A PLANETARY FLAG & ANTHEM FOR THE NEW EARTH – will include progress reports




Nancy B. Detweiler


Twin Flame, Uriel

How can Earth humans best evolve from allegiance to individual nations to co-creating a planetary society for New Earth?

Flags and a national anthem have inspired Earth humans for thousands of years.  The part of us that is eternal—THE ETERNAL SELF—has pledged allegiance to numerous nations as we repeatedly incarnated on Earth, choosing to incarnate as members of multiple races and citizens of multiple nations.  Each incarnation offered its own unique learning experience.

multiple races

In 2014, how do we evolve from being citizens of one nation to co-creating our NEW EARTH and becoming a citizen of a planetary society and a member of the Galactic Federation of Light Planets?

Uriel and I believe that having a New Earth Planetary Flag and anthem would be extremely helpful by giving Earth humans something tangible to which to give allegiance.

The flag could be something like this, indicating the goals of a planet abiding in Love and Peace.  An example may help in visualizing.  I am not suggesting a flag this busy, but it depicts the idea.


Paul Luftenegger has already composed and recorded his song “Universal Love,” which would make an excellent anthem.  You may listen to the music and read the lyrics at:  https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/universal-love-paul-luftenegger-songwriter-singer/

I know that I am speaking to a very creative audience!  What are your thoughts?  Do you agree that having a flag and anthem for all of us to rally around—regardless of our present individual nation—would tie us together as “planetary citizens” in ways that could have untold miraculous results?  They may also be a means of explanation and an invitation to join us for those who know nothing about the New Earth we are to co-create.

A small business for a talented Lightworker could very possibly result–designing and making the flag.   Having his song as planetary anthem would certainly spread the news of Paul’s marvelous and very timely music.

I hope you will share this idea and let’s see what happens!

I am on facebook under the name Nancy Brooks Detweiler and can be reached there.

(2/15/14)  Having trouble with the link to Paul’s bio/lyrics website:  http://paulluftenegger.com/bio–lyrics.html    If this link does not work from my blog, you will need to goggle him for the site.  It does not work to copy and paste from my blog.



I have received no more flag designs.  However, I did set the deadline for submitting designs for March 1, 2012.

Let me explain my Twin Flame Uriel’s reason for suggesting Lightworkers needed a flag.  A majority of the world’s population has no idea what Lightworkers are striving to create.  A visual explanation would assist those who know nothing about our New Earth to begin–at the very least–to think about it.  Paul’s Loftenegger’s song “Universal Love” can act as an additional sensory explanation of our New Earth.

With Uriel’s input, I feel that a combination of Heather Mac’s designs will best depict what we are about.   Starting from this foundation, I need to find an artist who can rearrange the two circles to be  interlocking in a show of unity.  The lettering needs to read “One In Love.”  One or two space ships need to be added … nothing else.  The design needs to be simple, so people can take in the meaning with a glance.

How can this be done from a business point of view?

The Flag Center, located in Richmond, Virginia, is the best possibility … mainly because it is in Richmond and I can easily work them.  They were the first in Richmond to create decorative flags and are set up to meet most our production/ordering/mailing needs.

I plan to go to the shop next week and talk with them about our particular worldwide project.

Meanwhile, you can see their facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Flagcenter/195881803772307

The Flag Center website is:  https://flagcenterflags.com/index.php

Decorative flags hanging on mail boxes along the street or in the front yard would be seen by the most people.  The Flag Center also sells the hardware needed to mount the flags.

At present the Flag Center mails orders within the United States and Puerto Rica.  I’ll ask about ways we might allow people from all over the planet to order a flag.  Some of us in the States may need to volunteer to take orders for those in other countries.

Working together, we can accomplish anything!


2/15/14 PROGRESS REPORT ON FLAG & ANTHEM FOR LIGHTWORKERS: Heather Mac submitted an idea for a flag and has more ideas! Another musical composer, Nancy Orr, is thinking of writing an anthem … Heather Mac suggested: “Give Peace A Chance”– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhyiqGIJQus We have Paul Luftenegger‘s “Universal Love.” I see no reason why we could not have a collection of songs that depict the characteristics of the New Earth we are creating. A variety would meet the needs of various types of music lovers. Then if we decide to vote on one overall anthem, we can also include the remaining suggestions as a package of “Lightworker Songs.”

Keep your ideas coming! Also be thinking about how we can get this done. Uriel (my Twin Flame not on Earth, whose idea this is) and I are affirming that Lightworkers will have a flag and an anthem/Song Collection … We are taking this first step knowing that working together, we can do this!

I am envisioning our flag and anthem/songs attracting much attention and granting understanding to many who would not otherwise awaken to the fact that we are to be co-creators of our New Earth!

1939441_721547834530820_1316299109_nby Heather Mac


SALUSA – February 14, 2014


 February 14, 2014


We understand your anxiety at the apparent slow progress that is being made in curtailing the activities of the dark Ones. We have in fact prevented them from causing major incidents including another war, and we shall continue to restrict their opportunities to cause serious trouble. Be assured that we have matters under our control, but nevertheless have to exercise non-interference when it is necessary. We refer of course to karmic situations where lessons remain to be learnt. However, the period you have recently entered is one that will bring major changes, leading to eventual peace. We ask you therefore to think positively and envision the love and peace which is descending upon Earth.

Bear in mind that we are well advanced in our efforts to contain the dark Ones, and gradually they are having to accept that they can no longer do just as they like. Indeed, they are finding it difficult to stem the change in their fortunes, and are unable to act with the freedom they once had. This is in part due to the number of people who are awakening to the Light, and leaving behind any attachment to the dark Ones activities. Although you may be unaware of it, the Light is now the dominant force upon the Earth. It will continue to be so and carry on expanding until the Light is in total control. By then a New Age will truly be upon you, and you will have been prepared to fully anticipate in it.

We are guiding and giving every encouragement to Lightworkers to push ahead with their commitments, knowing that nothing can now stop their onward progress. You will of course have been aware of the potential for success before you incarnated upon Earth. Every Lightworker, who was chosen to work for the Light at this time, will have known that it was to be a special occasion and entitled to feel privileged. Be assured that you were selected because of your experience and ability to give of yourselves as required. At the same time your evolution is furthered by your new experiences, and opportunities to clear karma. Sometimes the most difficult challenges are accepted by you at such times, as with faith in your own abilities and assistance given you know that there is no reason why you should experience anything other than success.

Earth is something of a showpiece at this time, and many other civilisations draw near to observe the period that you are in. The reason is because you are going to have an experience that has not happened on it during any earlier cycle. You have undertaken to ascend with your physical body, which will adapt to the higher energies. Your experience will be unique, and as you ascend you will find that your consciousness levels increase very rapidly. As you enter the higher energies you will be joined by Beings who have already ascended, and they will assist you. You are to join the Ascended Brotherhood and opportunities will given you to choose your own preferred path.

At present there are many representatives on your Earth from other planets in your Solar System, and beyond. It is as you might say “all hands on deck” as the occasion calls for the most experienced Beings to ensure complete success. You will find that as you get to experience other levels of being and other civilisations, that it is normal for higher Beings to assist those below them. You Are One and help is always given to those who are also travelling your path. In fact, all paths lead back to the Godhead, and you are at liberty to experience as you choose, although at a certain level you will joyfully and willingly do the Will of God.

Your World continues to experience birthing pains as the old has to be swept away to make way for the new, and as you are finding it can result in very trying times. However, these will only last for a limited period, following which you will find that everything becomes more settled. We and Beings from other planets will openly come to Earth and mix with you. We have much to impart and much to give you that will speed up your ascension to the higher levels. Be assured that you are never without help, and we are active all of the time even if you are not fully aware of our presence.

We are preparing to address you on the subject of many matters that will be of importance to you in the near future. There is much that you need to keep an open mind about, as over a long period you have been deliberately mislead and misinformed to hold you back. We are in fact now doing our best to gently awaken you to the truth, but for many it will be incomprehensible and too much to take in. All we can say at this time is that it is wise for every soul to be open to new ideas and not become too set in your thinking.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and assure you of our help at all times. It will seem to many of you that the world is turning upside down, but this is not the case but simply the result of necessary changes that will gradually settle the Earth into a period of calm and peace. It is not only the physical aspects that are involved, but energies that continually move around it.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
Website:  http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/Channeled_Messages_by_Mike_Quinsey.htm




February 13, 2014




Archangel Michael talks about President Obama, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Tsunami of Love, and more.





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