, 2014

Operation TruthOut – Flight 370 Update from St. Germain – March 22, 2014

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All right, Folks, we are here with you, we are working for you, and everything is underway. You may have thought that the Dark has overtaken the process of change on Mother Earth, but it is not true. In fact, we are making wonderful progress in a much broader way than we had expected to accomplish at this juncture….

You are by now all too familiar with the mystery of missing Flight 370. I wish to assure you once again, in concert with Ashtar, our Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation fleet, that the passengers and crew are alive, well and very happy in a very beautiful and secure location. We are not going to reveal their exact whereabouts because there are so many now in active pursuit around the globe, but we will tell you they are in no danger. The passengers are very pleased to be part of the historic Operation TruthOut. Our joint efforts will prepare the world for Disclosure of the enormous fleet of airships from many star systems that are here to help humankind in this time of dramatic change.

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COSMIC VISION NEWS – March 21, 2014

COSMIC VISION NEWS – March 21, 2014