The Dark Side of Super Bowl: Dozens of Sex Traffickers Arrested

The Dark Side of Super Bowl: Dozens of Sex Traffickers Arrested

Posted by Stephen Cook – January 30, 2014 on:

NOTE BY STEPHEN:  If anyone saw the dark, dark performance by pop’s reigning popette Katy Perry at the Grammy’s this week (link at end) and understands how the cabal has used the modern music business and large sporting events to ‘brainwash’ mass audiences, then these pre-major sporting event arrests should come as absolutely no surprise. In fact, they’re a very positive sign.

Yet, while it’s great to read about such arrests in the mainstream, what I find most bewildering is that the original headline for this article below may also have had its own subliminal messaging. Rather than broadcasting the arrests of the bad guys, it chose to quote “congressmen”, boldly stating: “Super Bowl Fans ‘Can Order Under-Age Girls Like Takeaway Pizza’”. Which, intentional or not, makes it sound like an advertising slogan and seemingly condones this sort of ‘sporting event’ behaviour as both normal and OK. It’s not. Hence the arrests. 

NOTE BY NANCY:  I would add to Stephen’s words that everyone needs to be aware that when we support these huge events by viewing them, we are also supporting the darkness that takes place.  It is impossible for the human mind/psyche to be exposed to darkness—especially in the form of “entertainment” and not be impacted by the vibrations therein simply because we tend to be open and off-guard.  If we watch it, we have given permission for the darkness to enter our energy fields.

 Would you agree to watch the Super Bowl if you knew sexual trafficking is also a huge part of the occasion?  Does that make you an accomplice?  Arrests may be a step in the right direction, but darkness is persistent in finding a way.

 David Wilcock sheds light:  “Major Events Are Being Used to Display Satanic Symbolism.”

 We all enjoy one or more of these major events.  It is up to each individual to know that darkness is also present and to determine how we choose to deal with the situation.  Knowledge = Power to Choose.


 The Dark Side of Super Bowl: Dozens of Sex Traffickers Arrested

Jon Swaine, New York – The Telegraph UK – January 29, 2014

 Dozens of alleged sex traffickers have been arrested in New York before this weekend’s Super Bowl, as congressmen warned that visiting American Football fans could order under-age prostitutes like takeaway pizzas.

Police and FBI agents detained more than 200 people accused of crimes related to trafficking women in advance of Sunday’s match, the biggest event in the US sporting calendar, according to the NYPD.

Thousands of prostitutes are expected to be shipped into the greater New York City area to cater to demand from spectators arriving to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos.

“In the last fortnight we arrested more than 200 people for prostitution-related offences, including sex traffickers, prostitutes and ‘johns’ who seek such services,” Detective James Duffy told The Telegraph.

Congressmen, activists and victims told a congressional hearing in Washington this week that action was needed to stop a repeat of an estimated 10,000 women being trafficked to Miami, Florida, for the 2010 match.

Ann Wagner, a Republican of Missouri, claimed that online advertisements now allowed fans to “order an under-age girl to their hotel room as easily as if they were ordering a delivery of pizza”.

“Now just think about that for a second,” said Ms Wagner. “Close your eyes and picture your daughter, your niece, or any young girl that you care about being sold for exploitation to a complete stranger.”

Maria Odom, a senior Homeland Security official, told the hearing that girls and young women are “lured with false promises of well-paying jobs or are manipulated by people they trust.”

Flyers designed to help workers such as public transport drivers and hotel staff spot potential traffickers and their victims have been handed out by authorities in advance of Sunday’s game.

Miniature soaps bearing an anti-trafficking hotline number were distributed for use in hotel bathrooms. Receptionists were told to look out for men paying in cash and checking in younger guests without luggage.

Meanwhile, a special taskforce of FBI agents, police officers and children’s department officials in neighbouring New Jersey – where the match will in fact be played – is said to have been spent months preparing for the influx.

Some 82,000 spectators are set to attend the match, the 48th Super Bowl, with hundreds of thousands more expected to flock to the surrounding area and boost the local economy by tens of millions of dollars.

Yet Chris Smith, the New Jersey Republican who chairs the congressional committee overseeing global human rights, cautioned that like other big sporting events, the Super Bowl “acts as a sex-trafficking magnet.”

Advocating “zero tolerance” for what he called “modern-day slavery”, Mr Smith said: “All of us must do our part to protect the women and girls.”


 Katy Perry’s somewhat demonic performance of her equally dark-lyricked song, Dark Horse at the Grammy’s this week:






Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.


Twin Flame, Uriel

As the individual to whom your congregation turns for spiritual direction, it is imperative that you begin to explore additional facets of spiritual growth.  2014 has already proven to be a very intense year and it will increasingly intensify throughout the year.

As a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in the late 1960-70s, I regularly visited patients at Butner Mental Hospital in Butner, N.C.   During my first seminary experience at Southeastern Baptist Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C., I also did a semester’s internship of pastoral counseling with patients in Dix Mental Hospital, Raleigh, N.C.  Nurses in both Butner and Dix told me that the halls were filled with ministers as patients.

Why would this be the case?  I know now that the reason is the utter lack of metaphysical knowledge relating to spiritual growth.  Orthodox Christianity teaches absolutely nothing about the true make-up of individuals.  Any manifestation out of the norm, such as hearing a voice in one’s head or declaring a past life memory to be true, is considered a form of mental imbalance and/or heretical inclinations.

Christians are taught almost nothing about life as it really is and nothing about who we really are.  Instead, we are taught that we are lowly sinners and that “Jesus did it all” for us.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Many Christians are actually told by some religious authority figures to avoid reading self-help books and focus instead on Jesus.

Can you, as a minister, answer the following questions:  What is a chakra?  What is the Kundalini energy?  How does the kundalini energy get activated?  What does it mean to be a multi-dimensional individual?  What is holistic spiritual growth?  How do we go about purifying our energy fields?

The intense energies are opening people to realities about which they have either not heard or considered New Age mumbo-jumbo.  As a minister, you are very likely to be called upon to assist with spiritual awakening symptoms during 2014.  Rather than be a party to the gross misdiagnosis and treatment of individuals who are in reality opening to a deeper knowledge of spirit, I strongly encourage you to educate yourself by studying the resources offered on this website especially oriented to Spiritual Emergence.  You will also find an extensive list of therapists who have been trained to deal with spiritual emergence.

 Here is the definition of Spiritual Emergence provided on this website:

“The term Spiritual Emergence has been used to refer to the awakening of the spiritual potential within an individual that initiates the unfolding and expansion of that individual’s way of being. It is a natural process of growth toward a deeper, more connected and expanded way of being, that usually occurs slowly throughout our lives and is gently integrated. When this process occurs rapidly or becomes very intense it can seem disruptive and out of context with everyday life, precipitating a personal crisis which is referred to as a Spiritual Emergency.

Spiritual Emergence can also be referred to as Kundalini awakening (KA), shamanic journey, mystical experience, awakening the Divine within, psychic opening, out-of-body experience (OBE), or near-death experience (NDE).

Spiritual Emergence may be initiated or intensified by major life transitions, trauma, terminal illness, physical or emotional distress, the use of psychoactive drugs, as well as through intensive psychotherapy or practices such as breathwork, certain types of Yoga, deep prayer and meditation.

 Although emergence is a natural process, traditional Western medicine and helping professions have not generally recognized it. Spiritual Emergence has the dual nature of being potentially deeply healing as well as potentially deeply disturbing. When those experiencing disturbed manifestations of SE seek traditional health care, they may feel misunderstood or be diagnosed as emotionally disturbed and prescribed medication or other medical interventions. The healing potential of the emerging spirit is often distorted or smothered and the aim of symptom management becomes the goal of therapy.

The spiritual Emergence Service believes that it is essential that the support of SE is open, compassionate and holistic, that is, supporting the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Our aim is to support the process and the individual by providing support and information as well as access to alternative healing professionals.”

POSTSCRIPT:  I am deliberately listing my Twin Flame’s name as co-author with me because that is the case.  What is a Twin Flame?  The other half of you … the symbolic 2nd creation story in Genesis 2 describes God creating Eve from Adam’s rib—thereby creating two individuals having the same Soul.  Many Twin Flames will be reuniting in the very near future as the official governmental Disclosure Announcement occurs—extraterrestrials are, and have been for thousands of years, present with us both on and around Planet Earth.

I sincerely hope ministers know more than my experience has taught me you do.  There is so much to learn as the Minister of your church.

I created my website and blog to assist you in this learning process:

I am aware that you are required to officially abide by orthodox teachings; however, I strongly encourage you to study on your own and be prepared for the multitude of questions your congregation will have regarding their own spiritual emergence.

A little more about my qualifications:  Attended two seminaries for a total of six years of training and a Master’s in Divinity … 40+ years of metaphysical study, including learning to metaphysically interpret the Bible … A Master’s in Counseling Education … author of 3 books … listed in Who’s Who In The South & Southwest … owner of a website and blog oriented to bridging the gap between orthodox Christianity and the deeper spirituality which is now emerging within humanity as a whole.  My twin flame presently resides on a higher plane and offers inspiration for most of my writing.  When our galactic family openly lands on Earth (an event that could take place during 2014), Uriel and I will be reunited on the same plane and continue with our Soul Mission together.

Have I blown your mind?  It is about to be blown wide open by the flood of heretofore unknown truths being revealed to Earth humans.  Your congregants are very likely to turn to you for guidance.

I wish you well as our planet embarks on a greatly expanded spiritual journey!