Your human life path is a journey of great importance and significance that is mostly hidden from you.

Your human life path is a journey of great importance and significance that is mostly hidden from you.

January 26, 2014 by John Smallman


Here in the spiritual realms we are all deeply indebted to you for your ongoing and frequently exhausting Earth journeys as you work non-stop (yes, you do really work non-stop, waking, sleeping, and dreaming) to bring your brothers and sisters to awakening by constantly sending them Love.  What you are doing, and achieving, is quite amazing.  Each of your individual functions and contributions in this ongoing awakening process is essential to it; without your combined collective intentions and efforts it would not happen.

Do not let the fact that for the most part you do not get any sense of the importance and significance of what you are doing, or of our presence among you assisting you, worry you or cause you anxiety, because what you are doing is enormously powerful and effective, and only you can do it.  And of course when you awaken what you have brought about will be there in plain sight for you to see, acknowledge, and probably marvel at.  You are, and always will be greatly honored for your Earth journeys, where for most of the time it has seemed to you that you are struggling unsupported in a task that is way beyond your capabilities.  It is not! And you are bringing it rapidly to a state of fulfillment.

The task you chose to embark on for this particular earth life has been very difficult for many of you, and before you chose to do it you knew that this would be the case, but, with the help of wisdom, advice, and mentoring from your spiritual guides you planned most carefully to ensure that it would be well within your capabilities. You knew that it would be hard because you would be unable to remember any details of your pre-planning and consequently each moment would arrive, as it were, unannounced, presenting you with surprises and choices that were often unappealing.  However, you also knew that you could not fail because of the divine field of Love enveloping you and supporting you in every moment.  There truly are no accidents, every thing that occurs is part of a larger plan to provide all involved with the lessons that they wish to learn and thus bring them firmly and steadily forwards towards their awakening.  And that awakening is most definitely a done deal, nothing can prevent it.

As you cope with your individual doubts, worries, anxieties, and suffering remind yourselves frequently that you are divinely supported in every moment, that you are continually making sterling progress, just as intended, and that the secret of finding peace as you follow this demanding earthly path is to surrender to each moment as it occurs.

Do not look back at opportunities apparently missed.  They are gone, over, finished with, and all that you need to do now is address this present moment.  If it seems to you that you have made one or several ghastly errors, focus on the fact that each one of them can teach you something very important or has already done so, and rejoice that you have grown from the experience, because you undoubtedly have, even if it is not immediately apparent to you.  It can be helpful to recall, very briefly without dwelling there, errors you have seemingly made that later resulted in an unexpected improvement in your life or your situation.  None of you have made errors from which no lessons have been learned nor benefits obtained, you just need to let go of the egoic need to not make mistakes and the consequential need to castigate yourselves when you do so.

As humans living the illusion you cannot see the way ahead clearly, and errors are therefore going to be made, so be kind, forgive yourselves (and others!), and move on.  You can learn enormous amounts in moments if you live in the moment, instead of dwelling on and regretting the past and anxiously worrying about what the future holds for you.  You planned the life path you are experiencing with great forethought to enable you to learn the lessons with which it would present you.  You knew it would not be a rose garden, and it is unhelpful to look at the apparently happier life experiences that others are undergoing and feel that therefore you are being unfairly treated by life.  The path you are experiencing and following is the most appropriate one for you, and you can have absolutely no idea of the suffering and pain others have undergone that have led them to where they are.

Your human life path is a journey of great importance and significance that is mostly hidden from you, and so it is very easy for you to view another’s path with yearning and envy because it seems to offer them all that you wish for.  And that, of course, can seem very unfair, especially if it appears to you that they are not truly appreciative of their good fortune.  This is one of the reasons that you are constantly reminded not to judge, because you can have no idea what it is that you are judging as you see only the surface of something that is amazingly deep, and therefore hidden from your view.

No one’s human life path is easy.  It may often appear to you that others have a very good life, are perhaps spoilt, are in fact having a life of ease and luxury that you envy and that they do not deserve.  But this is never the case, every life path offers precisely what is needed in the moment.  No one has been cheated into following a path unsuited to them, or given one that offers them unfair advantages over anyone else.  Everyone’s path is perfect for them, and for them alone.

So when you are feeling down, hard done by, alone, and unappreciated go within. Within you have instant access to your guides and to the Love that our Father offers every one of us constantly.  Focus your attention on the inner knowing that each one of you has confirming that you are an irreplaceable and absolutely essential aspect of your Source.  Disregard any adverse judgments that you believe others are making of you, and let go of any adverse judgments you hold against yourselves, because none of them are valid.  You are, and always will be, a dearly loved child of God, a perfect aspect of Him that has chosen to undergo a very difficult experience to assist in bringing all His children to awakening.  And for that you are highly honored, because to be a human is to take on an incredibly difficult task . . . and to succeed!

Your loving brother, Jesus.



COSMIC VISION NEWS – January 24,2014



Cosmic V

MUSINGS OF AN AWAKENED MINISTER – “Watch what we say! … Watch what we sing!”


“Watch what we say! … Watch what we sing!”

Man on beach

My friend prefaced his musings with this explanation:  I have been composing so much as of late, and I have been altering words all over the place when it comes to what I have my choir sing. Words to 99% of hymns are separatist and downright dreadful and false.  Funny thing is that people sing the words and pay no real attention…. yet I know those negative sentiments seep in!  I had a Professor in College who once said:  “We sing more lies than we say.”  I have never forgotten this.  Though he was speaking from a Fundamentalist viewpoint, I still remember those words and find them even more poignant today.




Watch what we say…. and watch what we sing! As a Minister of Music in a large denominational Church, my job is to choose and perform music that “brings one into perfect relationship with God.”  Hmmm……. how sad is that??

Think about this: my job has a description on it that presupposes that people are not connected, but separated from God. That is the sad and terribly false presumption and conclusion of the Christian Church:  humankind is lost and separated from God.  As a Minister I did, at one time, believe, adhere and propagate this heresy.  In fact, Lenten Season, that soon-upcoming period of 40 days when Christians repent, deny and mortify themselves was the part of the Church calendar in which I reveled!  Why?  Because “Amazing Grace,” John Newtonʼs world famous hymn, could be sung during this period!

The hymn, for all of itʼs appeal in both tune and sentiment, is one of the chief hymns that keeps people enslaved to a religion that teaches separation from Source.  How genuinely humble it is for us to sing that we were a “wretch” and “lost.”  This keeps our pride in check lest we ever think more of ourselves than is proper.

How dare we ever think or utter that we are wretched, blind, poor etc.

We are the very life and being of God, and in God “we live and move and have our being!”  (Acts 17:28)   That does not sound very lost and separated to my ears. In fact, the very title with itʼs word “Grace” is even an issue.  “Grace” is defined as “unmerited favor,” or as my fundamentalist teachers taught:  Godʼs Riches At Christʼs Expense!  Ah….. so we only get this “unmerited gift” of Godʼs riches through Christ and what he did!

Hmmm…… “grace” in the Greek New Testament is used in so many different ways, yet even with that understanding the Christian Fundamentalist states: “Against a still common view it must be stated that in Paul χαρις does not mean primarily a divine attribute (Wobbe, Charis-Gedanke, 32). It does not mean, in good Greek fashion, God’s graciousness, nor concretely his free love (Taylor). It almost always means the power of salvation which finds expression in specific gifts, acts, and spheres and which is even individualized in the charismata.” —Ernst Käsemann, Commentary on Romans, trans. G. Bromiley (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1980), p. 14.

So, all of a sudden, “grace,” which admittedly translates “Godʼs Kindness and free love,” becomes connected with a condition—Christ for salvation. How interesting that the Greek word has no condition inherent in the word, and yet the Christian interpretation does.  Something is either free or not free.  It is either condition-less or is conditional. No point in arguing this one: it either is or it is not.

If I had my way, I would alter Newtonʼs words to be sung thusly: “Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound! That loves the soul I am; Created thus, sustained and kept in love that knows no end.”

Ya know what?  I donʼt claim this to be a great piece of prose from my pen, but I feel and think that at least my version expresses the truth of “grace” as the truest expression of Unconditional Love.

Sadly though, people seemed to feel better about themselves when they affirm that they are “less than” and debased. “Humility” is most often seen as “a virtue in many religious and philosophical traditions, often in contrast to narcissism, hubris and other forms of pride.” (Wikipedia) For thousands upon thousands of years, humans have swallowed the lie that they are powerless and disconnected from all that is Love.  The terms that then have followed, such as “sin” and “hell,” have become adopted, accepted and yes, embraced, as the human lot in life!

Sorry, yʼall!  If you choose to stay with that belief system, then that is indeed your choice; however, like the words in the second verse of Newtonʼs hymn:                      How precious did that Grace appear the hour I first believed,”  I have chosen to believe that the most precious grace dawned on me when I “awakened” to who I truly am…. never disconnected, wonderful, beautiful, fully- functional, a powerful, lovingly-created ,sustained Co-Creator with All -That -Is, Prime Source…. God…. and that as such, I am indivisibly One with the same.

This is not hubris or pride or narcissism, my dear friends!  This is REAL!

As Cher, in her Oscar- winning performance in “Moonstruck” blurted out to her in-a-fantasy co-star Nicholas Cage: “SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!”



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Garden of Eden Persian GardenGarden of Eden Persian Garden[i]

Recently, I am remembering at a deeper level that all of us were created and lovingly placed in an earthly paradise.  This remembrance seems to be a key to adjusting to the New Golden Age of Aquarius.

Mother/Father God created only love … only paradise!  Earth humans, using our innate co-creator talent, created all the suffering we presently witness on our planet.

Yesterday (1/25/14), I had an epiphany!  The temperature has been below freezing for several days with snow and ice on the ground.  This happens in the South, but not very often, so we are not prepared for such events.  I’m wearing the same coat I’ve had for years because I seldom need to wear a coat.

Yesterday, a cold wind was blowing.  I began to feel chilled inside my home.  I checked the thermostat and found it registering 60 degrees with the furnace fan still running—blowing cool air.  I tried to turn off the fan, but it would not stop blowing cool air.

I called my heating and cooling company.  They were swamped with calls for heater repairs.  I was told I would be placed on a list of customers to be visited anytime after 6PM last night.  Apparently, repair persons were to work deep into the night.

I live with the awareness that I am surrounded with spirit beings, including my Twin Flame, Uriel (just his name, not the Archangel).  I remembered reading in a recent channeled message that 2014 would be a time of what we Earth humans call “miracles” and that they would happen quickly.  We are truly entering the New Golden Age!

With this in mind, I prayed to Mother/Father God, and all the spirit beings present with me, to repair my furnace.  I closed all the curtains to retain what heat I still had in the house and went upstairs to my office.

While trying to figure out how to keep the cool air from blowing directly on me when sitting at my computer, the air suddenly turned warm!

My heater was once more working properly!

I asked Uriel if he had fixed it … he said “No, that it had simply been stuck.”

I called my heating company and cancelled by request for repair.

By then, it was dawning on me:  “Is this how it feels to begin living in paradise on Earth?! … our problems simply begin to melt away!

Although my life has been filled with what we would heretofore call “miracles,” this epiphany awoke in me a deeper awareness of what it is like to live in paradise.

There really is nothing to fear … we really are loved beyond our present comprehension … we really are united with All That Is!

I remember Jesus’ teaching:  “Observe the birds of the sky, for they do not sow, neither do they harvest nor gather into barns, and yet your Father in heaven feeds them.  Are you not much more important than they?”  (Matthew 6:26)

My furnace continues to work correctly … I am warm with the knowledge that Mother/Father God intended only paradise for all of us!

May we begin adjusting to living life in paradise!




I am sharing Paul Luftenegger’s song, “Worthy” to remind each of you that you are worthy of Unconditional Love. All came from the heart of Mother/Father God and God Is Love. Regardless of your present experiences, you are loved and never alone. You are surrounded with many in spirit who enfold you with love, waiting for the time you will become aware of their presence with you!

Thanks, dear Paul, for your lovely, heartwarming music–music from your Soul to ours! 



Nancy Detweiler

Thinking of the life I’ve lived for 76 years as an Aquarian … out of the box … puzzling people … worrying family and friends … refusing to settle into a routine, 8-5 kind of life. And as I look back, I consider myself to be one of the richest individuals on the planet! So many people … so many places … so many tears … so many times of rejoicing … so many times of feeling personal fulfillment … my “bucket of things to do” is empty–I’ve done everything I’ve dreamed of doing!

Had I not done it My Way, my bucket would very likely still be at least half full. Give yourself the same gift! BE WHO YOU ARE!

I listen to this song repeatedly and consider the applause as every one in the audience applauding themselves if they have lived as the unique being he/she is, OR if not, applauding the dream they hold for their own lives–if only they had the courage to follow their OWN WAY.

Just to be clear, when we allow the uniqueness of who we were created to be to find expression, we are not only doing it My Way, but God’s desire to express thru each of us in our own Unique Way!

And now, in 2014, I look forward to reuniting with my Twin Flame and moving forward on the spiritual Path with my beloved!  So many of you will do the same as our Galactic Family openly joins us on Earth!