TURNING THE CORNER:….after the Big Shift of Febraury 2014! Celia Fenn

TURNING THE CORNER:….after the Big Shift of Febraury 2014!

Celia Fenn


“…. The Earth is now on the correct Timeline/Time Spiral for the unfoldment of a Peaceful and Abundant future. It may not seem like it, given the fear and anxiety that has been aroused by the economic situation and the events unfolding in Ukraine. But these events are the motivations that will allow Earth society to break through to another level of interaction and socialization.

It is becoming abundantly clear to everyone that the “Grand Illusion” and manipulation of the current system is about to crash for good. The frequency of the Fifth Dimension no longer allows for manipulation and hypocrisy. It is also becoming clear that the Earth is breaking away from control by Elite Groups and allowing for the expression of the true democratic will of the people. This may take time, but it is on the way! Everywhere on the Earth, democracy is breaking out in some form or another.

According to the Higher Councils of Light, this energy will eventually lead to the formation of another kind of Society based in the Fifth Dimension.”